Another Translation - Hobbit Thror's Map Runes

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Another Translation - Hobbit Thror's Map Runes

Postby eorevad » Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:05 pm


Apologies for another translate thread.

I've tried to translate the phrase 'the road goes ever on and on' using the runes found on Thror's Map. I'm pretty sure I've got it...


Points to note:
- I'm using the runic script as described by Tolkien in the Hobbit's introduction, which he provides as a guide to translate Thror's map, so I am aware they are not Cirth or straight Norwegian runes

- Yes, I know that there is a slight difference in this quote between the Hobbit and LOTR! (Roads vs The Road)

I'd be grateful for anyone to confirm I've got it right,


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