Donald Trump, again

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Donald Trump, again

Postby portia » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:47 am

The lawsuit by Trump appeared to be a run-of the mill breach of contract case, until Trump started talking about it. The Univision defendants are interfering with his freedom of speech because an owner is a Clinton Supporter??!!

Lordy. I knew that Universal was large, but it hasn't been admitted as a State, yet; right? Did I is something? It is still a breach of contract case, regardless. So, unless Univision can fit itself into one of the categories for a breach of contract, it may have to pay. Trump's comments about freedom of speech are---as so much of what he says--irrelevant.
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Re: Donald Trump, again

Postby Jnyusa » Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:00 am

This from CNN online:
CNN wrote:While Trump's staunch defense of his comments about Mexicans are costing him valuable business deals, they are also bringing him political benefits. His national poll numbers surged from 3% to 12% among Republicans on Wednesday, ranking him just behind the GOP leader Jeb Bush.

Following news stories like this, it helps me to remember that half of all the people on earth are, by definition, below average.

Otherwise, I agree with Portia. Univision is going public (just announced) and they might feel that their association with Trump would hurt ad revenues and affect their IPO value. The station that picked up the contest is only paying $100,000 to air it, so the $500 million sounds a little steep, i.e. unlikely to be granted by the court, though damages are probable. My guess is that Univision did the math and made a conscious business decision knowing there would be a liability.
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