The Gaze of the Unknown Abyss: OOC

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The Gaze of the Unknown Abyss: OOC

Postby Klonkku » Sat Nov 25, 2006 5:29 am

[ A pre-word: I am trying to wax my first serious Role-Play thread, and I want you to help me form a great adventure out of the background which I will present in this thread. :) Feel free to join - we shall make this RP epic! ]

The back-story:

On October the 12th, 2013 AD, a disasterous meteor-shower struck the Earth. First sings of the impending doom came two months before the actual strike, and impact-sites were carefully calculated. Only a single spot in the western hemisphere was deemed as 100% safe, and people threw their fates into an all-deciding lottery. Only 200,000 people were chosen to occupy the safe space, and they were given food-supplies and shelter to last for a few dozen years.

We begin this RP in 2031 AD - the year when humanity's food-supplies are growing very, very thin. A pack of brave adventurers is formed ( where you belong, for a reason or another ) to go and seek other possible survivors and food-sources. The world, however, has grown dark ( due to dust and rubble covering the entire sky ), and rumours of strange creatures existing beyond the borders of the safe-zone have circulated among the folk. The safe-spot is illuminated by an artificial light-source - which tries to emulate the day-and-night cycle as well as possible - but out there, it is dark.

Post your character-information - a little bit of background, name, age, height - the likes - if you find this RP interesting and worthy of trying out. :) If I get enough people to join, I will begin it.
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Postby Penny_to_pay » Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:09 am

Hey. This sounds interesting. Hope its ok if join you. I think my character will need a spot of editing but i can do it later.

Appearance: 6'5" Very muscly. One side of his face is covered in tattoos, as is most of his body. These tattos are the left overs of the re-animation and re-generation of his body asfter he killed himself.
his clothes are mostly black or brown leather with silver clasps and buckles. He has big boots, often covered in mud as he spends a lot of time travelling by foot, rather than horse. He does not get tired easily and so it is quicker for him to run than to use a horse.
He is totally bald and has only a beard that is asingle plat, about 8" long. In this beard is woven golden thread. He has deep , dark eyes, sunken in a hard lined skull.
Weapons: He carrys a long and a shaort sword, the long on his left, the short on his right. He needs no sheild. The swords are not hisweapon of chose for he also carrys a double headed battle axe. The axe also has a spike between the blades. He also has palm daggers in sheaths up his sleeves. These are handy for blow that no one expects.

Other: He has the mastery of fire. He can not make but he can control it. He is resitstant to it. Fire ot him is a weapon and also a protector for him. To add an extra edge to ghis axe he can coat the blades in wax and weild a flaming axe. This delivers a merciful stroke as the blades get hot enough to carterize the wound as it is made. He will only do this in battle as he does not like killing. He means to deliver a killing sdtroke then he will do, but he will not give anyone the indecency of having their blood spilled to the ground. He kills only at need rather than for pleasure or because it is the easiest option.
He was a suicide, sent back to release all sucided souls from their purgatory state, neither here nor there. The help of a god is needed and no gods will help, but as the one is a bit of a demi god he thinks they might be able to help.
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