One Stop Guidelines for The Green Dragon Inn

This forum is for role-playing within settings that influenced Tolkien (non-Middle-earth). Acceptable styles include for Celtic, Norse, Kalevala, Arthurian, and Anglo-Saxon.

One Stop Guidelines for The Green Dragon Inn

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Guidelines for The Green Dragon Inn: Role Playing in the Roots of Tolkien
..... by Elbren

First of all, welcome to TORC. If you are reading this then you have shown an interest in Role Playing. This guide is meant to help you begin to Role Play in this particular forum and to tell you the rules and a few tips to make your Role Playing the best it can be. There is also a ONE STOP LINK LIST of other helpful threads at the end of this post.

NOTE: If you are unclear about what themes are acceptable in this Forum, please scroll down and read the Green Dragon Forum: Clarification of Themes , which have been provided below.

1. What is Role Playing or RP?
Role Playing is a common thing at TORC. It even has it's own forums. Basically, role playing or RPing is a fun way to tell a story! You get to take on a persona different from your own, and create a history and a personality for your character, and then take him/her on an adventure, or to a party, or all other sorts of other kinds of things. But the thing is, you very rarely know where the story will lead you or what will happen along the way. RPing is interacting with other users, who are also part of the story. And most of all - Roleplaying is fun!!

2. Does "The Green Dragon Inn" have any actual rules?

Yes it does.
    *No one liners are allowed. We are trying to keep the Role Playing up to certain standards, no matter what the storyline. One liners do not advance the story, enhance anyone's character and you do not give anything back to the other player's so that they can go forward. To help avoid One Liners, check out How to Avoid the Dreaded One-Liner.
    *RP Topics in this Forum are to be set in the roots of Tolkien's own writings and interests. ALL RP's should be thought out before posting. 'Spam' type RPs will be removed.
    *Do not use an RP thread/RP's Word Aside/OOC thread to solicit players for other RP's, OR to advertise your RP. This includes placing "RPers wanted, Please Join", "Calling" certain people, "More People Needed" etc. in the title. These are soliciting type things, uneccessarily lengthen the title and are a disruption. These will be removed.
    *Do NOT bump your Regular RP threads without a normal post! This is annoying and clutters up the story thread. If someone wants to reply to the thread, they will find it themselves. If you feel a need to know where your thread is at and who and when it is posted to, please subscribe to the thread. (This ability is at the very bottom of the page.) This function will alert you to each post made to your thread. Having it at the top of the Forum should not be important.
We appreciate your dedication to both Tolkien Online and the Role Playing forums. Please help us by following these rules.

3. How do I create a character?
The most important thing of all - Be Original! If someone is already using the persona of a character from Tolkien or a name that you want is taken, I suggest just creating your own ... it is a much better experience. So how do you create a character? Start off by deciding what race your character is. Is he/she an Elf, Dwarf, Man, Woman, Ent, Orc, Wizard, or Sorceress? Once you have chosen that, you need a name! You want it to have the feel of a real Middle Earth name. Bob The Elf doesn't sound too good, does it? So, if you can't think of a Middle-Earth type name, take an existing one and edit it.
Example: Finarfin - Drop the "arfin" - add a different ending - Finlundin - Your character has a name! IF all else fails and you can't come up with a good name, go to The Barrow Downs and try generating a name.

Try to keep your name sizes down some. We already have several users that have huge names that stretch out the screens. And please limit the use of extra characters like *, ~, # etc.

4. What is an OOC?
OOC stands for "Out Of Character" - It is basically the place where discussions about where the thread is heading, decisions about what to do, and other non-story discussions take place. So if you have something you want to say or suggest, post it in the OOC Thread. OOC threads are commonly called "A word Aside" as well. Remember this is where the story planning takes place. Some chat is acceptable but making it a chat thread is not.

5. How do I join a RP?
So you have your character ready to go? Time to join a Role Play! Role Playing is located in The Prancing Pony Forum and in The Green Dragon Inn: Role Playing - Tolkien Influenced Fantasy. These Forum's are exclusively dedicated to Role Playing and the Aside/OOC planning threads. Please find one that looks interesting to you and that you would have fun in. To do this, first do a search on a keyword like hobbits and select the Prancing Pony or The Green Dragon Inn: Role Playing - Tolkien Influenced Fantasy. (This would bring up threads with Hobbits in the title in only the forums you've chosen.) Of course choose what you are interested in.

Once you have decided which one you want to join, don't just jump in!! First, check out that RP's aside/OOC thread. There might be restrictions on the RP or special circumstances that are very important for you to know before posting. Also, getting the RP thread creator's approval to join first is the polite thing to do, and it is extremely appreciated. Also, be sure to read the entire thread before making your post.

