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Postby Guest » Mon Jun 11, 2001 12:00 am

<i>In its "Coming Soon" feature, <a HREF="" TARGET="new"></a> takes a look at the film trilogy. Here is an excerpt:</i><P><BR>Peter Jackson took quite a challenge when he began production of <i>The Lord Of The Rings</i> films. But with an open attitude, a strong cast that includes <A HREF="">Ian McKellen</A> and <A HREF="">Cate Blanchett</A>, and ideal locations in his native New Zealand, things are looking promising for Fellowship Of The Ring and its sequels <BR> <BR>There are good reasons to make a film version of J.R.R. Tolkien's <i>The Lord Of The Rings</i>. The book is a perennial bestseller, voted the 20th Century's best in both Waterstone's and polls. Its fanbase set records by downloading the first trailer for the opening part of the trilogy (<i>The Fellowship Of The Ring</i> - due in December) 1.7 million times the day it appeared on the net. And Ralph Bakshi's 1978 adaptation is largely forgotten. <P>There are also good reasons <b>not</b> make a film version. Bestselling books with dense mythologies have an unhappy cinematic history: think <i>Dune</i>, or worse still, <i>Battlefield Earth</i>. <P>Disney held the rights to Tolkien's tome in the late 50s; Stanley Kubrick and John Boorman were both unsuccessful in their attempts to adapt it. Even Bakshi's effective animated version was left open-ended, comprising narrative taken from only the first two parts of Tolkien's trilogy. <P>It is telling the most popular movie fantasy, <i>Star Wars</i>, was conceived for the screen. <P>It was decided that <i>The Lord Of The Rings</i> would need to be three films, conforming (more or less) to the three volumes of the book: <i>Fellowship Of The Rings, The Two Towers</i> - planned for Christmas 2002 and <i>The Return Of The King</i> - Christmas 2003. <P>No wonder Miramax, having developed the project with director Peter Jackson, passed on the film. <P><BR><i>Please click on the link below to read the entire article.</I>

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