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Postby Dark_Sky » Mon Mar 14, 2005 5:38 am

There is a balance. Of Good and Evil, of light and dark. Human beings are fundamentally flawed. They can not be completely good or completely evil. They may think they are either, but they will always have a small part in them of the opposite to which they believe. This belief is also counterbalanced by another individual.
For example; a priest of Noon, the chief deity of Light, has to be extremely devout. They believe themselves to be one of the most holy peoples on the planet. Their great devotion to Noon which is seen as a Good thing, is equalled by the Hate of the Seers of Aluxor. They Hate everything. They despise even themselves and they keep themselves partially flayed. They see it not as a punishment.
Every person has another that matches them in the opposite devotion to good or evil. Many people are ambiguous and care little for either, sometimes fearing both the Priests of Noon and Aluxor alike. The power that balances the people out forms a link between each individual pairing. Two people with little faith do not have a powerful link. But the power of the Priests and Seers Links are potent. If one dies the other will feel the backlash as the power reverberates across the world.

The balance is necessary. It has to be in place. It conducts and spreads the power of the world itself. The world is alive. The very stone has life within it, and memory. It feels pain and it listens to the trees as they grow and they hear the fast patter of human feet as they run around, at light speed compared to how it moves. Every living thing has a force such as this, but the human mind acts as a conduit.

Everyone has a partner; everyone must sway one way or the other. No one is perfectly equal.

But it is said, in legend, that one would be born that was perfectly equal. They would have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and everything in it. They would draw their power from the earth. It was part of the earth, in living and breathing form. The earth personified. But it would be human. The only flaw.

And legends have a habit of springing out of the grass, like a long hidden snake, waiting for its time.

The earth is so old and so experienced in life and memory that it senses changes in the flow of balance, in advance, a reverse memory. It could be likened to the way in which animals sense a natural disaster before it happens, and run. It is their reaction it. In the same way the Earth knows that something is going to happen although it may not identify a specific place or cause. The earth is not alive, it does not think like a human being or even a lowly worm. It is just aware. It has an awareness of what is happening. Not alive, not dead, just existing. And it is able to react.

Whether alive or not, anything that is aware and is able to react to a threat will. Fight or flight? The earth, where can that run to? It can react, and it has.

((I have written alot more than this but it is all i've got on my computer. If anyone replies as to what they think i would be greatful. If anyone feels like joining in they can. They can make up their own characters adn fit them in however they want. I don't have a set of characters set out or anything , just a few basic ideas. Hope its ok :wink: ))
((Don't know if i'm allowed to use film names in a different context :!: ))
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Postby Elflet » Thu Mar 24, 2005 7:55 pm

Sounds interesting, I've always been fascinated by the idea of balance, you should start an OOC though, so we don't muddy up this thread. I'll start thinking up something to put here to replace this though, if that's all right. :)
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Postby ShanndrahEartheart » Sat Mar 26, 2005 7:18 pm

Sounds interesting. I would like to maybe see some more, but am interested in joining. I would recommend geting an OOC though.
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Re: Equilibrium

Postby Daefaroth » Sat Apr 09, 2005 12:11 pm

Dark_Sky wrote:((Don't know if i'm allowed to use film names in a different context :!: ))

Welcome to TORC Dark_Sky.

The premise of this forum is "Fantasy that influenced Tolkien", not fantasy that was created or influenced BY him.

Since modern film does not pre-date Tolkien, it would be best to not use it.

The concept of your story is interesting. You should make this the OOC thread for this discussion and copy your opening post into a clean story thread.
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Postby Aiduial » Wed Aug 17, 2005 11:07 am

Well, if you'r going to turn this into the OOC thread...

I like the story, and would love to write in it. First, though, I want to know a little more about the setting etc. Is it more modern day, or more the Fantasy-midieval setting? Are humans the only race, or are there more than one? If more than one, are they all in this balance? ]

Intriguing... I'd love to see more! :wink:
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