The Final War

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The Final War

Postby Eriugeaf » Wed Apr 27, 2005 12:01 am


Long ago, before writen records were kept, A woman came to a land, she was half elf and half human, her name was Mae. She chirstened the land after herself, and there, she bore six children. Her children grew up well, all different and great in their own ways.

The eldest of these and most powerful was Terramagus. He grew up and devoted his life to harnessing the power that he was born with. His magic kept the lands hidden from the evil forces beneath. His body stayed the same, but his eyes changed. They twinkled with many colours not normal for humans or elves. It was s sign of his power.

The second eldest and smartest of the six was Luingaer. He loved the ocean, he would spend his days there, and learnt to talk to the fish and animals of the ocean. He developed the ability to swim far and breathe under water. His elfish form was abandoned for one with gills and webbed toes and fingers. He could still roam the land, but his best environment was that of the ocean.

One of the twins in the six was Lydian. Se was born human, and stayed that way. She loved water, but detested the beaches that Luingaer loved so much. Se hated the animals of the ocean, and would not venture near the sea. She lived instead near the rivers, and formed her home in a land where dozens of rivers crossed each other, and lakes formed. She would not swim in them, and she would not talk to the animals in the waters, but she learnt to catch the fish with ease, and to make boats.

The other twin, Scordia, detested water. She hated it with a passion. She grew far apart from her siblings and enclosed herself in a land that stretched for miles. The sand blew and the sun scorched. She enjoyed having the sun and the soaring heat to comfort her, and to hide her away from the ocean. She learned to survive in the harsh weather, to shade herself and cool herself down when the need arose. She learned to find food and nessesary water when she needed. Her human features changed, her skin darkened from the sun, her hair scorched and fell out leaving her bald.

Taudor, the bravest and strongest of the family could not stand the heat, and liked cool climates better. He liked shade and calmness. He went off and hid away in a forest. The forest grew and flourished with his help. He hunted with suberb ability, and learnt all of the herbs and plants and all their properties. His skin lightened and became easily burnt. His eyes could see in the dark, and the elvish speed and grace helped him survive.

The youngest of the siblings, Gabaldia, was the most peacful of them all. She loved to be alone, and was shy. This human liked secluded places and quite. She tried to be near the ocean and Luingaer, but the waves and animals made to much sound. She left, leaving her brother dissapointed. He loved his youngest sister, and when she did not like his home, he was heartbroken. She went to live with Terramagus, but the magic in the air made her feel ill, and the constant magical noises disturbed her. She left, insulting the brother who loved her and his home. She moved in with Taudor who loved her. Together they lived in the silent dark forest. She liked it with her brother, but she could not bring herself to eat the animals her brother hunted, and the plants made her sick. She left the forests also, and her brother stayed behind, hurt that she did not like it with him. Scordia heard this and invited her little sister to stay with her. Gabaldia ventured to the desert, but could not stand the heat. Her skin burnt, not accustomed to the light. She left her sister and the desert, making her sister shed tears. Lydian was the last sibling with which she could stay with. But soon after arriving, Gabaldia left. The rivers constant noise was too much for her.

In the end, she had roamed the whole land and had found no where to live. She went back to her mother to ask for advice. Mae Told her youngest daughter to look inside her, that she would see where she wanted to live. Galbadia left the land of Mae and ventured the lands far and wide. Her siblings grew to hate their youngest sister, the one who sneered and turned down their homes and then left them. When Galbadia returned she was a very different person. She was very proud, and very competitve and like to be the best. When she arrived, all the other siblings stayed away from her, and would not let her live with them. She was forced to live in the mountains, secluded and alone like she had wanted. The whole family was torn. No one liked Gabaldia, and she disliked them all for her exile. They all turned to their mother to solve this fight. One day, they all arrived at the centre of the land, Mae's house. All the siblings argued, all of them hated poor Gabaldia, and she hated them all. The brave Taudor announced that Gabaldia had inulted him by leaving and saying his home in the forest was not better than all the others, when it clearly was! Each of the siblings heard this, and argued, saying their homes was better than all the others. They turned on each other and fought. Mae calmed her children and urged them to leave behind their diffrences, but neither of them could. They all went thier seperate ways and never saw each other.

The day came when Mae died, and the children all gathered in the centre of the land to bury their mother. They all cired and an agreement was made, that even though they could not make up with each other, they would never hurt each other. The land would be divided, and the borders would not be passed. The first map was drawn of the lands, but when the time came to divide it, the children met a problem. The land could not be easily divided equally. They argued, and Terramagus said that the eldest should get the best land. The others were offended, and said they should get the best land, or the most land. The borders were drawn, each person picked a spot they wanted and the land around that spot was divided until each had a piece of land.

The six children went their seperate ways, until Mae was led through a hard pahse, the crops failed and the animals died. Each tribe blamed the magic of Terramagus. They held a meeting, and confronted the mage. He denied that he did anything, that his crops too were failing. The only one who was not affected badly by this was Gabaldia. It was her fault. They all turned on her, but she claimed it was Lydian faults. No one took the blame for the decline in Mae, and passed the blame onto another. Soon, they were all angry with each other. They each vowed war, and the fights began.

Many years past, and the Six children took partners and friends from outside the land to be with them and formed the Six tribes of Mae. Each tribe was named after the founding sibling, and their qualities were passed down. The tribes hated each other, as their founders did. The fight continued until even the people forgot why they fought.

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Postby Eriugeaf » Thu Apr 28, 2005 3:28 am

She stared at the walls, her magic tingling inside her. Her purple and white hair streamed around her face in flying ringlets, even though no wind passed through the house. She stared down at her sturdy purple boots. She noticed they were dirty, and so were her white stockings. She wanted to turn and look at her surroundings, but could not make her body obey.

She continued to fiddle with a lose thread on her purple tunic, then she heard it, a low growl. It came from ddep beneath the floor. Her hold was broken, Caydean finally was abe to hold up her head and look at her surroundings. She was in a delapidated house, the walls were falling, the logs making them falling out of place and moss formed in every nook. The windows let in no light, they were covered by rock and moss. The air was very dense, and no drafts let new air flow in. If she did not find a way out she would suffocate.

She began to search around. She lifted a foot of the cracked stone floor and walked to the table in the centre of the room. It was wooden covered in layers of dust so dense, that even blowing on it only removed a small layer of it.

