Civility in posting: a friendly reminder of our TOS

The Hobbit is in production as 3 separate films, and will be released 1 year apart, with the first due December 2012. Head in to discuss your thoughts and reactions, and post any questions you might have about these films.

Civility in posting: a friendly reminder of our TOS

Postby ElvenArcher » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:22 pm

It's time for a friendly reminder:

Differences of opinion are both permitted and valued on TORC, but remember in debate to attack the argument, not the poster. One ought to be able to post here without having one's motives or sanity questioned (although a case could be made that the sanity of anyone who posts and debates on this site is in question, especially when we begin discussion of matters like Balrog Wings or the correct Dwarven beard length).

Please debate and discuss! Go at it! But avoid personal attack in any way. Attacks on the argument are fine; please argue with a reasonable level of civility.

Our Terms of Service might be summed up as: Debate civilly, and don't post in a manner that is not fitting for a board honoring Tolkien. If you begin speaking about negative personal qualities of another poster, real or imagined, you've crossed a line (good natured barbs between friends are another matter).
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