The World's End

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The World's End

Postby Hobbituk » Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:59 am

(or the final saga in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy)

I've been very excited about this film for a very long time. I saw 'Shaun Of The Dead' in the cinema on the day of release on the basis of the names involved, I devoured series 1 of 'Spaced' one hungover morning after a Moot having woken up on a fellow Mooter's sofa, series 2 of 'Spaced' was devoured equally speedily after that. 'Hot Fuzz' was brilliant, and worked on so many different levels it was ridiculous.

Basically, the Pegg/Park/Frost/Wright team do stuff that is right up my street. Movies (and TV show) that are very British, very funny, very clever, very geeky and still manage to have an extra dimension to them where they tell you something interesting about human nature.

So, it's fair to say that I was extremely biased in favour of 'The World's End'. That can of course backfire and lead to crushing disappointment, but in general I was always going to be well disposed to liking it.

With that in mind... I did like it. I loved it, in fact.

It's a story about growing up. It's a story about going home. It's about getting drunk, and getting annihilated. And waking up the morning after and deciding whether it was the best night of your life, or the absolute worst.

It's an Arthurian Quest, or it's a laddish comedy about drinking. Or both. Or neither.

It's 'The Village Of The Damned' but it really, really isn't.

It's so hard to explain, and it's probably best not to, because the less you know the better.

You just need to know it has a fantastic soundtrack, an INTERSTELLAR cast and direction of the sharpest wittiest variety. Not to mention the funniest, saddest, most uplifting, reflective, bittersweet script since... well... everything else they've ever done.

See it.
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Re: The World's End

Postby Leon K Fox » Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:31 pm

I saw Shaun of the Dead years ago but sadly have never re-watched it since despite owning it on DVD now, been meaning to do so as I've forgotten a lot of it and I remember it being really funny, not seen Hot Fuzz either much to my shame.

The World's End looks really funny based on the two trailers I've seen, and I've sowrn to myself that I won't miss seeing this one in the cinema as well.
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