The only thing on that table was a ball, made entirely of crystal. Caydean looked into the swirling depths of the ball and felt a power radiating from it. She didn't know everything about magic, but she did know that this was a seer's tool. At first, the reflective surface showed Caydean her exagerated features, her high cheekbones, her fair skin, her purple eyes, then it changed. The swrils within the ball changed, they began to move and shined with colour Caydean had never even seen.

A sound rang through whole room, through Caydean's very body! It sounded like a bell chime, great and powerfull, yet graceful and tranquil. The chime changed to form words, almost sung by a beautiful voice.

"Caydean! You must stop this peril from being unleashed! Help me, help your land and your people. Most importanty, save the future. End this war, or he will rise! It shall be the final war, one way or another. Please do not let my struggles be meaningless! Save me, save everyone!"

The voice ended in one penetrating note, so high and pure, Caydean's body quivered with awe. The note faded, until all she could hear was a dull humming. It grew, until it filled her very fibre, just like the voice had. This, however, was much different. It was evil, pure evil. A roar sounded and Caydean Fainted.

She gasped, waking. She was in her bed, her white and purple hair falling over face. Her lose nightgown was sticking to her, the cold sweat dripping down her back. It was all a dream! But it had seemed so real! Caydean looked down at her hands and rubbed them on her sheets. They were covered in a layer of dust.

The note sounded in her head, and the voice began again, "Caydean! Find the others, reach the centre. Save us all!" Before Caydean fainted again and feel back to sleep.

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Postby Arenial » Fri May 06, 2005 8:46 am

She was running. From what, she knew not, save that it was evil and that it wanted her. She ran faster, her feet flying down the dark, winding, path, adrenalin pumping through her veins, until, up ahead, she could see a white light. It was terribly bright, encompasing everything so there was no darkness. She ran towards it, hoping that whatever was chasing her would give up. Closer and closer she came, and she had to raise her arm to sheild her eyes from the light. Still she ran, blindly now, with only tentative steps to guide her. At last, passing through the light, she was safe. The evil that was chasing her would not pass through it.

She came to a stop in front of a house, a small, log, cabin to be precise, breathing deeply. Curiously, she walked up to the door and knocked softly. No answer. She knocked once more, but still, no one answered. Allowing her curiosity to get the better of her, she tried the door knob and, much to her surprise, found that it was unlocked. She cautiously peered inside, and, when she found no one was there, walked quietly inside to view the cabin more fully. It was only one room, with a stove in the opposite right corner and a table with a few chairs settled around it. Behind the table, and next to the stove, there was a cupboard, which stood empty. There was also a cot on the wall adjacent to it.

"Odd," she thought, and walked fully into the cabin, closing the door firmly behind her. She walked to the centre of the room.

Help me, came a soft, airy voice from somewhere in the room. The girl whirled around, expecting to see someone behind her. There was no body.

Help me. There it was again.

"Hello?" she asked timidly, "Who.... who's there?"

Kevari. This time, it spoke her name, causing the girl to jump slightly.

"You.. you know me?"

Yes, and you must help me, Kevari. You are the only one who can. They will listen not to me, you will. Find the others and save me, save your world. I am counting on you.

"They? Who is they? And the others? What others? I'm afraid I do not understand."

Find them.

And the voice vanished, leaving Kevari incredibly confused. She headed for the door, wanting to leave this place, when a loud crash interrupted her intensions. A large shadow blocked the window and the door, enveloping the cabin. The evil. It was coming for her! Kevari screamed and fell to the floor, covering her head with her arms. Another crash sounded, and glass from the window fell about her. It was coming.


Kevari screamed and sat up, awaking in a cold sweat. Her eyes darted around her room, and then, recognizing the things that had been with her for years, she calmed down, proclaiming to herself that it was just a dream, nothing more. A strange one at that, but a dream nonetheless. And so, she lay back down, pulling her blankets up about her shoulders, and went back to sleep.
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Postby Tathiel_JadesFire » Thu May 12, 2005 9:06 am

A younger Jade sat amongst her family. Her mother and father sitting together on a couch while her and her two brothers sat on the ground. Laughter and smiles, tenderness and caring were filling the room as conversation flew. Suddenly the daylight changed into night and an evil presence surrounded the house on the water. The scene blurred for a second only to be replaced with one of death, young Jade was shoved into a closet and when she tried to get out a heavy force was obstructing her way. Bloodcurling screams were heard and finally after what seemed an eternity the shouting stoped, everything grew quite. Young Jade pushed against the closet door again only to topple through and see the members of her family slain all around her. Blood everywhere, young Jade's eye filled up with tears of sorrow, anger, hate, and confusion. Her little body couldn't take the emotion and collapsed on the floor next to her brothers. A whirl wind came and changed the scene yet again, Jade now her present age was standing outside of a house. As if her body had a will of its own, it opened the front door and walked inside. A orb of light was floating in the center room and as Jade walked towards it, the orb spoke.

"Jade, come seek out this house and the five others. You must give of yourself and fight alongside of them, cast away difference and come together as one. Hurry time is wasting."

Jade woke with a start. Sweat droplets formed on her brow and she swept them away with her hands. She rubbed her eyes and looked around her. She was still on the beach underneath the tree where she had camped for the night, the ocean breeze cooling off her warm skin. 'It was just a dream, just a dream nothing more.' she thought but deep in the dark receses of her mind she knew it was more than that. Closing her eyes once more she let the sweet breeze and calm noise of the ocean apon the shore lull her to sleep's gental embrace.
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Postby tragicblue » Thu May 12, 2005 9:57 am

Screams. Such terrified screams tearing away at the darkness, ringing, earsplitting. Fire. Fire burned, but did not light the dark abyss, it crackled and hissed at those who came near, wood whined and crumbled under it’s singing touch. Blood. Such a foul stench, like a heavy rain that made one want to wretch because it was so thick.

Flashes then erupted and he saw it. The images of his dreams that flashed by in quick glimpse. There were images of mutilated people, men, women, and children. Towns aflame their embers spreading far and wide as a warning. Then the most haunting image of all. It lingered the longest in his mind. Sitting a top a temple was himself, covered in blood smiling like a mad man, blood soaked locks of hair spilling into his face, those green eyes burning out from under long lashes. It was definitely him, but younger.

Then he fell from the roof and he was inside his body yet again, not observing as before. He was falling into a dark space, arms wrapped about him in a embrace, his long hair danced about him licking at his face, the blood gone now from it‘s dark strands. Tears. He cried, for what he did not know, the overwhelming feeling of wanting to be forgiven encompassing his being as he was set softly upon dusted wood floors.

