Black Fairytales

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Black Fairytales

Postby adamremasters » Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:04 am

Albert Charming sat in his throne and watched the sunsetout of his window from the high tower. He saw his land the land of the north, full of new technology windmill and watermills even an iron furnace he then looked further and saw the lands of his neigbours he always had far sight and he could see there lands full of farmers who couldn't even afford forks, his lands was his owned by him as were his people but they lived well and were loyal as they should be.

His Pride was his army not a peasant rabble lead by a charasmatic single leader with the most effective weapn being an wood axe. Nor was his army a black summoned army full of black demons lead by a witch queen. No his army was proffesional with mail, horse and sword and his army was lead by several skilled genral who were all loyal to only him. He had wathched as his army had destroyed black demons and raised the villages of peseants only his brothers rabel had ever repelled him and that had only been whilst Albert had been on an offensive.

So he sat pondering the assisnation of the witch she had a name but it was far to knoble for the witch queen so in Alberts mind she had been degraded to black witch. She was ruler of the South and had ever plaiged him and his land with curses and demons, her death and an alliance with one of the forieng nations would be enough to allow him to conquer the four compass kingdoms of Faire Land. But first the witch had to be slain, he had paid an assasins to kill her but they had failed and he didn't want to know what happend to them. He was drwaing closer to asking the help of his illigitamate brother not one recognised as a charmin boy but still he was very useful at what he does. Asking this of him would mean that he owed the man a favour, that was something he didn't want to do.

That moment heard a buzzing and the window in his tower shattered if he had had time to think he would have complained deeply about the destruction of the very expensive glass. A buzzing filled his head and pain flooded him he went down and was taken by a force pulling him towards the window. If it wasn't for the royal guards only spell ditector Albert would of died that day. But in the end the invent ony persuaded him to call on his illegitamate brothers services the witch had to die!

OCC: What do you think ?
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Postby Galabrien » Sun Oct 23, 2005 5:26 pm

[OOC] Alrighty! I think that you need to say who the "witch" is and where she lives and what country Albert controls! Thank you! And I will begin my rp! Hee hee! ([BIC] = Back in Character)

Lilith stood at the balcony of her castle, gripping the stone railing with white knuckles. Her breath came in short gasps and was blown back at her by the wind that whipped out of the north. Her castle, Teorin, sat smack dab in the middle of her country. Diarmin, situated in the north of the land of Faire, was a bleak land with snow and rain that whipped around you. The weather was always grey, even on sunny days.

The queen glowered at herself. "Why did I have to choose that spineless little worm as my adviser? He only wants to rule my kingdom. Not help me rule mine. MY KINGDOM!" She shouted out at the landscape before her. Her breath was coming in puffs of white and they billowed around her tall and wiry frame. Her brown hair hung around her shoulders, her black cape swirling around her legs.

The queen Lilith was not always called Lilith. She was once the Sleeping Beauty. But most of her beauty had faded at the end of the First Age, when her husband of 40 years had died. She had been full of life and love but all that had vanished as a puff of smoke vanishes in the wind. She was 109 years old and wasn't about to give up.

She gripped the stone harder, breaking a fingernail in the process. Her thoughts swirled in her head like bees in a hive. Futiley, she tried to sort them out. She needed to talk with her Commander about the shape of her army. Diarmin had been warring with the southern kingdom for years. And Lilith wasn't about to give up her hold on that kingdom in the near future.

"Farah, send in Dras." The maid nodded and scurried off.

The queen glided through the gilt double doors that led to her balcony. She shrugged off her coat and threw it onto the settee closest to her. Walking to the mirror at the far end of the luxurious meeting room, she checked herself. Her gown of crimson taffetta swirled around her, showing off her slim figure. Her light brown hair set off her hazel-green eyes, her best feature. Her eyes were hard and soft at the same time. They seemed to pierce through the soul of anyone looking into them. She smoothed her dress and whispered, "Well Lilith, you still got it." She smiled at her reflection and a row of pearly teeth smiled back.

