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Search Lite - Version 4.0

Postby Didi » Mon Jan 03, 2005 4:21 pm

Few minor updates

Updated twice for Wrong Links

Updated for My Buddies Search

Updated for New Google Search

Updated for Latest Front Page Search Functions

Welcome to the new improved (yet again) Search Lite. There have been several generations of Search functions on TORC. Right now, they offer a patchwork of help, if you are persistant.

Shortly some nasssty virus has ruined several PHP-messageboards. To protect TORC from this attack, temporarily our Admins decided to change all URLs from blahblahblah/viewtopic.php?etc to blahblahblah/viewtopic2.php?etc.
Now it's back to normal but some people might still have the ones with the 2 in their posts.
All links in this thread have been updated, but if you meet up with a link that leads to an error page, click your browser's URL pad and remove the 2.

*The oldest one (Front Page Search) has recently been fixed. It works for Articles and Links, and for older threads (pre May 2004).

*The new Search function powered by Google will eventually work for all the threads, but not all the threads have been indexed to date.

*There are threads that have been archived and are not now accessible. They may be added back in some time in the future. Generally, threads inactive for more than 18 months are archived.

*There are threads that were accidently deleted, then restored, but without their titles. These are slowly being relabeled by a handful of unsung heros.

*Finally, there is a function in My Buddies that allows Premiere Members to search for an item by poster. This was just recently restored. This can be a very powerful search tool.

Here are the topics I will be tackling, as I have the time. Please feel free to suggest other tips or ask about other search topics.

Topic (including date last updated)
1. Introduce yourself to the new Google Search Engine - 15 July 04
2. Thread titles - Front Page Search - 21 August 04
3. My Buddies Thread Search - 14 November 2004
4. Posters (great for stalking or finding yourself) - 7 December 2004
5. Keeping track of favorites - 14 November 2004
6. Quick and dirty search - 5 June 04
7. Digging up the past - 8 June 04
8. Indices and bibliographies - 5 June 04
9. Quotes from books, screenplays or scores, including translations - 5 December 04
10. Just the right word/acronym/symbol - 8 June 04
11. News articles and outside links - 21 August 04
12. Fanfic, poetry, art, and articles by TORCers - 21 August 04
13. The perfect sig pic. - 21 August 04
14. The perfect screen name. - pending
15. Textified TORC. - 14 November 2004
16. The meaning of life. - 7 December 2004


1.The Google Search

The Google Search Engine has a good FAQ. First click on the >>Search in the top strip of tabs. Then click on the Click for search tips to get to the FAQ. It discusses how to do a Boolean search, how to use the advanced search page to search just for titles or text, specific dates, or content. This is a very powerful search engine. Here are some caveats:

a. The Google search engine allows some Boolean logic - you can search for an exact word, and exact set of words, an exact phrase, anything that contains at least one of the words, or anything not containing a particular word or words.

b. Remember that the search engine is a clueless machine. Asking for all posts with the word rings in them will get you everything from belly button rings to Lord of the Rings. If you add more than one word, it will greatly limit your search.

c.This search engine does not have fuzzy logic or an understanding of Tolkien. Each of these requests will yield a different list of posts: wizard, wizards, blue wizards (will also have blue items), istari, Gandalf, Gandalf’s, Gandalfs (sic), grey, gray. If at first you don’t succeed, try a misspelling or synonym. There is an advanced function, the tilde (~) for finding synonyms, but alas, it doesn't seem to know the synonyms for istari.

d.This search engine has a common word filter. It will ignore requests for really common words like what or the, but to get around this, put a + in front of the word you need.

e.The Google Search does not allow the use of wild cards (*) to find all words with the same begining (such as wiz* for wizards, wizardry, etc.).