Looking up he stood, arms still wrapped about his slender self. The room was vacant, so void, just a single rose growing in the center of house. Wood creaked under his feet as he dropped down to his knees to examine the flower, it’s soft petals were the whitest colour he’s ever seen, the green of the leaves rivaling his own bright eyes. It was so fragile looking he dare not pick it for it would shrivel up and die in his hands. He gazed for what seemed like hours as he hugged himself still, he wasn’t cold, just afraid, afraid of what was inside himself. So afraid of what devilry he could achieve if he remembered.

A sharp piercing cry came from outside of this house in which he sat, it was so malice filled he could have screamed, but rather settled for clutching his hands over his ears as the cry persisted. Finally the cry subsided enough for him to look up and peer around. He suddenly felt very suffocated, heat engulfing him making his pale skin perspire, the walls suddenly lit aflame. Smoke swallowed him in it’s overpowering clouds, he coughed, the heat singing his throat, but his only worry now was the flower. That beautiful flower which was before him.

Fire crept along the floors like seeking tendrils that wished to destroy the exquisiteness of this flower. Thousands of thoughts swam about his head, either he escape or find means of saving this flower as well. Fire began to lick at his clothes, burning them away, the heat made him cry, but he did not move he instead clawed at the wood in which the flower was growing, finally he dislodged it and stood, his skin burned, but he held the flower up, he just wanted that beauty to live on for others to see.

Everything stopped suddenly, the fire extinguished and he was left standing there in the middle of the charred room a voice sounded from the flower in which he cradled in his aching hands, soothing ailing body while caressing the blacked walls as well.

“You’re so unsure of your integrity young one, but yet you give yourself for the better good. Help me, help this earth that so many hail war on. Most importantly, save the future. End this hate and blood shed or he will rise and cause Havoc greater than this land has seen! It shall be the final war, one way or another. Please, Laetriel, Save me, save everyone, save the beauty you’d sacrifice yourself for. Find the others, find them and as a group you must find me, save me. Undivided is the only way to end this.”

The voice then was gone and the fire returned, engulfing himself as the small flower was held in his finger tips. Gasping at the hot air he cried out and sobbed. Then-


A sharp breath escaped I-No’s mouth as he sat up from where he slept on the white sands. His body was drenched in sweat, his heart pounding loudly in his ears like a war drum, not even the waves of the sea drowned it out. Taking several deep breaths and placing a hand on his forehead I-No cleared his mind. Just a dream just another dream, but he couldn’t help but feel that there was something he was suppose to remember about it. The Voice. That’s what it was.


He murmured remembering what the voice had called him. Was that his real name? Biting his lip, he fell back and stared at the sky, black hair spilling on he pale sands. He wanted to remember what he did that would cause his memory loss but he couldn’t his mind had concluded it was too traumatic to remember and just cast them away.

Shutting his eyes, the boy slipped away into the peaceful abyss of sleep yet again. This time he prayed it’d be dreamless.
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Postby Lilim » Fri May 13, 2005 6:35 pm

"So... this is snow...."

Kirin held out his hands, then quickly drew them back within his
cloak. It was cold. The desert nights could be chilly, but this
was a different sort of cold, fierce and wild. The oceans of sand had
been replaced with pure white snow, and all around the land, not a
noise was heard but for the long, low wail of the ever keening wind.

He drew his cloak about him tighter as the wind whipped snow and ice
about him, but it was a cloth designed to merely shield from the sun
and sand, it was far too thin to keep him warm. Fingers and toes could
no longer be felt and the chill was creeping along his body slowly and
inexorably. It was a dead land and soon he would soon be one with it.

A small house lay up ahead, made of clay and adobe. Perhaps he was
already seeing mirages out of desperation, but Kirin almost sweared he
saw the light of a fireplace. He pushed ahead with the last of his
strength, reaching for the closed door.

It opened wide even before his hands reached it, as if someone was
behind it. But when Kirin went inside the house, he saw not a soul. It
was a simple house with one room and a fireplace. Kirin cast off his
thin, black cloak and shook the heavy snow off it. He was a lean youth
at fifteen, slender and sinewy. White hair, even paler than the snow,
fell about his eyes, eyes that were the color of amber. It was quite
the contrast to his tan brown skin, giving him an exotic look. He was
a Scrodian, a son of the eternal sands.

Kirin reached over his back, searching for the familiar handle of his
weapon, and grasped nothing. Now he knew this was a dream as there was
no way in hell he would ever go anywhere without his weapon.

Memories flooded back to him, as he remembered that he had dreamt this
same exact dream several times in the past week. Kirin concluded it
was no coincidence, something was reaching out for him, calling him.


The youth sat down on the floor, cross-legged. The voice too was
familiar by now.

"Right here," replied the youth rather casually.

Death comes and I have not the power to stop it

Should He arise, I will fade, and with me, the world. It will be
even as this dream

You and others have been chosen. You have been fated to meet

Seek them out and come to me

Help me

Kirin's expression hardened. "Are you afraid to die?"


"I'm young..." he continued. "... I've lived on this earth fifteen years, if a day. You are something that is greater, that has lived longer and has known more than I have or will ever have. So... it may be presumptious of me to say this, but... All things must die."

Kirin closed his eyes and bowed his head, letting the light of the fire warm his body.

"All things die. The body withers and fades, the memories are lost and forgotten. Time moves on like a river and all things fade with it. Nothing lasts. Nothing. This is what I know. Why should you be any different?"

Some would say you are a rather morbid boy...

Almost, Kirin could have sworn there was a sense of wry amusement in the voice that time. He smirked. "Yeah, some would..."

A pounding began to rend the air. Faint at first, it grew louder and nearer.

It comes...

The desert youth stood up painfully, his limbs still stiff from the cold. "What is it?"
Suddenly, he knew without a doubt. Drums. Hundreds of them. Thousands of them. All beating steadily, persistently, maddening.

"Devil drums..." he whispered, a hint of dread in his usually calm voice.

Death, the rotting of the corpse, the wormy maggots feeding in the grave, the silence of the tomb.

Kirin made to reach over his back again, his hand moving unconsciously to grip a weapon no longer there.

It comes... and I fade...

"Damn it... " he swore, and charged out the house.

And outside amidst the swirling snow, against the lifeless white land were the demons of Reikir, the Six Hells and the Five Paths. Ox and horse headed, bearing whips of burning ice and cold flame. They bore obscene butcher knives, still dripping with blood and gore. Upon a spear was the torn body of a babe, held up as a banner. The hosts of hell leered and grinned, beating on the devil drums and marching towards Kirin.

Why won't you heed me, Kirin?

