FOG - Serious and advanced role-playing

This forum is for role-playing within settings that influenced Tolkien (non-Middle-earth). Acceptable styles include for Celtic, Norse, Kalevala, Arthurian, and Anglo-Saxon.

FOG - Serious and advanced role-playing

Postby Fate Foretold » Sun May 31, 2009 7:17 am


You have been invited to receive this formal invitation to the brand new role-playing message board FOG: Footsteps of Ghosts.

FOG is for serious and advanced role-players who have a passion for writing. All types and genres of role-plays are welcome and allowed. We are certain that if you are looking for other fantastic writers to role-play with, you will find them here at FOG. If you are tired of having trouble finding decent and mature role-playing partners and are ready to progress forward to higher standards, then don't wait any longer.

If you are interested, come view our board at the following address:

Thank you, and happy role-playing!

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FOG: Footsteps of Ghosts
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