The "Gone Troppo" Frodo/Elijah Swoon Thread

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Postby mechtild » Sat Apr 09, 2005 9:11 pm

Thanks, MithLuin. :) March 19 is a long time ago! I sent her an email, just in case. She's usually such a faithful body when it comes to dropping by and writing juicy big funny thoughtful posts.

Now, since no one else has done so, I am going to start the new thread. As soon as I do, I will come back and edit a link into this text box, OK???

I'll be back! :grouphug:

OK! Here's the link to....

The "Kevin-is-not-swoonable-but-ELIJAH/FRODO-is" Swoon Thread: ... 97#3132897

Ta da!!!! The name is from nienor. Thanks to nienor!

~ Mechtild
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