"I don't trust you." he replied, his voice barely a whisper.


"Why should I trust you?"

You must

"No... no I don't." said Kirin, staring down the hosts of hell.

A great rumbling rose from behind. Kirin stumbled and fell as the house began collapsing. Something was rising from below.

All things must die, but there is a fate worse than death. A fate worth defying, Kirin!

Assassin! Seek death, and in death, life!

Kirin grimaced, "Life in death... ?"

The devil drums reached a peak and the world seemingly erupted in a blinding white light...

And then... he woke up.

"Pleasant dreams, I take it?" came a nearby voice.

The desert youth blinked a few times and found himself in a shady alley, slumped against a wall. Beside him was his Master, Refe, a tall, older man in his late forties with waist length white hair.
Kirin immediately reached back and felt the reassuring grip of his sword sticking out of his cloak.

"Sort of," he replied to Refe. "Is it time?"

Refe nodded and glanced at the setting sun. "The Prince will be alone in the evening for his prayers. I've gathered up more or less how the guards are rotated and with your layout of the palace grounds, we should be able to infiltrate it in under an hour."

"Then let's get started... "


It actually took a little more than an hour. The city was Aefrieh, one of the largest in Scrodi, and the palace they were infiltrating was none other than the Sixth Omar's. There were seven Omars in all of Scrodia, and they were the richest and most powerful rulers, all vying against each other for power and regard. As such, subterfuge and assassinations were all too common. Kirin and his Master had been assigned a dangerous job, to kill the Sixth Omar's son, the direct successor to the palace throne. It was a tall order for just about anyone, but the payoff was just too good to pass up.

The two assassins strode casually through the marble halls, disguised in the garb of the Palace Guards. There were guard dogs, fierce wolf like things all over the palace, trained to smell out anyone whose scent was not recognized. Kirin and Refe had judiciously scrubbed their skin with sand and let the scent of the stolen garbs fool the dogs. Every last detail had been thought out.

They soon reached the private chamber of the Prince. It was an austere room with a single meorial shrine dedicated to te Prince's departed mother in the center. There, the young prince was kneeling and praying.

"All yours," said Refe, fading back into the shadows. "Kill him, and your apprenticeship is complete."

Kirin whipped off his diguise, revealing the thin black cloak he always wore. White tape was wrapped about his arms and sandal shod feet. At his back was the handle of a sword sticking out of his cloak. He reached back and gripped it, but did not pull it out just yet.

Slowly, silently, he advanced upon the Prince. As Kirin moved closer, he noticed just how young the Prince was, even younger than him by a few years. Just a boy, really. But a job was a job. The boy was not going to live to see morning.

At least you'll be with your mother. Kirin thouhgt somberly. He firmed his resolve and stepped just behind the kneeling prince so that he could hear him.

"I know I have not been the best son, but I pray that father may be pleased with me, that I live up to his name... "

Kirin gritted his teeth.

"And please, if you will, please let father smile again..."

He hesitated.

"Compassion... "

Kirin nearly leaped up as Refe's voice came from behind him. The Prince suddenly turned and stared at the young assassin with wide eyes.

"A true assassin would not have hesitated." Refe said. "You, Kirin, are no assassin."

"Master... what are you saying? I was... "

"I have always suspected that my path and yours are different. It seems I was right."

While the two were speaking, the Prince backed away, fleeing out of the chambers.

"Master!" Kirin yelled. "The Omar's son...!"

Refe shrugged. "No matter. It was you he saw, it will be you they hunt now. The Sixth Omar is a powerful man. You will have to flee quickly, somewhere far away to lie low for a while. That is, if you can make it through the gauntlet of guards."

"So you're abandoning me, now?" asked Kirin. "After all is said and done, you're leaving me here to die?"

"I am an assassin," he replied, his voice fading as he walked away. "My heart has room for many things, but not love. If it's any comfort, I do hope you survive Kirin. Farewell."

"Yeah, screw you too.... " Kirin muttered. Wonderful. I lose my Master, my job, and now probably my life... all in a few minutes.

Such was the turn of fate for the desert youth. Even now, he could hear the thundering footsteps of the Palace Guards approaching his location.

What the hell... he thought. ... at least I won't make it easy for them.

Just as a guard broke through the door, Kirin dashed forward, and unsheathed his sword. The guard stood stunned as he saw the youth's weapon, which was as tall as him! Indeed, Kirin's weapon looked less a sword, and more of a gigantic knife, no crosspiece or hilt seperating the grip and the blade. It was ridiculously oversized, but Kirin wielded it easily.

With a fierce, double handed, overhead swing, Kirin split the guard's head neatly in half, along with half his torso.

The other guards stood frozen for a moment, stunned. They charged him then, all at once, their scimitars gleaming blood red in the torchlight. But Kirin stood his ground near the doorway, forcing them to come at him one or two at a time. Limbs flew, bodies were split, heads lopped off, and blood splattered the marble walls. It was a slaughter, as Kirin brought all his hard earned skill to bear.

Seeing an opening in the mass of guards, Kirin flew down the halls, narrowly evading the spears and swords of the guards. He came across a long chamber with huge white pillars. Again, he used the terrain to his advantage, hiding behind pillars and popping out to surpise his foes.

"Fools! Don't fight him one on one!" came a powerful voice. "He may be a boy, but he has the skills of a Sand Assassin!"

Kirin looked around and spotted a balding old man, stooped with age, but with eyes still fierce and powerful. He wore the red robes that marked him as a sorceror. From his light skin and different features, the mage was probably an exile from Terramagus. It was not entirely uncommon. Probably the head of the Palace Guards, or so Kirin thought. Taking him out would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Kirin launched himself at the wizard, but the old man laughed. "Boy, you are a hundred years too early to challenge me!

He made a flaming sigil in the air and launched the mystical sign at the youth. Kirin swung his sword up, blocking it, but the force of the impact sent him flying almost halfway across the chamber.

"Hmm... " the wizard seemed bemused. "That oversized knife of yours... it should have shattered when my spell hit it... if it was made of steel. I'm guessing it's made of a Sand Dragon's fang."

"Good guess, old man," Kirin replied, getting up shakily. The blast had taken a lot more out of him then he wanted to admit. He made to go at it with another charge, sprinting madly towards the sorceror.

"Foolish... " the wizard murmured and sent another burning sigil through the air, striking Kirin head on... and exploding in a shower of sand!

"What!?" the sorceror exclaimed, as the smoke cleared only to reveal a pile of sand where Kirin had once been. "An illusion!"