6. I'm in a RP! What now?
Now it's up to you and your imagination, but there are some general
guidelines you should follow:
    *Treat others with respect.
    *Do try to use proper punctuation and capitalization. Use Word or any simple word processor to first type up your post then run your spell check program. This will give the RP a professional feel.
    *Pay attention to what other posters are saying and doing.
    *NEVER kill another character unless you have permission to do so.
    *Keep up with the thread. It makes for a much more enjoyable time if everyone posts regularly. These are RP Stories, folks, not Games. There is no winner, it's about cooperation and collaborative writing - not a competition. You are trying to get along with the other posters to create a story together, not beat them out.
    *Try to keep your posts sensible, legible, organized, and clean. This is a family friendly site. There are children below 12 years of age visiting or posting here. Please abide by the TOS (Terms of Service).
    *If you are going to leave the thread, write yourself out. Don't make the other members carry your character. Use your best judgement when taking a break from your RP's. We all take a few days away some times but if you are gone for more than a couple of weeks, then you should consider writing your character out of the thread for politeness sake. You can always write yourself back in again later on.
    *Do not do anything that affects another's character without their permission. This is just common courtesy.
    *Try to avoid wacky posts. Nothing is worse than all of a sudden being thrown into battle with Morgoth and Balrogs in the 3rd Age. It has happened before.
    *Writing dialogue or describing actions for another character isn't too bad. Just keep in mind that the person might not like this. So I suggest you ask permission before touching on other people's characters - use your judgement.
    *Creating dialogue is one thing, but moving someone else's characters into a new situation isn't really a good idea without consulting them. Some people take it very seriously, while others won't mind at all. Please try to contact the person first through either the OOC/Aside thread or by e-mailing them.
    *Sometimes it is necessary to move a character along if they haven't posted in a while, for to a variety of reasons. (THIS is called 'carrying a character'.) Hey Life happens to us all! Just don't be too drastic in actions or dialogue.
    *Do not post OOC comments in the story thread! This will clutter up the story. Aside/OOC threads are there for a reason.
    *Most of all, have fun!!!

7. Time to post!
There are many RPs on TORC. But if you are still uncomfortable about posting, I suggest you head over to the Lucky Fortune Inn located in the Welcome Forum. Erinhue, a master RPer on TORC, runs this RP thread there for the purpose of helping Newbies to try Role Play and get a feel for it. I highly recommend it before tackling either the Prancing Pony or the Green Dragon forums.

8. "What is an Inn?"
Inns are a type of Role Play where a group of characters are conversing in a specific location, usually a Bar, Inn or Tavern. However, due to the overwhelming number of Inns as of late, we have stopped 'issuing building permits'. You may join a current inn RP, but we would appreciate if no new Inns were started.

9. I have a Problem with something that's going on. What do I do?
Feel free to contact a moderator! If something is happening that you don't like, you think should be changed, or you think is inappropriate - contacting a moderator VIA E-MAIL is the best course of action. Thread creators retain the right to decide what happens in the thread, and have it changed if necessary. You can contact the Moderators if you have an issue or problem at

If you have any other questions on rules or how to go about some thing, feel free to post it here or e-mail a moderator. Please enjoy yourself and relax, we've all been 'new to the boards and RP' at one time or another!

Green Dragon Forum: Clarification of Themes

Provided by Elbren:

REMEMBER: We are looking for Role Playing in this Forum from the types of worlds that would have influenced Tolkien NOT what Tolkien influenced!

Okay, there is a pretty long list of myths, tales, and other goodies that undoubtedly influenced Professor Tolkien. This will apply primarily to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but don't forget that there's Father Christmas, Polar Bear, Smith of Wootton Major, Leaf by Niggle, Roverandom....

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you have a clear source from which Tolkien drew upon in his writings, but you wonder if you're one of the few people in the world who knows this fact then simply post what you plan to do and what it's based upon in the opening post of your OOC thread. Give it a day or so for a Mod to read, ponder and respond, and then go forth with your tale.

So, my list includes, but is not limited to:

NORSE MYTHS AND CULTURE: Vikings, Odin, Dwarves, Elves, Dragons, Asgard, Midgard, Giants, Runes, the Volsunga Saga (Sigurd's tale)

ARTHURIAN LEGENDS: Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur; Celtic, Irish, and Scottish Arthurian folktales; the Mabinogion; French Arthurian legends (Parsifal), Grail cycle (No, not modern Arthuriana...clearly, Tolkien couldn't have been influenced, for instance, by Mists of Avalon due to the fact that he was dead when it was written.)

CAROLINGIAN LEGENDS: Charlemagne, Holy Roman Empire

CELTIC and SAXON MYTHS: Red Book of Hengest, The Mabinogion (again), Tuaha de Danann, Faery or Fey, Giants, Beowulf, Dragons, Underworld Monsters and Beings

GERMAN ROMANCE: Dietrich and the Ice Queen; Giants; Dwarves; Elves, Faery, Fey; The Nibelungenlied (Dragons, Giants, Amazons, Jewels, etc).

GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHS: Specifically, the TITANS and their tale of the forging of the first ring. Even more specifically, the Greek myth of ATLANTIS. Lots to play with there.

FAIRY TALES: Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm's tales. NOTE: if you wish to use this option you must post the fairytale itself as your first entry (the plot forming/foundation making post)and stick to the tone/theme of the story as written. The brothers Grimm record tales from the middle ages to their own time period. While Tolkien was interested in much older myths, we will allow you to post stories in this setting

There are other myths of Rings from the Eastern Orient, but personally, I don't see much of an influence upon Tolkien from those tales. I really see his work founded in the Western cultures of Medieval Europe and Britain.

Hope that helps!


ONE STOP LINK LIST of other valuable information and instruction threads:

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