The Official Quenya Translation Thread II

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Re: The Official Quenya Translation Thread II

Postby Gladhaniel » Sun May 31, 2020 6:55 am


Welcome back! :)

Here's my take on the phrase your friend likes:

Óripantienen, astarenen/voronwenen* ar melmenen, i enda/órë* olë ve i fëa: oialëa/oira*
With honesty, loyalty* and love, the heart* becomes as the soul: eternal*

As poined out by [HKF], the attested example Namna Finwë Míriello shows that "sometimes, only the last item on a list receives case endings that actually apply to all the nouns that are listed." I therefore believe the following would also be correct without the meaning being changed:

Óripantië, astar/voronwë ar melmenen, i enda/órë olë ve i fëa: oialëa/oira

óripanta: sincere, honest, open, (lit.) open-hearted (fan-made word) + abstract noun ending -ië = óripantië sincerity, honesty
astar: faith, loyalty
voronwë: steadfastness, loyalty, faithfulness
melmë: love
enda center, heart (refers to the soul or mind)
órë: heart (inner mind), premonition, "nearest equivalent of 'heart' in our application to feelings, or emotions (courage, fear, hope, pity, etc.)" {VT41:13}
fëa: (indwelling or incarnate) spirit, soul, incarnate spirit
oialëa: eternal
oira: eternal
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