He looked up and spotted Kirin fleeing out one of the upper windows. "Clever... but be sure you will pay for making a fool out of me."

The old man turned to the guards. "Block the Eastern passageways, all of you! We will allow him to escape, but only where we will it! He has two choices, to fight all of us at the East, or towards the West into the Borderlands."


Kirin coughed, spitting up blood. He had taken a few hits here and there while escaping. The Sixth Omar's land was situated in a narrow valley where there were only two ways out, East towards the rest of Scrodia or West, towards the hostile, deadly barrens known as the Borderlands seprating Scrodia from the other nations. And it appeared they had blocked the Eastern Way completely. Kirin really did have only two choices, and there was no way in hell he could have taken on the entire Palace Guards. That sorceror was formidable by himself.

Thus here he was, limping his way through the Borderlands, bleeding into the brutal sands, the sun beating down mercilessly on his damp brow. It was remarkable just how quickly life had changed. A few hours ago, Kirin had been on the verge of becoming a full fledged assassin, now he was a refugee forced to leave the land he was born in.

Well, he was still alive, for what it was worth.

"Life in death... eh?" Kirin muttered wearily. Indeed, through death, he had lived. "Life in death."


"Not this again... look, now is not the best time to be bothering me."

Kirin, life in death. You live

"Wonderful," Kirin replied. "I'm also probably unconscious in the middle of the desert if I'm dreaming this again."

All things must die, but in death lies life

"... rebirth...." he whispered. "The cycle... of reincarnation. The Six Hells and the Five Paths. The Seven Rings of Paradise and the Path of Man."


The youth sighed and nodded his head in exhaustion. "For now... for now I will seek them out. I will walk this Seventh Path, the Narrow Road between the Sky and the Sea. But I do not trust you."

It is enough for now...

Kirin awoke once more. It was night in the Borderlands, the temperature approaching freezing point. He gathered about his thin cloak and began moving once more. He had a vague sense of where to go, a slight stirring in his heart. He would travel to the foreign lands and see what fate had in store for him. He would walk the Narrow Path between the Sky and the Sea and seek life in death.
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Postby feaguire » Wed May 18, 2005 11:04 pm

The cool night breeze swept Reislynn's dark wavey hair from her shoulders. She stared up to the canopy of trees above her. Sometimes she wished she could see stars and the moon, so many stories had told her how beautiful they could be. And the sun, like a fire in the sky. A fire that could never be put out.
She also wished she could see with both her eyes. Nothing was the same in her life since her left one was gone. If you were looking at her from a distance in the night, you would only see one golden glow in the darkness.

Reislynn looked down to the ground from her balcony in the trees, but oddly enough, found it was closer than she had expected. In fact, she was standing on the forest floor. She looked ahead of her and found the forest was now gone. Instead, a house.

The house was derelict and delapetated. It seemed about to fall over, it creaked and whispered. She did not know why she did it, but she stepped inside.

Reis felt something in that house. Like evil. She knew this house was evil. No, the house wasn't evil. Something inside the house was evil. I must get out! She turned to the door, it was gone! She began to panic, afraid of what was there.

The a voice was then heard. It was calming and gentle, but the words were quite the opposite. Reislynn... It whispered her name. Reislynn...

"What do you want?" She screamed alound. "Who is it?" Fear swept over her.

Reislynn... The evil time is near... Find them... the five. Find the others... Destroy the evil... Don't let it out... Don't let the evil come... Find them! Don't let it out!

Reislynn awoke in her bed, gasping and sweating. A dream She thought. Only a dream She lay back. Unsure of her thoughts. It was more important then a normal dream. It had a meaning.

Reislynn... The words echoed in her memory. Find them! Don't let it out! The last words spoken with urgency. 'Them'. Who were 'Them'? Who were 'The Others'? She wasn't supposed to let the evil out. What was the evil?

No more sleep came to Reis that night. She lay awake, pondering the message. What does it mean?
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Postby Eriugeaf » Thu May 19, 2005 7:00 am

She swept up the bundle on the floor. Her strong, yet feminine arms picked it up easily.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to leave Babuscha alone! She's just a pup! She could freeze from the cold of the marble floors! She could be stepped on! She could crawl out and get outside! How could you?"

Caydean loved animals, and her pet dragon, Babuscha, was a special case.

"I'm sorry dear, I had to get it off the desk. What happened to that crib I bought for it?"

"You didn't buy it dad! The maid did! You didn't even know I had a dragon! You wouldn't know unless I had left it there! How can you just not care!? I haven't seen you in three weeks and you already picked a fight with me!"

"I didn't pick a fight with you! You are lucky! Many would kill to have what you have!"

"What? A father who barely knows my name!?"

Caydean stormed out of the room holding her pet dragon in the crook of her arm, its warmth soothing her anger. She never escaped a fight with her father, on those rar occasions he was home, his favourite thing to do was to pick on Cay's faults.

She marched down the steps, her legs aching from her morrning stretches. She reached her door and entered her room.

The monster of a four-poster bed against the back wall was covered in satin and sillk sheets. The drapes glittered with real jewels encruted into them as embroidery. The plush carpet made her shoes sink into it every time she stepped. She walked over to the cot in the corner closest to the bed and deposited the wriggling mass of material and scales inside. She turned and looked around her room. The expensive perfumes on her polished wooden dresser, the beautiful shells encrusted around the mirror, the cushioned chair, everything her father had paid for.

Being the Princess of Terramagus had its rewards, but it also had great demands. For all the splendour of the Royal "Contess" family line, they sure didn't have any idea about raising families. Nor did they have the time to do so. Cay's father was forever going out, trying to rally wars and crusades against the other tribes. Sometimes Cay thought, no she knew, that the War and being King was more importnat to her father than she was. He had never paid attention to her, she had doen everything for him, all those lessons to prove she was smart enough to be his daughter, all those hours of practise to get the body she had, the ability to fight to show she wasn't a complete nothing, to show she was good enough for her father. Why had he never noticed?

She pushed back her long hair, its briliant white streaked with purple matched her hair and clothes. Most mages had signature colours, and hers was the bright purple colour of her eyes and hair.

She loved magic. It was the one reliable thing in her life. She loved the feeling that came to her each time she sent forth her power. She loved the staff her mother had left her. Her mother. Thoughts about her came back to the young girl. She was only 16 after all. She had lost her mother years ago, in a terrible fire. The raiders had taken her mother, those stupid Outlanders. Barbarians! The lot of them. Caydean loved everyone, at least she tried to. She was friendly, but to those who had stolen her mother away, forgiveness would never come. She out down the stone she was fingereing in her hand onto the dresser and got out her clothes. She would have to look good for the meeting with her fathers council.

