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Postby Dave_LF » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:15 am

You're not supposed to do it, but you still can. And IP addresses are trivially easy to spoof (many ISPs give you a different one every time you connect anyway), so that's no good either. It's virtually impossible to keep someone out of a public messageboard if they really want to get in.
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Postby jadeval » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:13 pm

Yes, I do not like the idea of alter egos very much. It makes me wonder what reason someone would have for doing that. I used to haunt Manwe under another name several years ago, but it was never an alter ego because it never really overlapped with jadeval... I just never used my jadeval account during the time I used the other one, and only created the other account because I wanted another nickname... but then I came back as jadeval because I already had this account established although it was dormant for a long while.
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Postby Gandalf'sMother » Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:24 pm

IrisBrandybuck wrote:I'm enjoying this discussion and appreciate what everyone has said thus far.

I'm one who rarely reads Manwe anymore and hardly posts for a couple of is, I have been jumped on by posters for simply stating something that was a fact, and being told I didn't know what I was talking about (I was there when a certain event happened, so I know it did). At that point I understood that Manwe wasn't a place for discussion, it was a place to put people down when you didn't agree with them, to call them a liar and say, "I don't believe you, therefore it isn't so." I don't have the thick skin some people have, and decided it wasn't worth the bother.

I have tried to encourage good discussion when I see it, but since it happens rarely, and since I avoid Manwe most of the time...

One thing Wilko and Heliona pointed out that I think needs thought through by others...US Political Debate. We're not all from the US here, so it's not really fair for everyone else for there to be so many threads devoted to the debate (or sniping, whatever you want to call it.) I'm from the US, I have my opinions, I occasionally voice them in Talk, but I figure it's not worth making someone else mad, or hurt, when there are so many other things we could talk about. But then, we can't talk about those things either without people getting mean in Manwe.

Maybe shutting down Manwe temporarilywould be an option...a cooling off period of a few months to a year, time to ask people to sit back and consider if the sniping, meanness, poisoned remarks, etc. have really been worth it. Do you want to discuss, or do you want to yell? Do you want to acknowledge that not everyone sees the world the same way you do, or do you want to emphasize how stupid they are because they don't see the world your way?

I'd hate to think TORc needs a time-out chair...but maybe it wouldn't hurt.

I agree with this, but the way to combat the "too many threads on US politics" issue is to post threads that are not about U.S. politics. It seems silly to lament this feature of Manwe while not making an effort to change it.

The reason, I suspect, that we have so many topics on U.S. politics is that those who are American, or are interested in U.S. politics, are consistently posting new threads. The lurkers out there should not be frightened by these people, and should feel free to post whatever topic they like.

I, personally, would like to see a lot more discussion about the philosophical implications of modern physics, European political processes, and North African attitudes toward climate change. I would also like to talk about the intersection between humanism and certain religious thought. There's far more than U.S. politics that I'm interested in, but there are not many posters who are contributing such material. If you care enough to offer constructive criticism, you can help change the landscape of Manwe through consistent contributions.

On the "nastiness" front, it will be difficult to remove this from a forum that includes political discussion. This is not only the result of nasty habit. It is the result of the very simple fact that people feel, sometimes rightfully, passionate about political issues. The issues discussed here are about life, death, well-being, security, and freedom. The issues discussed here are vital to life, and vital to civilization. There is no way to strip passion from such discussions.

In that context, IMO, the solution is to suspend and/or ban repeat offenders. If posters are not learning to be civil, if they are consistently violating the TOS, they lose their privilege to post here. That, IMO, is a far better solution than shutting down the forum, which is for me an others the main forum we visit.

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Re: The Manwe Forum - Do Not Take It For Granted - All Read!

Postby Billobob » Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:39 am

Shouldn't we change the name from Philosphy to maybe discussion or debate because there isn't much philosophy(at least not recently) on this forum.
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