The Vampire's Ball

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The Vampire's Ball

Postby Falling Starlight » Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:49 am

In the heart of the underground Goth club ring there is one club that has made its mark on people. And if you see the door of it you would not know it is there. Only by knowing someone who knows of it would you know that it is there. The door is back of a bar and it is painted black with a red line running down from the top to the ground. And it is said that is where "real" vampires can be found. But all who got in and dug to much info about this so call "Vampire's Ball" has ended up dead or missing.

As he walked in the bar to the door all the people in the bar looked at her as if they where looking for something that she is hiding that she is not telling others. He went to the door and knocked 3 times and the door opened.

"It is good to see you Lord Domokas." A man said as she walked thou the door.

As he close the door the man took his coat off.

"We have a few more today Lord Domokas. And One of them is a vamp the other I do not know. I am sorry." said the man.

"Ok thank you Ahab." said Domokas.

As he enter the underground club the DJ yelled. "Welcome to the Vampire's Ball the darkest underground club on earth." As he started a new song.

"Yes this is a dark place even for me. But I would not have it any other way" he thought to him self.
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Postby Tulkas2006 » Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:58 am

The city was resting, you could swear all the people was in their respective homes, since it was 2:56 AM. The bridge was one of the most used in all the continent, for it was a very famous trading point, where the bussiness men had to pay a great deal of taxes to be able to pass through. Now, it was alone, and the Taker was asleep too, not aware that this could be his last night... At last, s a normal person.

Then, as though a drop of water fell from a tree to crash silently on the floor, footsteps began to sound.
clap clap, but the caretaker wouldn't wake up.

This person opened his mouth, ready to attack, but was suddenly stopped by an unknown force behind him. He was being stuck by a large silver knife with a cross in it. The Vampire gave a loud scream which woke the Caretaker, but when he turned to see, there was nothing already.
Thomas took the Vampire to an Alley, near the Bridge.
"What's is your name, fruit bat???" he asked, then he could see his face.
"Thomas, you know you won't kill me with a cooking knife", said Horace Isacson. But he felt his insides burning. He turned to see the cross marked on the Knife, and began to scream horribly again.
"Is there anything you'd like to tell me, Horace?" said Thomas, grabbing the vampire from the neck, but it was too late, the Vampire burst in flames, as a far scream could be heard in the distance.

"I have to control myself before slaying these idiots off" He thought, and left the Alley, now full of Ashes...[/i]
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Postby Penny_to_pay » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:20 pm

Cripslock wiped the blood from his hands. Another job and another pay day he thought. He stood looking at the city scape spread away below him. He was naked. It was always the way after he changed back. He used to ruin so many clothes that way, until h ebegan top able to control his transformations. Now he was ready and before he was on the job in hand he stored some clothes somewhere close for when he turned back.

He stopped wiping th blood away, he alwys made a point never to feed when in human form, it found if there a ws spot on his chin, people tended to ask difficult questions. He pulled on a pair of trousers, some socks, a pair of big heavy boots. The he pulled on a leather trench, leaving the front undone.

Well, he was arrogant.

He ran and jumped on the next skyscraper roof, his bots cracking the concrete. Then to the next and then the next.

'I need a drink, and not a real one either'

The he heard the scream from the Bridge, his ears picking up the sound of a death.

'So, the Hunter is out for a little game time. How sweet. Watch out suckheads.' He chuckled to himself and then headed down town, to alittle place he liked to drink, both kinds, if it was possible.
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Postby Tulkas2006 » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:03 pm

Blood on the walls. Thomas was standing at the front of a ragged hut in a village near Newcastle. A neighbor had heard a horrible scream last night, and called the Hunter immediately. After that, he could swear he saw a big Shadow gettin out of the house, and fly away from there.
The blood was a mark of another Vampire, very famous among his people: Lawrence Royce; he used to swallow people's blood as though they were tomatoe juice, and then, he marked the man's door, so everyone could see there was something odd.

He got inside the House. Now, it was all covered by a strange dust, and in the middle of the ragged living room, a body was lying beside a little wooden table. The dead hand of the man was holding a letter, covered in blood

Now, Mr. Hunter, we now your moves, we now what you're trying to do.
The Club is hidden from any mortal, and our chief is hidding somewhere else.
You know our moves, the question is, How will you get to Edinburgh before us? That insolent lady will pay of her actions...

He definitely had style, or how else could he write a letter, if not with fresh blood?.
He now knew that the lady of the other side of the United Kingdom was lost, and he only waited there until the sunset, and he departed.
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