She never knew why she went, why the stupid law stated that all in the Royal line must meet every month and discuss buisiness. It was ludacris. She never talked anyways. Father would never allow that. She sat there, looking pretty, thinking of ways that she would kill those who had killed her mother. Today's topic was the magic smugglers rumoured to be trading with Scordia at The Meet that night. Father would have to leave for a while, and Caydean would have to go to the convenant; as her father said, all women are women, but sooner or later, some must blossom into ladies.

Caydean hated the convent. It was far to outrageous for her. No fencing, no swords, no archery, no horse riding. How could ladies live? She had made plans, she would stow away with her father, she would stow away to The Meet. She picked up the bag she had prepared earlier and grabbed her staff. She had found a cart with enough room ontop of it for Caydean to lie down comfortably. It even had velvet drapes which she could pull around her if it got too cold. She went out through the hidden hole behind her lifesize framed portrait of herself. She said a silent prayer to her patron God, Terramagus himself, for luck and headed into it. She would come out the other end near the stables and the carriage docks. Then she would smuggle aboard her things, ttend the meeting and wait till nightfall.

Eri :D
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Postby Arenial » Thu May 19, 2005 5:42 pm

"Alright, Kevari, what is it? What has been on your mind all day?" The Lydian girl was confronted by her yougest brother. So, her distraction hadn't gone unnoticed. Well, if she could tell anyone, it was Kael. He was her most trusted brother and friend.

She didn't answer him right away, however, as she was formulating an answer suitable enough to give him.

"Well, Kael, I had a dream last night. Only, it wasn't really a dream, but more of a vision; a message. Do you understand what I mean?"

Kael simply raised an eyebrow, "Go on."

Kevari began to pace. "Well, I was running down a very dark path; I couldn't see a thing. Something was chasing me. I didn't know what it was, only that it seemed very evil and I was scared. So, I kept running. Suddenly, there was a very bright, white light and all I could do was run towards it. I passed through it and the... thing that was chasing me stopped. I came to a stop in front of a small, log cabin. There was no one inside, so I went in. It was very quiet for a moment, but then a voice, from nowhere, spoke to me. It told me to "find the others" and "save the world." I have no idea what it meant. Then, it was gone and so was the light and... the evil was back. It crashed into the window and I screamed... and then I woke up." She paused and glanced at her brother, who was looking at her with a very confused and amused look upon his face.

"Well, what do you think? Do you think it means anything?"

Kael's eyebrow arched even higher. "I think you've read a few too many books, Kevari."

Kevari frowned, "Kael, I am being serious. What if it means something?"

"And what would that be? 'Vari, it is a dream, nothing more. Forget about it." And with that, Kael left Kevari to her own musings.

~ ~ ~

As hard as she tried, Kevari could not forget the dream. And so, in the still of the night two days after the dream, she packed a bag with an extra set of cloths, some food and an extra pair of shoes. She also grabbed a map from her father's study, rolling it up and placing it in her walking staff. It was a special staff, hollowed in the middle for storage, but also to make it light weight. With one last glance about her small room, the place she had called home for eighteen years of her life, she attached her belt knife to her belt and strode out of the room, out of her small home, and into the unknown, hoping her family would understand. If they asked, Kael would at least tell them about the dream.
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Postby feaguire » Fri May 20, 2005 1:15 am

"Stupid girl! Wake up! Reislynn!"

Reislynn jumped in surprise as something small and hard it the back of her head. She turned to find one of the boys in her school class had thrown it at her. She glared, she was too shy to stand up for herself.

"Didn't you get enough sleep last night, cyclopes?" He teased.

"I got plenty." She said, the word cyclopes burned her heart.

"Well, then why do you sleep now?"

The truth was she hadn't got any sleep. Every night since the dream she had stayed awake, pondering it and fearing it. Fearing that if she closed her eyes, she would go back to the ruined house. She turned back towards the front of the classroom, not answering her classmate.

"Stupid girl!" He spat out.

Tears stung her eyes.


Later at her home, Reis was in her room, packing her things. She needed to leave her home. She couldn't take the teases and taunts of her peers, or the dream. It was always in her mind.

Raldur, her 14 year old brother (the second oldest child in the family) stood in her doorway. "Why are you packing?" He was smart and was close friends with Reis.

She turned around quickly and tried to hide her bag. "What?" She stuttered.

"You're packing a bag of your stuff. Why? Where are you going?"

"I'm just cleaning up."

"No, I've been watching you." He walked towards her, and looked into her eyes. Ral was almost as tall as Reis was. She was short. "Please don't lie." He whispered.

She sat down on her bed and lowered her head. "I have to leave Taurdor. Soon. Now."

"Why?" He sat next to her. "Don't you care about us anymore?"

"Of course I do! Its just... I had a dream."

"You're leaving because of a dream?!"

"It was special! I know it!"

"It doesn't matter Reis!" He shouted, standing up. "You can't just walk out on us! Does mother and father know?"

"No." She stood up next to him, and took his hand. "You can't tell them, Ral. Please."

He looked down and when he looked up again tears were in his eyes. She felt her own tears rolling down her right cheek (her left eye couldn't produce tears).

"Ral." She hugged him tight and the two stood weeping. They both new wherever she went outside Taurdor, the other tribes would get her. She probably wouldn't come back.

"I don't want you to go." He cried.

"I don't want to go either. But I know I have to. I was called." She let go of him. "Look after the others, they will need you."

He nodded, and she walked away, climbing down the rope ladder that led to the floor of the forest. She had only been there a few times in her life.
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Postby Ardenel » Thu May 26, 2005 8:57 am

Ryous Von moved slowly through the barren wasteland known as the Borderlands. The sun was shining brightly and without mercy surely scorching anyone who was not used to such conditions. Ryous was used to the natural elements of the Borderlands though, for he’d lived there all his life with his family. And after his mother and sister died in a bandit attack, and his father killed by an unknown disease, his brother and himself were found wandering throughout the land seeking to catch and kill any bandits they found. Just a few days ago they caught up to a band that had robbed and had beaten a few travelers. As was there custom, they attacked and killed all in the band but his brother suffered a mortal wound and died soon after in Ryous’ strong embrace.

That’s where his thoughts were as he took step after grief weighed step. Tears slid down his face as he remembered...