2.Thread Titles - The Front Page Search

This works on pre-May 2004 threads, titles only.

a. Click on the Tolkien Online logo found on just about every page, to get to the front page. Type your word into the little search box in the upper left corner of the page.

b. It's a Boolean search engine, so searching for ears AND hobbit will get you only one post about hobbit ears. Searching for elf NOT female will give lots of threads on elves, but cut out the thread on female elves.

c.This search engine will take phrases, so "hobbit ears" or hobbit ears will give only one post, whereas hobbit, ears or hobbit OR ears will get you 25 pages of replies, everything from Halloween ears to "Do you think Mickey Rooney is a Hobbit?";

d.This search engine will find plurals, wizard will produce links to wizard, wizard's, wizards'.

e.This search engine will find portions of a word, so a search for lamentations will also find titles with the word lament in them.

f.Use the asterisk for a wild card. Wiz* will produce a variety of wiz based words - wizardry, wizards, etc.

g.This search engine has to be indexed and updated every so often, and I don’t believe it has been updated since April 2004. So for newer threads, you’ll have to use the Google search engine, or just leaf through the first few pages of the index. This works well for slower forums.

h.When you get a result, click on it. If it doesn't give you a usable page, then the thread may be archived and not available.

3. My Buddies Search

Note that for My Buddies to work, you must be logged in with your PM screen name on the Front Page ( It doesn't matter what you are logged in as on the forums.

You can find your own past posts with Buddies:
a. You must be a premiere member.
b. Click on “Add a buddy” in the buddy list window, then type in your own username.
c. Shortly thereafter, you will be asked to accept yourself. :roll:
d. After you do, click on your name within the current buddy list, and click on latest message board posts. This listing has one entry for every time you posted, along with when you made that post, the last time it was posted to, and when. It’s very handy to check to see if anyone has posted back since the last time you were on.

You can find others' posts with Buddies:
a. You must be a premiere member.
b. Click on "Add a buddy" in the buddy list window, then type your friend's username in exactly.
c. If your friend likes you, he'll accept your request, and you will be notified.
d. If your friend is not a Premier Member, you may need to let him know that he has a request, and should open his My Buddies window to see it.
e. After he accepts you, your friend's name will be larger in the My Buddies list.
f. Click on his name within the current buddy list, and click on latest message board posts. This listing has one entry for every time he posted, along with when he made that post, the last time it was posted to, and when. Click on the Latest Message Board Topics to get a list of all the threads your friend started.

To take advantage of your friends if you are not a PM:
a. Find a friend who is a premiere member.
b. Have the friend make you his/her buddy.
c. Have the friend produce a list of your latest message board posts and find the thread you are looking for.
d. Not sure how you two would convey the information.
e. Don't do this too often, it could be hard on the friendship.

4. People on TORC

a. To find all the posts done by a poster, use the Google search or the My Buddies search. This is a handy way to find out what the poster has been up to, more info about her/his RP character, when he/she was last here, etc.

b. If you are paranoid, type your own name in the subject box, type a minus sign followed immediately by your alliance (If you are of the House of Cirdan, it would be -cirdan) to see what others have been saying about you, while screening out most posts you made yourself.

c. There are several search functions in My Buddies, available if you have a Premiere Membership ($5 per month). If you add people to your My Buddies list, even if they don't "accept" you as a buddy, you can tell by the color of the button (yellow) if they are on line right now, even if they are "hidden".

d. Want to talk to someone right now? Sauron's Nagging Wife keeps an updated list here: Instant Messenger Contact List

e. My Buddies allows you to instantly message any of your PM buddies. If the buddy isn't there, the message will wait until he returns.

f. If you are looking for someone from your country, or want to explore the other side of the world, here are some of the threads.

Asian (all)
Australian 1
Canadian 1
Canadian 2
Coloradan (morphs into a Colorado thread part way thru)
French 1
French 2
French 3
German 1
German 2
Indian (Asia)
Michigander (and nearby)
Native American
New Zealander
Singlish (Singapore English)
Singapore and Malaysia

If you know of any others, or start a new one yourself, post it in this thread!

Also take a look at the Events forum for gatherings in various corners of the world.

g. A new list is starting of email addresses here: Email addresses (an interim solution) - Collecting

h. Biographical and Pseudobiographical material is available in these threads. Don't believe everything you read.

