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Postby thandur » Sat Jun 30, 2007 7:24 am

hey wats the diffrence between the severs??
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Postby jaix » Sun Jul 01, 2007 5:56 am

Hello Thandur. There isn't much difference between servers except for aesthetics. Brandywine is one of the more popular servers, so expect a wait time regularly when logging in. However, you can also expect to find a larger probability of finding people to fellowship with on quests. I've heard complaints about the maturity level of some players, but if you play after 2:00pm you're probably going to encounter that on any of the servers. Elendilmir is the unofficial Oceanic server. That is to say, those from Australia and any of the other Pacific islands who wanted their play-time to be congruent with the entire community are found there. A lot of people tend to go to Meneldor, and then complain how hard it is to find people to quest with. They don't realize that Meneldor is actually the unofficial PvP server :). So most people are either: A. Power-leveling to 50 or B. Leveling to 10 and Monster-Playing. Gladden is the unofficial Unofficial server. I had no idea what that meant when it was posted, but when I logged on, I saw that people were a lot less inclined to make their character name (or their kinship name for that matter) lore-compatible. Take that how you will. Windfola is another of the servers I would avoid unless you're extremely patient. It's known for it's rather "out there" OOC chat room (which led to it being voted as the unofficial unofficial server for annoying chat). Then there's Landroval *trumpets play*. My home server (and that of the Servants of the Secret Fire :)), and the unofficial RP server. You'll find a lot more people with lore-compatible names (the occasional KillerElf still leaks through), and a lot of role-playing at the inns and other random places. OOC chat can get very Windfola at times, but that happens on every server at some point and time. After those there's Vilya, Silverlode, Nimrodel, Firefoot, and Arkenstone. I don't know much about these, but you might find out how people feel about them on the community boards in their particular sections.

I also forgot to mention Roheryn, the public test server. You get auto-leveled to 30, and get to see content that's going live a couple of weeks (or month, I'm not sure) before the actual servers do. The community was small, but nice when I played there for a bit, but there's just something not quite fulfilling about leveling up to 30 in 1 second and beating the snot out of everything. There's another test server called Isengard *angelic chorus*, but it's invite-only, and they test stuff beta-style. That's about all I know on them.

Hope that helps you out, and hope to see you in-game! :)
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Postby Old_Tom_Bombadil » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:27 pm

An interesting note about Landroval and its status as "The Unofficial Role-play Server" is that many folks go to these servers, not because they role-play, but because role-play servers have a reputation as being more mature, i.e., people are more-or-less better behaved. I cannot say whether that is true or not, but I do see a great many of character and kinship names that are not even remotely related to Tolkien.

If one wants to RP the most common spot for that is the Prancing Pony in Bree. There are a few kinships that RP pretty heavily, but for the most part people do not RP, and it seems to me less so as time goes on. I do recommend staying in-character when speaking in /say, and most people seem to follow this unwritten rule.

On a side note: thandur, it is preferred that a thread have an actual subject name relating to the content. I also suggest visiting the official LOTRO messageboard where you'll likely find all the information you could ever hope for. :)
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