Gun rights, again

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Gun rights, again

Postby portia » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:09 am

I am a resident of San Bernardino County. My minister has a day job in the building next door to the one in which the shootings took place.
I watched the President's speech and was impressed by his sincerity.

Does anyone think that, for one minute, the Founders would have thought to take the position that the NRA(now) takes on guns? If anyone doubts that the Supreme Court has a lot of power, ask yourself how many
people have died because the court refuses to read history?

However, even within the courts odd interpretation, calling for universal background checks is not an infringement of "law abiding people's" rights. It is supported by 90% of the people. The Congresses avoidance of the topic is enough to raise serious questions about the viability of our democracy.

Some people are congenitally incapable of agreeing with Obama. If he said to look East for the sunrise, they'd turn to the West.
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Re: Gun rights, again

Postby Billobob » Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:21 pm

I am for gun control but not for the elimination of fire arms. Mainly this is because I do not believe that if we get rid of legal guns criminals wouldn't be able to get these still. We already have the example of the failure of the Prohibition to show us that it is extremely hard to stop mass produced items from getting into the country. So eventually all this act will do is prevent law abiding citizens from getting guns and making it a little bit harder for criminals and sociopaths to get weapons. On the other hand I do not believe that we should eliminate gun control, instead what I am saying is that instead of outlawing guns we should instead improve the regulation of the distribution of guns. As for the founding fathers question I do believe that the founders would have been against guns being outlawed for the one reason in that if civilians have no firepower then the citizenry cannot keep the government accountable. Before you start calling me a crazy redneck I would just like to say that I am not condoning violence or any sort of violent resistance. But I digress what I really meant to say is that taking away all guns may limit the number of shootings but they will also stop almost all hope of stopping those shootings when they happen.
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