What global time zone do you live in?
Living in the USA? What state?
I'm sure this has been done before but I'd be interested in knowing where our posters are from
Where do you come from?
How many languages do you speak?
Getting to know the customs of other countries
Summoning all non-English speaking Posters: THE RING VERSE
Biographies of Movie Forum posters
What's in a Name (Who are the m00bies?)
Hello New Folks, come and say HI!!! Stop by the first post, if you please!!
Newbies: Tell us what your user name means...
How did you get your name and alliance?
How did you choose your user name?
The Gender-Confusion Support Thread
Which of the current TORCers are female and which are male?
Did you know this about TORC (and me)?
Torc Discoverer

5. Keeping track of favorites

Here are six options:

a. The My Favorites function, from OldTORC, is now working again. It is a Premiere Membership feature, allowing you to store thread links and even arrange them in folders.

b. Use your browser to save favorites or bookmarks.

c. Click on the Watch this topic for replies to send yourself lots of email.

d. Each time you log onto TORC, go to the Forums Index page, and click on View all topics since last visit to get a list of all topics that have been active since you last signed on.

e. If you recall posting in the thread yourself, do a Google or Front Page search for all of your old posts (see above).

f. Using MyBuddies, you can add yourself to the buddy list, then look at a list of your posts.

6. Quick and dirty search.

Make a new post “Hey, who is Tom Bombadil, and does he have wings?” This will get a quick rebuttal, a locked thread, and a suggestion of where to go (it might even be to another thread). This is highly frowned upon. :oops:

7. Digging up the past.

a. A (time-consuming) way to look at threads of a certain vintage is by using the threadid numbers, which increase chronologically. Find a thread from around the date you're interested, then increase the threadid number by one in the address bar and press refresh, which will give you the thread posted to the board immediately after the first one. And so on.

b. You can look at much older threads by clicking on the last page number to get the oldest threads. Note the post number in the address window. If it the thread number is, say, 100, then to get a post that is newer, change the page number to 80 and refresh.

c. As a last resort, if you know the poster, ask him/her to help you find the thread.

8. Indices and bibliographies.

Here are some indices compiled on TORC threads and other resources:

The Big List of the Best Ever “Books” Threads - the List
For New Members.. A COMPREHENSIVE INTRODUCTION to this Messageboard
The Tolkien Virtual 'Resource' Library
META Movie Forum
Manwe top ten and general index

9. Quotes from books, screenplays or scores, including translations.

Council-of-Elrond Transcripts Including elvish translations of all songs and dialogue, and both theatre and extended editions for FOTR and TTT. The ROTK transcript is the theatre version only.
The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Website FOTR, TTT, ROTK and the trailers - transcripts, lots of screen caps, movies rearranged in book order.
Stupid Ring - The Fellowship of the Ring - Transcript Both editions.
Stupid Ring - The Two Towers - Transcript Both editions.
Stupid Ring - The Return of the King - Transcript Theatre edition.
FOTR and TTT transcripts are anotated to show which lines are as the book, or similar to the book, and where to find the quotes in the book.
Noora's ROTK script with lots of screen caps
J.W.'s LOTR Fansite All available movie transcripts for PJ's LOTR, plus some truly awful novelizations. Also includes the transcripts of Rankin/Bass for the Hobbit and ROTK.
The International Movie Data Base (imdb) will give you lots of trivia about your favorite movie, and also has trailers.
META Movie Forum Check post #9 - LOTR Music - for lots of links concerning the lyrics and their translations, and the soundtrack of the movies and trailers.

Books: has a "search inside the book" feature. You can search for a book by subject/title/author, oh .... let's say ... "Tolkien" , and it will come up with all 2000 or so books with that subject/title/author, then if you look, some have the option of searching inside the book. The Sil at the top of the list didn't allow a search, but the Unfinished Tales did. I didn't look thru the others yet. When you click on the search button, you can search for any word in the text. It will come up with a one-or-two sentence excerpt, then you can click to see the whole page. It's free, but you have to be registered with Amazon, including a credit card, even if you aren't going to use the credit card for anything.

Lyrics and Translations: all Sindarin, Quenya, Rohirric, Orkish, and Black Speech lines in the movie are translated here, including lyrics to songs.
META Movie Forum Check post #9 - LOTR Music - for lots of other links concerning the lyrics and their translations.

10. Just the right word/abbreviation/symbol

Here's a few more links that will help you in your searching for just the right word:
TORC FAQs - some info is out of date for NewTORC
The TORC Dictionary
Tips for Using this Messageboard
How to make Umlauts and special characters (ie: á, ë, Æ, §, Ö, é, etc)

11. News articles and outside links

Outside links:There are lots of Tolkien resources out there, in many languages, and TORC has compiled a good list. Go to the front page of TORC, and click on the Links link at the upper left. Don't click on one of the pulldown links (reference, movies, official sites), just the work Links. This will get you an index of all the links, including General, Movies, Official Sites, Reference, Language, Music, Societies, Images, Non-English Sites, Fan Sites, Commerce, Humor, and Fan Fiction.

