More Free Stuff! - Pick up a copy of the new one-volume edition!

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More Free Stuff! - Pick up a copy of the new one-volume edit

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 15, 1999 2:00 am

Gladly, the first phase of our Art Gallery is complete, with a total of 425 searchable images available for your perusal.</p><p>Now, we want to kick off our big push into fan art! And to give you a little incentive, we'll be giving away 3 copies of the beautiful, newly published one volume edition of Lord of the Rings from Houghton-Mifflin publishers--so what are you waiting for? One book will be given away every 3 weeks. If you have already sent something in as of today, don't worry; you won't have to re-enter at all. </p><p>We'll be creating a robust fan-art area, and featuring your artwork on the front page as soon as we receive your submissions. Of course, you can submit any sorts of art you'd like--paintings, carvings, videos, Flash presentations, whatever!</p><p>And, just so you know and to keep your heart is at ease, the winning submissions will be judged by a panel of true Tolkien fans.</p>

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