Floating in the Anima

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Floating in the Anima

Postby adamremasters » Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:35 pm

Asmodeous had heard enough he knew his charge was in danger and he had do something about it this left him with only one choice he had to intervene. The Mercenary his charge was currently work for the black league with a few good soliders. If Asmodeous didn't act his charge would caught in his tent without chance to raise sword. But Asmodeous couldn't change the genrals mind and so he had to leave the meeting to deal with the problem.

Begging ilness asmodeous left the tent and headed for the picket it was there to stop deserters but his master needed to desert so Asmodeous knew the picket had to go. Also as his charge had no idea that he was being followed Asmodeous needed to create a big enough commotion to inspire him to leave without telling him so. The picket guard was a demon halfling and could kill Asmodeous in an instant without moving at all. But Asmodeous knew that it would not be he who died today. When he was fifty foot away from the guard he shot an arrow at the man, threw the bow away and then drew his sword running at the guard. The guard thinking he had made himself an easy kill decided to kill his attacker in a very arty kudos enhancing way he shot magic rockets into the air and called a great darkness. The darkness was to instill terror it had no practical purpose but most ran or fled from it which would of been the last mistake they would ever make because the missiles were aimed to land spraying firey magic forward from the caster.If you ran from the caster then your reward would be a spectacular if brief death as well as a free cremation. For the first thing that Asmodeus did when the lights went out wasto run towards his enemy for the magic was aimed outwards from the caster at a distance for no magician would be stupid enough to blow themselves up. So oddly enough the safest place to be was close to the caster. But even close to the caster the light of the magic fire was blinding after the darkness it was unsurprising why some people thought it was the ultimate spell.

The Guard opened his eyes and was greated by a very unwelcome sight a large sword in the hand of the man who should have been dead was lodged in his heart. Although demon breeds were hardy they could be kiled a hundred arrows might not do it but one sword if held long enough in the heart would. Though it was rare for any demon to allow an opponent near enough to do this as demons spawn could kill all but the most hardy creation at good distance with no effort. Once the sword was in the heart that was a different matter the demons magic couldn't be summoned to were the sword was as magic couldn't abide cold steel so the wound wouldn't close.Although this would not stop a demon using his other magic gifts of destruction rather than healing the pain from the sword caused them to lack the required concentration.This meant that demons could be killed but there magic was strong enough that this took agonisingly long. "Yould of killed me with a thought a mear thought but in your arogance you choice death".Asmodeous said the the withering half-breed.

Asmodeus left the dead guard on the floor he looked at what he done and his concious stirred he had murdered an ally something no Ralie would ever dream of doing but necessity was nessesity and from what he saw from the camp the darkness and the blaize had cause the required chaos setting fire to a few tents and making the camp believe it was under attack.
Asmodeous knew his charge would leave now as he had been payed and his contract had been fufilled he would not want to participate in a mage battle he would flee to safety. Asmodeous stole a horse and left. He climbed onto a hill side with a good view of the land. He would wait till his charge left and follow him on horseback from behind.
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