Turning, she plopped into the throne she herself had designed. The high back was covered in crimson velvet with gilt gold embroidery. The legs and arms were of the finest menil trees in the kingdom. Menil trees were the kingdom's sole source of income. Except for trade with the east. The east and Diarmin had been allies for as far back as anyone in any of the Four Kingdoms could remember.

Lilith fingered the embroidery on the right arm of the chair. A sharp rap sounded on the tall stone door at the far end of the room. "Enter!" The queen commanded with her superior air of authority.

A short, squat man of about middle ages waddled in. He stooped and bowed, his knee buckling as he came up. Farah had to help to straighten him out. The man approached the throne and said in a high, squeaky voice "Your Royal Majesty, what do you require from you most humble servant?" Dras bowed again, and yet again Farah had to help him.

The queen snorted and rolled her eyes. "Ah, Dras. What is the status of the royal army?"

" army is in good conditon."

"I mean in battle, you dolt!" Lilith thundered!

"Ah, battle..." Dras stuttered. "The Royal Army of Diarmin..."

"Get on with it, Commander!"

"Yes, your Majesty. Of course." The man mopped sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. "We have lost the last six battles out of ten..." His voice trailed off as he glanced at his queen.

"WHAT?" Lilith growled. "How can you lose six battles? SIX!" She stormed across the room and picked up a vase on a table. It was a delicate thing, with tiny gold and blue roses on it. "I got this when I was a little girl. It was a present from my grandmother." Her voice seemed calm, but Farah knew that gleam in her eye.

Suddenly the queen jerked up and threw the vase straight at Dras. It hit him full-force in the stomach and shatterd into a million pieces that scattered around him. He dropped to the floor like a stone and writhed upon the black marble. He clutched his stomach and his face got strawberry red.

Lilith stormed over to him and knelt down until the tip of her delicate nose almost touched his. "Get my army into shape and this won't happen again. Alright Commander?"

Commander Dras nodded and tried to get to his feet. Farah and a few guards had to help him up. As he was herded toward the door, cradling his stomach in his hands, Lilith said "Commander?"

Dras turned and gazed at the queen with glazed over eyes. "Yes?" he moaned.

"Take one for the road." The queen smiled evilly and raised her right hand. A blazing fire ball shot from her hand. Dras' robes quickly caught fire and he ran from the room. Lilith smiled vehemently and shrugged into the throne. "I still have it, don't I, Farah?"

The maid smiled at her queen and bowed before her. She sauntered up to the throne and stood before it. "Your Majesty, are you going to grace your subjects with your prescence at the state dinner tonight?"

Lilith's face grew taut. "How could I have forgotten?" She moaned and covered her face with her long pale fingers. "I won't have time to get ready!" She slumped in her chair.

"Oh, my lady, so many things have been occupying your time and your mind. It would be easy to forget something as trivial as this." Farah took the queen's hand and said, "Don't you worry! I will have you looking like the sun by tonight!" She smiled and led the queen into the dressing room.

[ooc] Diarmin is the name of Sleeping Beauty's country.
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Postby adamremasters » Tue Nov 22, 2005 5:22 am

Albert still asked himself was the war that he had partially desingned worth all the bother and the death. It was true that he had ansestoral heritage to the thrones of all the lines and that was the reason he told himself he had attacked to gain what was rightfully his but that wasn't his main reason.

But the truth was the war was a matter of fear. As a child in the royal court he had been threatened by snow white who had tormented him used her magic to trick him cause him pain. She held her power over his head obviously enjoying his defenclesness, he had no magic. To think he had even been attracted to her, he was glad he now saw what she was, when his brother had kissed the witch he had been left with the horses. His brothers got all the fun while he was away kissing his enchanted bride he was set to fighting an evil witch or so he thought she used her power in her defence she broke his walls and showed him whom she came to kill was she showed him the trueth about her target snow White. Showing Albert this didn't save her for she was weak from magic and evil and so couldn't use it her powers against him. He slayed her with a sword. But the man never forgot what he was shown.

