Guidelines for the Books (Tolkien) Forum.

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Guidelines for the Books (Tolkien) Forum.

Postby PLEASE READ! » Sat Sep 11, 2004 12:58 pm

Welcome to the Books (Tolkien) Forum! You have entered a realm inhabited by some of the sagest and learned Tolkien scholars to be found anywhere in the world. This board is intended for those who like to discuss, debate, question, and occasionally pontificate about the many enduring and endearing themes and details about J.R.R. Tolkien's magnificent tomes of literature. In order to obtain the most benefits from this forum, please take the time to familiarize yourself with these simple guidelines.

    The Search Function is Your Friend.
    Take the time to learn as much about your questions as you can before starting a new thread. The administrators of this site have provided us with a nifty search engine that reaches back into the dawn of this website's creation. Most 'common' questions can be answered that way, which will provide you with the knowledge to enter into discussions on the more esoteric and obscure aspects of the legendarium (one of our favorite pastimes). Here is the link to the search function.

      UPDATE - There is also now a thread maintained by Scirocco called The Big List of the Best Threads. It's a superb repository of information on a myriad of different topics relating to the legendarium.

    Keep Your Titles Relevant.
    PLEASE don't title your thread with 'I Have a Question!'. Instead, use something to the effect of, 'What Color was Legolas' Hair?' Make sure there are key words in your titles, so that people who are interested in the topic are more likely to open it.

    Avoid Acronyms and Netspeak.
    Please take the time to spell out exactly what you intend to say. Not everyone speaks, reads and writes English as their primary language, and you can't assume that your audience will know that HoME means 'Histories of Middle Earth' (unless it's already been addressed earlier in the thread). In addition, since this is a site devoted to a writer, linguist, and philologist, we do our best to emulate his style. Substituting 'u' for 'you', 'anyone' for 'anyone', '2' for 'too', etc., is highly discouraged and considered poor manners. Be proud of what you write!

    TORC is Not Your Personal Cliffs Notes!
    It's one thing to get opinions from your fellow members when doing a paper for your school. It's another to shuffle off your homework on others because you're too lazy to do your own research. ;) Do as much of the work as you can on your own, and use this forum if needed to fine tune the paper. Threads that are started as a blatant excuse to cheat have the potential to be locked or deleted.

    This Forum is for Discussions on the Books.
    While on occasion it's appropriate and even desirable to start threads that compare or contrast the books and films, please keep your discussions about the movies to The Movies (Lord of the Rings) Forum.

    Trivia Has its Place...To a Point.
    There are already many current and long-running trivia/game threads in this forum. Please feel free to enter into those threads with all the gusto you can muster instead of creating yet-another-trivia-thread. :) In addition, just about every 'best of', 'most evil', 'favorite place', etc., thread that can be asked, has been asked. Use the search function to find out about and participate in such discussions as, 'Who Was the Greatest Warrior?', instead of starting a new (and guaranteed redundant) thread.

    Most importantly:

    Be Courteous, and be Patient.
    Time has its own meaning here in the Books Forum. You may not get an answer immediately to a question you pose. Allow plenty of time for people from all corners of the globe to read and reply to your thread.

    You will find that there are many aspects of Tolkien's works in which there is no clear consensus or 'right' answer. That's perhaps one of the qualities of these stories that give them such broad appeal. And that's how it should be! There will come a time where someone will disagree with your assessment or opinion. And they have that right. Please respect other's opinions as we hope they will respect yours.


Much thanks to wilko185, Carnmiriel, Rómestámo, aninkling, Tolkienlover, Armenelos, Earnil, Novice, Bobthebuilder, and Ethel for their invaluable contributions.
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