News: In a similar fashion, you can access all of the news articles by clicking on the word News rather than a pull down menu item.

If you know of any great links, that meet the high standards of our TOS, please share them with everyone, by sending the link to

To search through the News articles, see the Reading Room search below.

12. Fanfic, poetry, art, and articles by TORCers

There is more to TORC than the message boards. Think of the message boards as conversations and works in progress, while the other sections are complete works.

The Reading Room has finished works of prose and poetry relating to Middle Earth. There are Featured Artists and Featured Articles, which includes only Premiere member submittals. There is a place to comment, but the comments cannot be edited, and are seldom lengthy or critical. (When people want more dialogue on a piece they are working on, they generally post it in the Scriptorium Forum, and request comments.) To search for your favorite author, use the Front Page Search (see above) and search through "Articles" for the author's name, the title of the submittal, or a key word that is not all that common. The Front Page Search appears to have searched and catalogued the entire texts of the Reading Room, right up to the present. A search for "movie", for example, will bring up 5385 articles, including fan fic, poetry, and movie reviews from the Reading Room, as well as articles from the News section.

The Art Gallery only works sometimes, as it is vulnerable to hacking. When you can't access it from the Front Page, go to the Tolkien Inspired Art Forum, and many of the contributing artists will have direct links to the Gallery. These links still work, for now. There are also links to outside websites with TORCer and non-TORCer art.

13. The perfect sig pic

For the perfect sig pic, use the websearch, not within TORC, but for the entire web. Click on images and type in key words. If this is your first time looking for images, first click on Preferences, then select the filtering you are most comfortable with, or you will get an eyefull! If you see a photo you like, right click on it, and save to disk as a jpeg image. Doctor it up with an image editing program if you have one, and size it to be less than 3 inches tall, preferably smaller. For more info on making your sig pic, see Elfetawen's Signature Picture Upload Guide

14. The perfect screen name


15. Textified TORC

The Magical TORC Message Extracting Machine

This seems to be working again. Follow directions on its front page to digest a TORC thread into a text document.

16. The meaning of life

Haven't you figured that out yet? Neither have I!

Brought to you by laureanna & Didi
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Re: Search Lite - Version 4.0

Postby Didi » Mon Jan 03, 2005 4:32 pm

:oops: what's this? :oops:
Must have clicked enter when I was quoting :oops:
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Re: Search Lite - Version 4.0

Postby Didi » Mon Jan 03, 2005 4:32 pm

:oops: what's this? :oops:
Must have clicked enter when I was quoting :oops:
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Postby Spirit_of_the_Willow » Wed Jan 05, 2005 12:14 pm

Didi, they changed all the links back again. So rather than "viewtopic2" they are just "viewtopic" again. So all the links are wrong again. :D Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :angel:

You'll do a great job caring for this thread. :hug: You are the greatest! :thumbsup:
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Postby Didi » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:17 pm

Strange enough trying to edit the first post fails... I've been trying to post the new version for 20 minutes now, I'll try again tomorrow morning.
And don't worry about the bad news Willow, it's not difficult to change :)

EDIT: morning after, now it wörkd
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Postby The-Tennis-Ball-Kid » Fri Mar 04, 2005 8:15 am

Hi, Didi, :)

Just letting you know that the your links to the META Movie Forum should really be going to:

Right now they're pointing to the old thread.

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Postby Didi » Mon Mar 07, 2005 2:19 pm

Thanks for letting me know :) I don't really follow the movies forum :oops:
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Postby The-Tennis-Ball-Kid » Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:44 pm

Is a dead link....was that taken out by that hacker in March?

(not asking Didi in particular here, just anyone in the know)

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Postby Didi » Fri Jun 17, 2005 6:04 am

Well I did a TORC-search on that thread a minute ago, it gave a result but that ended in the same dead link, either they removed(/archived?) some old threads for webspace saving purposes or some evil monster has eaten it, yes... ^o)
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Postby laureanna » Sat Jun 18, 2005 10:33 pm

Yeah, the same hacker that ate my META Welcome thread. :(

By the way, I'm not RIP yet.
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Postby Didi » Sun Jun 19, 2005 3:57 am

Sorry I thought you were kicked off the site, and could never come back, sorry :P
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