So Albert knew that he warred out of fear becuase he understood that if The Black Witch controlled the land of Faire it would be apocaliptic her pestilence would spread and consume all he was marked guardian of for in his heart he knew that the land couldn't truly be his for it would still be there thousands of years after his death. He was the guardian of this land and all land in Faire and he would rather see it burn than its very soul be corrupted. This he would never speak or think outloud and was hidden under mountains of other feeling like greed, anger and paranioer.
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Postby skuld » Tue Nov 22, 2005 8:10 am

Gently massaging his temples, Saladin slipped away from the meeting he was supposed to be having with the "generals" of his "army". It was rather sad, actually, and he was unable to force himself to listen to their petty battles for power amongst a growing number of forces. It seemed that everything it was fighting for, all of time and engery he was putting into his cause was being spat out at him through the mouths and actions of these-

"-INCOMPETENT MORONS," echoed through the camp, deep in the woods, where no one could find them. Saladin took another step forward only to realize that there was a small boy underfoot. Bending over and grabbing the child by the arm he tossed him onto his feet and stared at him for a moment. This child had arrived here with his father, who had volunteered to be part of the brewing war.

"Boy," Saladin said, in rather loud and somewhat commanding voice, "is your father in?"

The boy nodded at him slightly before trying to run away.

"Get him for me."

The boy took off faster than a bat out of hel, racing toward a tent standing a few hundred yards away. It was not long before he skated in, and an even shorter amount of time before he came back out, his large father in tow. The man approaching Saladin was maybe six feet three inches tall, with red hair and a full red beard. Swinging from his side was a large sword, and clinging to his body were the clothes of a rider. Deep green eyes pierced from behind his shaggy mane of hair. Perfect, Saladin thought.

"Me son sed yer needed me," the oaf got out as he half-heartedly bowed to the commander of the arm he was following. Saladin could tell that he had expected someone different, but it was no matter to either of them really. There were too many other things to do and no one with enough brain power (also read: brawn) to get them done. Saladin began walking back to his tent. Upon turning around he saw that neither the bow, nor that child had moved.

"Well, are you coming with me or not, man," he asked, and started walking again. This time he heard the rustle of movement behind him. It did not take long for his new friend to catch up to him, as his legs were far shorter. No bother, they did not have far to go. The coming confrontation excited him, it was something he had been hoping to do since the beginning of his make shift campaign.

He walked in through the front of his tent, of course he heard the large man behind him duck in order to make it in without taking the entimre tent with him. Facing the gawking men in their presence Saladin raised his arms to calm all those involved. Resuming his previous seat, at the head of the chamber he began to speak-

"All you gathered here, excpet you," he indicated the large red head, "are to exit immediately and return to your tents."

He turned away from them and walked into the other half of his tent, where we laid down to get some rest.

"But Sir!"
"What is the meaning of this?!"
"How could you?"

He heard them protesting.

"Look, none of you are what I am looking for," he said. "This man is everything I need. Look, this doesn't mean we don't want you to be part of this army, I just need you to peform different tasks than I had originally thought. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get some sleep."

They all left, grumbling the whole way.

"Werd yer like me ter come in tomorrow?"

"Mmmm, yes..." he muttered to the new giant as he feel into a deep slumber.
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Postby Tobias_Red-tail » Thu Dec 08, 2005 11:22 am

The chamber was a study of pure extravagance. Every comfort imaginable was provided for its only occupant, yet despite the many works of art in the room, from the many tiered crystal chandelier that swung from the painted ceiling to the very walls of the room, where epic tragic scenes of heroes’ deaths were portrayed by the world’s best artists, one was particularly attention catching. The centrepiece of the room was a massive mirror, with a silver rim carved to resemble a coffin lined with roses, given the characteristic red tint by embedding rubies in the silver petals, along its entire outline. Although upon closer inspection, the mirror was not quite a mirror, but it more resembled a continually shifting mass of silvery material of infinite depth, which one could get entranced by, and then lost into, drawn way from reality by the sheer beauty of it.

