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Guidelines for Fandom

Postby PLEASE READ! » Sat Sep 11, 2004 1:46 pm

Welcome to Tolkien Online Fandom! This forum was created just for you, the fan, to talk about all your favorite characters and actors; their lives, their habits and of course, how much you love them.

An explanation of how things are run, though, might improve your experience. The following are Tolkien Online's guidelines for this forum.

-All threads will be locked and restarted when they reach 300 posts.

-Only one swooning thread per actor/character combined is allowed at a time Swooning should be thought of as "I think Orlando Bloom is the Hottest guy EVER".

-One Did You Know/Fun and Interesting Facts thread per actor allowed at a time. Fun facts should be thought of as where they went to school, what their favorite foods are, etc. This is the place also to look for links to other sites that may contain pictures or fan clubs for the actors.

-One Poll thread at a time. (This thread will altnerate topic as the members see fit.) A little confusing, yes. It's quite simple though. We'll only allow one poll thread at a time, so only one place to talk about "whose your favorite, which is better, who is cuter, who would win in a fight". The subject of the poll can change but no new thread may be started except when the old one reaches 300 posts.

- Please do not combine Polls with Swooning threads.

-Silly/Parody swooning threads are permitted so long as they stay on topic.

-Birthday celebrations for the actors are permitted.

-Any thread that drifts off topic and becomes more chat than subject may be subject to lock or deletion.

-Please set your page views to 50 per page (from the default of 20) to help you find threads more easily. You can change this by going into My Settings and changing the options towards the bottom of the page.

New threads that don't necessarily fit in anywhere here will be examined on a case by case basis. For deep discussions about the movies, please see the Movies -Tolkien forum. For trivia games, try Tom's House. Chat threads can be found in Tom's and Talk. Trivia and chat threads that crop up here may be moved or deleted at the moderator's discretion.

We hope this new beginning will help keep our Fandom discussions on an even keel and prevent the forum from becoming overcrowded. We're sure you will all be happy to cooperate with the new guidelines as they're meant to make the forum the best place it can be.

Any inquiry, comment or suggestion should be directed to
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