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Postby Fair-folk » Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:28 pm

Hello. I am a sometimes lurker in fandom. :) I recognize some of the names from Books and Movies.
First, I will say to NazgulrUs that, even though I don't "know" you, I am sorry about what happened to your church building. I don't think it is out of place at all to share that, because it is something so terrible and important. I hope you are able to repair the building very quickly. :)
Mechthild and nienor*lalaith, I was interested in your discussions of Sean Astin's book. I have been trying to decide whether or not I should buy it or wait to see if our public library gets it. I have read most of the reviews listed on Amazon and it seems that many of them have the same reactions you both have had. I have copied excerpts from two of them and pasted them right below. I have a question, mostly about how this all relates to Elijah Wood and "Frodo". Here are the two quotes from two different reviews:

The final straw (well, there were a few) was the criticism of the 'Council of Elrond' scene and I quote "I hate that part of the scene, when I see Billy and Dom come scurrying out, stumbling and bumbling, like circus clowns, I just want to cringe" ,the final screening of 'Return of the King' which left Sean crushed and heartbroken because some of his best scenes had been left out, the belief that Peter Jackson used the wrong take during the part where Sam says 'I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you' and the terrible disappointment of not being nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar and not being Orlando Bloom either. I have soooo much more respect for Elijah Wood now, he had to put up with all this moping and whinging as well as everything else ..

As a lifetime fan of the LOTR trilogy (I'm 50 years old), I was particularly looking forward to his descriptions of the "Frodo and Sam" relationahip and what it was like to prepare for and film those sequences. I felt my hopes rise again, when he started discussing the emotionally charged film sequence leading to the famous line, "I can't carry it, but I can carry you!" Instead of sharing some real insight into preparing for and filming the sequence with Elijah Wood, Mr Astin only talks about his own great performance and how he and Elijah high-fived after "nailing the performance." He also doesn't say a word about how the director would prepare the cast for filming, other than to make vague statements indicting that the preparations during two months prior to principal filming were extensive, and that this particular scene involved a lot of takes. Mr Astin showed not one whit of awareness for the other actor involved in working that scene with him (Typical of how he recounts all of the LOTR acting experience)

The part that interested me in these two reviews, I have put into bold print. I loved Elijah's performance of Frodo and Sean Astin's Sam, too. I have tried not to listen too much to what people say about Sean (talking too much on the DVDs, and so on), because it is hard to tell from that little bit exactly why he talks so much. Maybe the DVD production team liked what he said better and that's why they put his comments in and not the others. But anyway, about the parts I put into bold. Since both of you have read his book, I was wondering if there are some examples of comments he made about Elijah's acting or if he quotes comments from P. Jackson or others about EW's acting?

Also, Mechtild, when you made the comparison between Sean and Frodo in your really nice supermarket analogy, I was wondering what you have read about Elijah that makes you see him as a person who is not as uptight, (here's an excerpt from your second post: in the midst of it all, he is nagged by the sight of his co-star. His co-star doesn’t have a cart at all, only one of those little hand-baskets; just taking what he thinks he actually needs; reading the labels, perhaps changing his mind, putting this or that back, getting the smaller size; just strolling along -- and beating them all to the check-out stand, without rushing or grabbing at all. Were there anecdotes in Sean's books that led to this conclusion about Elijah, or is this an impression you get from interviews or what others say about him? I'm especially interested in the " what others say about him" part. :)

Most of the EW interivews I've read have been repeats of the same kinds of comments on the DVD extras, mostly he discusses the family atmosphere of the shoot and so on. I haven't read much which reveals Elijah's philosophy of life or his ambitions. It seems Sean has exposed his innermost self to the world with his book. I haven't heard that any of the other actors on the LOTR films have done that.

