The alternative ending

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The alternative ending

Postby Anameofunknown » Sun May 19, 2013 5:09 pm

Starts just after aragorn arrives at the black gate.
Chapter 1
The gate opens and aragorn is nothing but scared but at the same time has hope the mouth of sauron approaches aragorn and aragorn cuts his head of not letting him say a word. The army of mordor then comes out from the gate and the war starts meanwhile frodo and Sam are sneaking across the plains of mordor then gollum comes at him from behind and sam stabs gollum in the belly they quickly use there last strength to run into mount doom as saurons eye looks towards mount doom the nazguls fly towards the mordor battle aragorn is just about to get stamped on by a troll but the eagles swoops past the troll ripping his head off.then the eagles kill the nazguls ride 7 of them die from the fall but 1 survives.the last nazgul runs into mount doom just a frodo put the ring on and the nazgul stabs sam and then says the words to frodo "die" frodo is to addicted to the ring he doesn't care of his surroundings.the nazgul uses his senses and sees frodo he then decapitates frodo and grabs the ring.the nazgul knows all he has to do now is give his darkness to the ring and the source of the eye which the nazguls always carried.then out of the flames of mount doom sauron leaves mount doom.gandalf looks in the distance and sees sauron then all look gandalf calls for the eagles to pick them up quick so they all flea back to minis tirith and make whatever plans they can.but as they thought sauron would hit minis tirith they are mistaken that sauron takes an army to rivendell the finish the last of the elves sauron sees them leaving to Valnor and elrond looks behind on the boat.
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