The Hobbit Costumes

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The Hobbit Costumes

Postby MrsSmeagol » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:36 pm

As a keen sewing person, I've just started to make a version of Bilbo's dressing gown, for a yule present for one of my sons who is an Art student, sometimes Cos Player and fan of Tolkien but not so much a fan of the films. Like many people, he liked the first film in the Hobbit trilogy better than the other two.

It's one aspect of the movies I can feel positive about; the costumes. Not trying to make a perfect replica of the dressing gown - impossible, even f I wanted to - but something that approximates in overall colours and mood etc, to the dressing gown in the film. It's a surprise present for my son - he said he loved it and wished he had one the same and I am broke this year so having to make rather than buy presents.

And however bad I feel about The Hobbit films (so wanted them to be wonderful - think the casting was good, but the scripts not upto parr, etc etc) - one thing I do think that has got better from LOTR to The Hobbit films: the costumes. Particularly The Shire hobbit costumes. They are like a fantasy take on 18thC England. Which they sort of were in LOTR but somehow in The Hobbit, they are better. This different designer has really nailed it, I think.

I was scouring online for references to how she went about the dressing gown - not found much - but I have read a bit about the movies' costuming generally. Apparently, techniques used in LOTR wouldn't stand up to scrutiny of the frames per minute and 3D technology.

Just wondering what others think of the costumes and which one you'd make/wear if you could? Also be great to hear if anyone has made any costume reverse engineered from any of the 6 films? If so what and how did you get on?

Also, I read a blog where someone said the dressing gown (patchwork creation) is an example of "poor world building". I think it is the opposite - and couldn't disagree more. Usually the devil is in the details and the costuming and overall design is one thing PJ does get right. Anyone else have interesting thoughts re world building and costume?
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