Cover of New Tolkien Book, The Children of Hurin, Revealed

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Cover of New Tolkien Book, The Children of Hurin, Revealed

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 13, 2006 9:00 am

<p>The Dutch have been the first to reveal the cover of the new Tolkien book, The Children of Hurin (<a href="" target="_blank">found here</a>). The cover is by Alan Lee, who also painted the illustrations found within the book (Alan Lee was also one of the conceptual artists for the <em>Lord of the Rings</em> films... for more information on <em>The Children of Hurin</em>, <a href="../articles/19956,1.html">click here</a>.)</p><p>I, for one, am very pleased by the choice! I've always enjoyed Alan Lee's subtle-but-powerful style.</p><p><strong><a href="" target="_top">Click here to Order your copy of  The Children of Hurin</a></strong>
</p><p><span class="articleThumb floatcenter"><a href="javascript:openGalleryItemWindow('',740,560,9204);"><img src=""></a><span class="articleThumbCaption">Children of Hurin Cover (Dutch)</span></span></p><p> </p><strong><a href="" target="_top"></a></strong><p> </p>

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