There was only one other thing which could draw a person’s attention from the beautiful mirror, and that was the lady reclining comfortably on the satin covered chaise lounge. Black leather covered her entire form, and a single leather gloved hand reached for the glass of wine that lay on the glass table beside her. Lips as red as blood parted as she downed the wine, her eyes gradually flickering shut as she savoured the taste.

The lady’s respite was unexpectedly interrupted as the door suddenly flew open, shattering the silence of the chamber, with such force so that one of the delicate porcelain ornaments on the shelf beside the door actually fell to the marble floor with a tinkling crash. She opened her eyes then, their ebony depths seeming to boil with barely restrained displeasure, at the slim man clad in the regalia of one of her commanders, who now knelt at her feet, his head bowed.

“My dear friend, that tiny ornament you just sent to the floor happens to cost your entire year’s salary, in addition to the fact that I had it imported all the way from Diarmin, and you know how much I loathe their queen. I expect you’ll be able to replace it, for now my shelf has one empty space. Look up and state your business”

The man only nodded, having seen how his Queen reacted on the occasion an unlucky comrade had attempted to plead his way out of the position.

“My Queen Snow White, the armies at the front need more supplies, as well as more reinforcements. Without these, even with high morale, we can accomplish nothing.”

“I thought I had given you full authorisation to claim anything you required? Victory is imperative, no matter the costs. Why have you returned to me with requests you should have brought before the quartermasters and other commanders?”

His lips were pressed into a straight line, and lowering his eyes, he muttered.

“They refused me.”

“And so they refuse their Queen?” Her eyes seemed to blaze with the mere thought.

Snow White swung herself off the chaise lounge, and strolling over to the desk at a corner of the room, grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote her own decree in a flourishing script, ensuring that her signature and seal were obvious.

“Take this. And give me the names of those who have refused you. They will be…” She paused for a second, as if relishing the words to come, “subjected to questioning on their possible act of treason. You are dismissed.”

He bowed and left the room, this time taking care to shut the door every so carefully.

She rang for a maid to come to clear the floor of glass, as well as to clean the floor of his boot prints. The dirt stood out against the stark whiteness of her floor, and, making a face, she mused. ‘If he wasn’t such a capable commander, I would have had him executed by now, for being such a boor.’

After the maid had come and gone, the lady strode to the mirror, her heels clicking on the polished marble. Once before it, she asked, as she had done a thousand times before.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?”

And as always, a voice from deep within the mirror replied.

“You, my queen, are the fairest of all.”

She smiled as the mirror answered, satisfied with the reassurance of her beauty, and returned to her seat at the chaise lounge, reclining comfortably on it again, before topping up her wine glass. If her commander proved to be capable of carrying out his job as required, her aunt’s unjust murder would finally be avenged. The idea that her vengeance would finally be wrought brought a cruel smile to her face, and she allowed herself a small, barely audible laugh.

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Postby Nicolette_StormChaser » Thu Dec 08, 2005 7:13 pm

Cinderella walked around her tent waiting for her General of the gaurd.
" You called for me mylady?" The genral asked. " Yes I did Robin please come in and sit and I told to to quit calling me that, Just call me Ella" Cinderella said as she sat down.
"Did you find any information out to help get Britannia out of our country yet. I cant stand wandering around like this. I want my country back" Cinderella started to yell.
" not yet but we are working on it. " Robin said in a calm voice " I think you should just calm down and relax Ella. you know what happens when you get upset like this, your powers go all in an up roar."
" Yes I know" She said " what are my children up to, causeing trouble like always I gather"
"Yes Robert is trying to get some of the gaurds to duel with him, and Resa is out there ordering everyone around it is so adorable." Robin said with a laugh in her voice.
"I am so glad this isn't to hard on them, first to lose there father and then to lose their home, I just hate it" Ella said as she looked out of her tent at her children.
" I know what will make you smile. Lilith has a state dinner tonight. I have noticed you getting a little antsy. Would you like to grace dear sleeping beauty with a little entertainment?" Robin asked.
" yes that sounds quite enjoyable" Ella said with an evil grin on her face.
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Postby Crimson_Sight » Thu Dec 15, 2005 9:42 pm

