Is it possible for a future Middle earth movie?

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Is it possible for a future Middle earth movie?

Postby legolas_lover0027 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:53 pm

I'm quite sure that I am not the only fan of these books and movies that has seen the potential for future movies. A possible movie idea of the love story behind Gandalf and the Queen of the elves. The full story of the war with Salron before he was a dark spirit, the nine before they were his followers, the Took ancestor of Bilbo that fought in the great war and the other two wizards who were briefly mentioned in the Hobbit movies. There is such potential to tie up the Middle Earth movies and answer questions that have been left unanswered. I have always loved the books and adored the epic movies as well. I would be one of the first people who would see this come to fruition.
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