Ryous and his brother Venden crouched low amidst a group of large boulders at the side of a well beaten road. The bandits they heard of from a man who had just gotten robbed and his hand broken were at that moment heading towards them. They were all speaking the common tongue, “Fifty gold pieces! Can ya believe our luck, boys!” exclaimed one extremely tall and muscular man with long greasy hair and an unkempt beard.

“And did you hear that man howl when we broke his precious little hand!” said another smaller, squinty eyed man, laughing as he spoke.

“Ah, who cares about the man. It was fun but what was funner was that night with the girl!” said the taller muscular one.

“More fun, you dolt. Not “funner”. Didn’t your momma ever teach you how to speak proper?” replied the squinty eyed man.

Quiet rage had been building up in Ryous and his brother and they decided it was time to release it on the unexpecting and unlucky bandits. Quickly Venden stepped out from the boulders with his bow in hand and let his arrow loose to smack into the squinty eyed man. The man’s eyes grew big for the first time in years when he saw an arrow shaft protruding from his chest. As blood poured out, he fell down dead.

Ryous followed right after launching one of his smaller hammers to connect with the big man’s head. The man stumbled backwards, dazed, but didn’t fall from the blow. Ryous quickly regained his composure from the shock of the hit not slaying the man and charged into the fray right after his brother loosed another arrow to take one of the bandits between the eyes.

As he ran he pulled out his great warhammer and met the charge of two bandits who just passed the tall, dazed man. Out went his warhammers head to parry the downward arc of the first bandit’s sword. As he spun away from the first bandit he parried the second man’s forward thrust and let his momentum crash into him taking them both to the ground. He let his weapon fall from his grasp and grabbed the mans head. With a great roar of rage, remembering the sight of his mother and sister hacked and slashed by such men as he now had a hold of, he gave a great jerk of his arms and broke the mans neck ending his life quickly.

As Ryous got up and engaged the first bandit in a series of thrusts and swings Venden quickly dispatched one and turned to meet the only unengaged man. He ducked just in time as a great war axe cut the air above his head. Venden dove into a role and quickly came back to meet the mans rage filled charge again. This time he was more ready for it and easily side stepped out of the mans reach and brought his longsword to bear slashing at the mans leg scoring a minor hit. “Dumb brute,” he muttered. He placed his feet, ready for another great charge and when the inevitable charge came he sidestepped again, but his adversary deceived him and stopped short of the charge catching Venden off balance and swung his great axe to crunch through his iron armor and chainmail to imbed itself into Venden’s chest.

Venden backed away, after the man tore the axe free, and crumpled to the ground gasping for breath and sputtering blood.

Out of the corner of his eye Ryous saw the fight and gave a howl of rage and frustration as he saw his brother fall. Now instead of fighting with finesse, he fought with fierce abandon. He brought his warhammer above his head and with amazing speed brought it down with such force that it drove through the mans blocking sword, throwing it away, and crashed through the mans arm and into his shoulder and breastplate breaking the mans backbone.

Without a second thought he turned on the man who killed his brother and growled. The man stood there smirking as he slowly approached Ryous. “A friend of yours?” he asked indicating Ryous’ brother squirming on the ground in agony.

“My brother,” said Ryous quietly with the utmost hate and rage in his words. He came on in a flash bringing his warhammer in a downward arc that was met by the mans great axe.

They spun and parried for minutes, neither of them showing weariness. The bandit then, instead of chopping with his axe, thrust its head at Ryous who also thrust with his warhammer to intercept the axe and got them interlocked. His corded muscles swelled, locking up and bringing both of their weapons to the ground. As the tall man bent over from the strain Ryous kicked out with his right foot connecting solidly with the mans face who stepped backed dazed once again.

In the moment that the man stepped back Ryous brought his warhammer up, his back and shoulder muscles tightening for one powerful blow.

He swung.

And the mans chest splinted under the blow.

Ryous then, without a thought of the dead man flying to the ground, turned and ran to his brothers side softly picking him up and holding him in a last embrace. “The...oath...remember...the oath,” said Vender taking his dying breath.

Ryous Von then noticed his surroundings. The temperature had dropped considerably and the land around was illumined by the two moons and stars. Only after a few moments of coming out of the daydream of his brother’s death did he realize that someone was near. He stopped in mid-stride and listened. And heard a slight intake of breath a few meters behind him. He slowly turned and saw a man in the moonlight. He carried a great, long sword in his grasp. And their eyes locked.
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Postby feaguire » Thu May 26, 2005 8:05 pm

Reis travelled through the forest, the only sounds were the ones made by the birds, the forest animals and her feet. Her breathing was heavy. Although she was fit, she hadn't travelled this style before. On the ground.

The earth was soft and squishy beneath her steps. It was quit different from the hardness of the boards making up the bridges between trees. she had been to the ground before. A few times. Just not very often.

Another feeling she had was heat. The sun was feeling alot stronger, and she had only been travelling a day and a half. Was she that close to the tree line, already? It couldn't take that quick, surely!

More and more shafts of light were piercing through the branches above her. There were less and less trees as she went along, and the plants on the forest floor were getting larger in size. More different types of animals were around now. Ones that usually didn't go very deep into the wood.

She knew she would be getting out of Taurdor soon, and she was a little scared. She didn't know what to expect, except that she would be appearing in a very different sunnier world.
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Postby Lilim » Sat May 28, 2005 5:26 pm

From somewhere far away, he heard it, beckoning him. A voice raised in song, gentle as the first drops of dew before the dawn, serene as the still pools in the desert oasis. It yearned for things that could never be, that were long since lost to the river of time, an eternal sadness never to be lifted, lamentations for bygone times.
It was pure, like a young maiden on the verge of womanhood. Unbidden, the thoughts came to the desert youth. She had beautiful eyes, flashing blue, reflecting the field of heaven. Hair like silk, pale as ivory, flowed well past her hips.

No matter where Kirin turned, her song grew ever nearer. He was not surprised at all, when cresting a small dune, he found a slender figure sitting atop a small rock. It was almost as if she was radiating a certain helplessness. She was the embodiment of the desire of men to protect a woman. Frail and defenseless, she would not last long in these cruel lands, yet she sang out in hopes of a rescuer. She ran towards Kirin, eyes full of gratitude. embracing him with a sobbing cry.

She smiled into his shoulder, a smile of pure joy. Her smile grew wider... and wider, until the whole jaw began unhinging, becoming like a large black pit, revealing row upon row of jagged teeth. Out of it came a keening sound full of lust as well as hundreds and hundreds of thin, razor sharp tendrils.
The keening suddenly became a gagging as Kirin shoved the full length of his massive blade into the demonic creature's maw. The girl/demon clutched at its split throat, spewing blood and bile. Kirin wrenched the blade out ruthlessly, leaving chunks and entrails in its wake. The former assassin stood back and watched as the creature went into its death throes, wretchedly flailing about, trying to make some sound out of the remains of its throat, as life slowly faded from its eyes.