Beast took a deep breath in through his nose; he was not far now the smell was strong indeed. He pushed away a large fern and reveled a small quotation mark ( “ ) foot print in the moss. He continued his pursuit very careful not to rustle any leaves, step on any twigs or touch one of the many large mushrooms that gave a nasty rash. His ears perked as he herd a stick snap, slowly he moved in its direction vaguely aware of the noise he was generating as he slid through the ferns. There was no avoiding the ferns they where everywhere they clung to the moss, hung from every crevasse in every tree but most of all they almost completely covered the forest floor making it almost impossible to move with speed without making the amount of noise equivalent a burning fairy. Some ferns where almost as large as he himself while others where so small they could be growing inside your ear for all you’d know.

Dam ferns he thought, then checked himself, what was he doing thinking about ferns, he certainly was distracted today. He came to clearing and there was his prey, a large male deer. It stood on long slender legs; it was light brown with newly growing antlers and a little white tail. A few rays of light Illuminated the mossy clearing reviling a small stream filled with pollywogs (tadpoles) of all sizes. The stag lowered its head to drink the cool water and Beast tensed, this was his chance. Beast began creeping ever so slowly over the logs and under the ferns. The deer seemed to sense something because it rose took a few steps back. Beast stopped and waited for the dear to forget its fear. And, as the deer bent its head to drink again he began to inch forward once more through the twilight of the forest. This deer was a young one indeed; he was hoping for a larger, older one, this dear was scrawny with not a lot of food on it, plus the youthful ones where fast and agile. A deer's a deer he reminded himself, plus he had been tracking it for almost fifteen minutes now, he had no intention of giving up just because the dear might be harder to catch.

His foot came down on the ground, a stick snapped underfoot, he stopped, the dear looked up again and for a long moment nothing moved. Beast tensed, the dear made a run for it, Beast leapt, the dear dodged, he swung and his claw connected with the dears rump. But the dear recovered fast and took off into the forest. Beast was close on its trail, he was gaining but tiring fast, the race normally would be over in only a second (with Beast victorious) but beast was not himself today and this is how it was with beast, some days he was as fast as lighting but others he was more human and it was truly so today, he stood upright and his fur was much less thick, in fact all round he looked more like a man and less like a beast. But the pendulum swung both ways once he awoke to find himself unable to stand on two legs and had to walk on all four like a wolf, on such days he felt good. He found himself more aware stronger faster but less in control of his actions. He was beginning to be able to control his shape but it was hard when he had nothing to be mad about. He knew why he was so week today, he had been thinking about Bella. He remembered she used to call them the beauty and the beast, even after he had become human again, it was a pet name she had for them. Then he recalled her face when she saw her own heart lying on the ground beside her. He recalled how he wept after he killed her and sometimes just for a second he felt a feeling of deep regret and longing for the emotion now lost to him, love.

He flew through the air and landed directly in front of the dear. The dear dodged, almost hitting a tree in the process, and took off in the other direction. He sprang back into the air and flew feet first into a tree his claws dug into to moss covered bark, in only a split second he was jumping toward another tree while the stag ran beneath him. He flew from tree to tree until he was slightly ahead of the dear and quick as a fox he dropped. By the time it took him to fall the dear had run right under him and he fell on top of it, in one quick motion he cracked the dear’s neck killing it instantly. After he caught his breath he tied its legs together, picked it up and began the long walk back to the castle.

