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Re: Game of Thrones

Postby RoseMorninStar » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:21 pm

Thor 'n' Oakenshield wrote:
rwhen wrote:Rose? Why were people upset with Arya killing the Night King? That made total sense to me that she would do it and in such a badass way. Can't imagine that folks would not like that. Is isn't as if Bran was going to jump out of that wheelchair and save himself. *shrugs* I was sad at the passing of Theon in that scene....finally his redemption though. He deserved a "noble" death.

I think mostly people were angry that Jon wasn't the one who killed the Night King instead - there were a lot of people upset that Jon basically had nothing to do in the final season: his Targaryen lineage was unimportant, and he himself was unimportant, except to kill Daenerys (something that literally anyone could have done, be it Arya, Tyrion, or even Bran warging into her dragon). But as for me, personally, I thought Arya killing the Night King was awesome.

Yes, this is why people were upset. They didn't think Arya 'earned' the big kill (say what???!!) I don't know what show they were watching because they spent practically a whole season (and more!) showing how Arya was being trained as a highly skilled assassin. That double handed move was foreshadowed in her spar with Brienne. My biggest beef is that in the show they never follow up on why Arya? I always thought there would be more to the 'dancing master'/Jacquin H'gar. It seems like there would be more as to why a very young girl is taken on (multiple times) to be such a highly skilled assassin. And yes, they thought Jon deserved a 'big moment' with the Night King. I think mostly, we just need it explained what that was all about .. so much backstory is missing. Hopefully the books (when they come out) and the new show will get into all of that.
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Re: Game of Thrones

Postby rwhen » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:48 am

Rose...I do agree that Arya was the perfect choice to save Bran and Bran gave her the knife. *shrug* Jon was all up into the Dany this was perfect. Also Arya mentions several times over several seasons that she wonders what is West of West. So I am not surprised that she went that way at the end of the series. I was surprised that she didn't make use of her face changing abilities after the Frey massacre. What was the point of all that training and being blinded in the first place...just to kill the waif???? Seems a bit much of a stretch there. It is what it is now. But yes, many threads on the tapestry left hanging by D and D. I still feel they did an excellent adaptation of what they thought Martin's intent was for the final books. We shall see.
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