Thanks for answering questions for a stranger! Frodo's character was one of the best things about these films, to me, and also his friendship with Sam. I had my doubts about Elijah playing him when I first found out about it, but I was won over in the first few scenes of the Shire. :)
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Postby Texas-hobbit » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:43 pm

Naz! I’ve been gone for several days and have just read of your bad news. :( I’m so sorry about the fire! Was it a complete loss or is some of it salvageable? Was it an older, historic building? Even though the church is actually the people who gather there, I know it must be traumatic to have this happen. Keep us posted. :grouphug:

mech, nienor and Fairfolk, your discussion about Sean’s book is piquing my interest. (Welcome, to Frodoland, Fairfolk! J I’ve seen you about!) I must search out this book soon! It will be interesting to see if Sean is given such a free reign in the commentaries this year. There has certainly been enough negative reaction on these boards and probably others as well, to his dominance in the commentaries, it makes me wonder if he’ll tone it down. Would he even be aware of the reaction many of the fans have had, though? I do hope we’ll hear from some of the actors who didn’t say much before. In addition to more Elijah, I’d like to hear from Sean Bean, David Wenham, Miranda Otto, Karl Urban, to name a few. It’s unlikely to happen, though. I imagine it’s hard to find time to actually sit and talk through the whole film. More so for the older, family actors than the younger ones, I expect. Although Sean Astin seems to make time for it.

As for Ian McKellen never winning Best Supporting Actor, that was a shame. He was perfection.

Oh, mech, I agree totally. I was so disappointed when he didn’t win that first year, but at the time, I rationalized it by thinking “they” were going to wait until the 3rd film was out and reward him then. I think it was a travesty he wasn’t even nominated again. I know he was featured less in the last 2 films. But his performance, like Elijah’s, carried well over the long haul. There are so many Gandalf moments which make the heart just sing. I can’t imagine what the SAG voters were thinking. [Oh, and your “rub this velvet over your nine tattoo” comment. Lawd have mercy, girl! :D]

Wendy, it’s nice to hear the “testimonials” of fans who have met Elijah. I like to think of him as a nice, genuine person. He certainly gives that impression. I know if I were in his situation, I’d go stark raving mad. (Oh, wait, I’m already mad! ) Anyway, it can’t be easy to stay positive and gracious when so many people are fawning over you (or asking you to polish yourself with pieces of velvety fabric or forcing you to sit on their laps. :P ) I do hope he can retain his sanity and when he wishes it, some sense of privacy.

Ah, Eresh your “passing of the Elves” shot is to die for. Sigh.

Maewyn and Naz, there are two “Frodos” in my town. One waits tables at a restaurant I frequent. He’s even hobbit-sized. Well, at least he’s fairly short and slight, like Lij and Billy and while his eyes are blue, they’re not that startling ice blue our boy has. His haircut is the same Lij often wears, choppy, spikey and standing straight up. The only aspect that isn’t quite right is he looks fairly glum most of the time. I prefer sunny, riding in the cart Frodo, at least if he’s going to be taking my order and bringing me breadsticks.

The second sold me a DVD at Circuit City. He is lovely, with hair a lighter brown than EW’s, but with much of the face structure and large blue eyes. I’ve only seen him twice, but must go back for some window shopping. I know he felt me staring at him and I’ve wondered if anyone has told him he “looks like that Frodo dude”. I didn’t want to say anything.

Pfaz, thanks so much for the EE links. I especially loved the Boromir/Faramir one. Do you know the context for that shot? Will Boromir be shown in a flashback? That would thrill me, if it’s true. I can’t get enough of Boromir! I’ve told you this elsewhere, but the Faramir shot in your sig is gorgeous. Those scenes will be wonderful, I am sure!

Lembas! The sword in your sig! :rofl: You have linked some really nice shots for us. I love the Frodo Talks to Gandy one. The cart ride gave us some really sweet Frodo shots, didn’t it? I like the innocence in the eyes. And your earlier sig, the Choir Boy one, made me laugh so much when you used it earlier this fall. That’s one of your best! :D

My eyes are drooping, so I won't proofread this post. It's nice to be back here, even if it is only to make one post. See ya'll this weekend, I hope!
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