“Stop” cried a voice from nowhere. Beat turned and searched for what made the noise, beside a tree stood a small figure there was just enough light to see a scrawny old man with a long white beard leaning heavily on a stick. Beast took a step forward “cease” the old man said in a rather strong voice. He pointed his walking stick at beast and muttered something, immediately an object on the end of his stick shook. A piercing shriek spit the misty air and white light exploded from the end of the staff hitting the ground in front of beast.

“Who the hell are you” Beast roared his voice crackling with lack of use.

“I am MERLIN! Creature of the forest, do not disobey me again or you will suffer the consequences” Merlin threatened. Disgusting, beast thought beast he really did resented magic; even the smallest old men could wield great power over him.

He fell on to all fours not because he was wounded from the blast but because he was transforming he was becoming more beastly than he had ever been before. He could feel his new found strength and the animal blood coursing through his veins, he was stronger than ever before and was wondering if he could kill the old man before he could react.

“You can’t” Merlin said, “I would kill you before you even moved, that’s the beauty of reading minds. Let’s dig a little deeper” he said with a little smile. Immediately beast felt great pain in his head, he collapsed to the ground, the dear still on to his back. After what seemed like forever the pain stopped “interesting story, mine is similar” Merlin said and walked forward until he was not a three feet from Beast. Beast examined Merlin in full, he was very old his face severely wrinkled and scarred, he had very thin white hair that reached almost to the small of his back, he didn’t appear to have any teeth but the most striking thing was his eyes almost completely white except for the very pail grey pupils.

“You’re blind” Beast said.

“Very observant, it is a pain, yes but I can sense thing by other means.” Merlin replied. Beast's eyes shot to the staff in his hands, there appeared to be an infant's head impaled on the top. The head had no eyes only bloody sockets, the skin on the head, in most places, was gone especially on the scalp and the whole thing was crawling with maggots but the worst thing was that it was or seemed to be alive, there where patches where the skin was growing back but as dead as it seamed it moved, it shook its head and screwed up its face. As Beast watched it, the head opened its mouth as if trying to cry, as it did so Beast saw worms midway between crawling through the roof of the mouth and the bottom of the mouth. (OOC: I hope you’re having spaghetti tonight) BIC: Some of the worms snapped and writhed. Below the head was a spiky neck completely covered in quills which stood up then lay smooth seemingly at random, finally the rest of the staff was smooth and white excepted for a few veins which all pulsed sporadically. Beast’s eyes followed a particularly large vein down the hilt to the wizard’s wrinkled hand; the vein seemed to be attached to Merlin’s wrist.

“You two look very similar,” Beast said nodding at the head “are you related” Beast asked. Absent mindedly snatching a curious fairy out of the air and squeezed it harder and harder the more it struggled.

“He’s my son” Merlin replied. Beast wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. He was applying a fare amount of pressure to the tiny fairy and with one last squeeze something it the fairy broke and it fell limp.

“Well, I best be going now” Beast said taking a step back and throwing the dead fairy on the ground.

“You are going no where; there is something I want to talk to you about. You see, we both want the same thing, revenge, but we can only achieve our goals by working together” Merlin explained “enough out here where any one could be listening” Merlin pointed his staff at an enormous tree and muttered something unintelligible. There was the creak of wood and the tree opened into a kind of doorway. “Come inside, would you?”

OOC: Me grammar and speling are bad need to edit (LOL)
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Postby adamremasters » Wed Feb 01, 2006 9:04 am

OCC: Well i wonder why this sight rp died probably my fault but it just self terminated I don't suppose anyone knows.
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Postby Galabrien » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:24 pm

Oh dear me! I seem to have forgotten for a while. I am sorry my little lovelies. I will try to get this thing going again. I am very sorry to you also, adam! Some...things had come up and I did not have a working computer at all. Dreadfully sorry! :(
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Postby adamremasters » Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:32 am

I think this rp is dead i may be wrong but in the last year i have occasionally watched it and there have been no posts. In the last couple of months there have been very few on the green dragon as a whole but if you can recurect the rp i will keep at it.
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