TORC Battle Arena!!!

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TORC Battle Arena!!!

Postby siddharth » Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:40 am

Ever wondered who'd win if Gandalf and Dumbledore were forced to fight each other one-on-one in an arena? Or a fight between the Witch-King and Darth Vader? Or between Peeta and Sam? Saruman v/s Dooku? Capt'n Kirk v/s Boromir?

infinite possibilities, infinite combats!
Choose two characters and let'em fight!


1. Choose any two characters (they can be real life figures too. ;) ). To keep it based on Tolkien, any one of the characters must be from something written by Tolkien (including himself :P). The other one - anyone from anywhere! The scond character can be selected from Tolkien-verse as well.
2. You can mention the weapon they are to use which must be related to them. It's okay, if you don't. :D
3. Mention the novel/background from which the character is taken (they may be unknown to others. ;) )
4. Ask who will win and let the next poster answer. The next poster must mention the winner and state why he'd win. Since it's for fun, I think funnier the reasons the better. :D

Poster 1: Gandalf the Grey v/s Dumbledore

Poster 2: Gandalf the Grey. Because if Dumbledore kills him, he can come backs stronger as Gandalf the white and finish him off. =:)

Here it goes:

Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes) - Fists? Injections?
Barliman Butterbur (LotR) - Frying pans and beer mugs!
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Re: TORC Battle Arena!!!

Postby prmiller » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:02 am

Beorn the Beserker, using French satire and Bane, drawing on Japanese puns
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