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Postby PrincessOfIthilien » Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:42 am

lhaewin wrote:
PrincessOfIthilien wrote::shock: :shock: :shock:

Fazguls - I am in shock!!

A week or so ago, on impulse, I emailed the contact addy. on the Shane Maloney site to say how much I enjoyed Stiff and TBO. And this morning I had a PERSONAL reply. Not particularly good news....but hopefully not terminally bad.

This is what the email said: (and he uses my christian name in his greeting too! :D )

thanks for the mail. it is now definite that 7 won't be continuing with the murray series despite excellent ratings and having David Wenham signed up for more. other avenues are being explored.
The long-neglected website has been slightly updated, a bit, since your visit.
shane maloney

I have emailed back to ask if we can petition/complain/plea.

So Team Wenham - prepare! We ride for Channel 7 - and war........

(I'm still in shock)

That´s cool that he replied personally!

PoI, you can count me in to do this quest - thing - campaign! :horse:

Murray is one of the cutest guys I´ve ever seen! And how stupid are they, not to film another sequel despite good ratings and a willing main character.

SWOOOOOOON for Murray Whelan!

quest - thing...... :rofl:

OK, so that's you, PFaz and me so far. Any more?
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