The Two Worlds

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The Two Worlds

Postby adamremasters » Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:32 am

It hadn't been his day not his day at all some fools said troubles come in three's but it was rare a day when only three tormented him. It had all started as usual with a women she had been beutiful and he had been bored. The women had loved cards so like a fool he had tried to play her and had lost. He had the sort of losses that make you leave town very quickly which is exactly what he had tried to do only he had made a mistake. It seemed that the ladies father had been a lord and he didn't like his daughter being cheated. He had to fight his way out of town with nought but his clothes.

Well that had been how he had come across the burned city he didn't no what force could have done it he hads seen raised cities but never one that had been wiped out. He sat and stared at the river by where the town had once been it was black and poisoned what ever was responsible for this was a menace and needed to be hunted. Jack put on his bounty hunters cap.
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Postby elerrina_narloth » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:36 pm

Lorolina stood outside the temple, tending to the lily garden. Her long coppery hair hung unbound and sun was reflected in its shiny tresses. She was clad in simple white, and was altogether rather simple, though her simplicity was pure and beautiful.

Lorolina looked down at a certain white lily that drooped sadly, and she lifted its sad head.
"Do not be so sad sweet flower, lift your head to the sunlight, drink the water from the soil your roots so will live yet" she spoke softly to the lily, and any wanderer would find the sight perhaps strange; but the temple dwellers would see it common.

Lorolina was sweet and caring, and it was obvious to all. Her father was a well respected priest, and he had planted the love of all growing things in his young daughter. After his death Lorolina had not felt at home anywhere but the temple, and thus she became a temple maiden, at home in the beautiful marble halls.

But change was in the air, Lorolina could feel it, and it was almost frightening.
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