Kirin walked past it and went behind the rock the creature had been sitting on. As he had suspected, there were bodies. Two men, a woman, and three children, the oldest not even twelve. Their faces were still locked in a gruesome expression of sheer horror, eyes wide and full of shock. A hapless family, caught by the seductive voice of the Siren.
Out of the corner of his eyes, Kirin suddenly noticed a faint stirring in the limbs of one of the children. Without hesitation, he dashed forward and cut the body in half. He did the same to the rest of the bodies, before the Siren could take possession of them.

The Siren was an ancient and long lived creature that few had ever seen, much less killed. According to legend, a Siren had hundreds of thousand of razor thin tentacles attached to its main body that ran under the ground like the roots of a tree. If a man slept long enough on bare ground here in the borderlands, he might wake up the next day to find his body wrapped by hundreds of nearly invisible tendrils, slowly eating its way into his flesh. Once deep enough, the tendril would eat a man from the inside, leaving him as an empty husk. It would then use the husk to lure in more victims and the cycle would continue. Over time, Sirens began learning new tricks, preferring the form of women, and even making songs of power and illusion that few of undisciplined mind could resist.

Unfortunately, for this particular Siren, it had chosen a Sand Assassin as its victim, and their minds were honed to be as keen as the edge of a sword.
Kirin looked around calmly, wondering if somewhere nearby was the main body of the Siren. It was not a pleasant thought, as most Sirens became massive over the centures, feeding on victim after victim. Still, it was just as likely the Siren was far from here. In any case, the immediate danger was over.

But the Siren had been a reminder of just how dangerous the Borderlands could be at night. Certainly the day could give even the hardiest of men a run for their money, but at night... terrors walked the earth. There were a few guidelines Scrodians had for anyone wanting to venture into the Borderlands. The first and foremost was "Don't." If you chose to ignore that, then carry obsidian or silver.
Kirin rummaged around his shirt until he found the small pouch that carried a few small pebbles of silver, and a decent sized chunk of the black glass, obsidian. He always carried this, as both minerals had universal qualities that protected against the terrors of the wilderlands, but it was hardly enough for this place. Shrugging, he put it back and moved on.

Not forty minutes had passed when the desert youth suddenly heard a faint sound from behind him.

Now what? he thought. It was a very slight noise, from some distance back where he had been. There was an almost slithering quality to it. Like a serpent that crawled the dirt on its belly.

All at once, Kirin turned away and picked up his pace. There was one additional guideline Scrodians had for the Borderlands. "Don't ever bleed"
Blood had power in darkness, especially the blood of humans. A power highly sought after.

Kirin could feel his tortured muscles screaming out at him to slow down, but to pause now was death, pure and simple. He tightened the bandages across his wounds and set out at a brisk pace. A painful stitch began at his sides and he could taste copper in the back of his throat, but he refused to slow down.
Nevertheless, his efforts appeared to be in vain, as the soft slithering began growing nearer. Kirin risked a glance back and saw slight furrows in the ground behind him. Suddenly, something poked out the furrow, a nearly translucent, cylindrical body, like that of some huge, hideous worm.

"Corpse Wyrms", he muttered. A scavenger of the Borderlands, the Wyrms blindly sought the scent of blood from as much as a mile away. They could travel beneath the ground at a startling speed and once a victim is found, they latched onto his body like lampreys, sucking until he was bone dry. Probably the blood of the Siren's victims had attracted them, and now they were following the next closest thing with the scent of blood upon it... Kirin.

The youth could handle a few Wyrms, but the number of furrows numbered well past the dozens. He needed some sort of stone surface. In all the Borderlands, a rock or stone of a decent size was probably the safest place you could rest on, especially at night. The Sirens tenderil could not pentrate stone, and the Wyrms would not be able to travel through it. But even that much could be scarce here in this hellish place.

One of the Wyrms surged ahead of the rest, making a beeline at Kirin's trail. It surged out of the ground, whipping its blind head about in the air, detecting the scent of man-blood. Without a sound, it dove forward a lingering trail, nearby a small, vertical positioned rock formation, latching onto the sweet fluid it had scented. The Wyrm then paused, sudden confusion swirled through its simple mind, for the blood was very little and seemed to be soaked in, not at all like the flesh of a man...

Then a massive blade swung out from behind the rock and neatly sheared the Wyrm in half, even as it still pondered on the bloody bit of bandage stuck to its maw.
The Wyrms were stupid at least, Kirin thought, adjusting the bandage he had cut a piece of. The blood of the Wyrm attracted its fellows, which jumped viciously on its still twitching body. Granted a few minutes, Kirin broke out in a dead run, swifter than the desert wind. When an assassin needed to move, he moved.

He was still not in the clear yet. The Wyrms would be at him again, their hunger never sated for long. The desert youth looked desperately for a large stone surface. He wasn't going to last much longer at this rate without someplace to rest upon. Even if he did find it, the stone wasn't going to be a guarantee that he would be safe, but it would at least give him a fighting chance against whatever else the Borderlands decided to throw at him.

So desperate was he to find a rocky surface, he just barely noticed a man right in front of eyes. The stranger was a big man, tall and well built. Almost Kirin mistook the man for yet another terror of the night, for his silohouette looked most unusual in the light of the double moon. It was as if he was a chimarae, a creature with a man's body and an animal head, but upon closer look, it was some sort of animal hide the man was wearing, with the head still attached. They locked eyes for but a brief moment, a fraction of a fraction of a second, even as Kirin was in midstep.

One minute, the man saw the lean figure of Kirin, the next, only the flowing, torn black cloak trailing behind the fleet youth, as the very ground tore up from the explosive running speed of the assassin's feet. Wondering just what the hell made the youth run so, he turned and saw the great furrows suddenly appear along the ground. Dozens upon dozens of them... and some of them suddenly made a beeline straight for him.

Not knowing whether the Borderman followed, Kirin fled into the night, the light of the double moons shining uncaringly from the heavens above, so cold and far away...
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Postby Tathiel_JadesFire » Mon May 30, 2005 2:45 am

Jade woke from her sleep upon the beach mid-afternoon. The palm trees that she slept under provided enough shade. She yawned and got up dusting off some of the sand that found it's way on to her clothes. She picked up her blanket, shook it off then rolled it up placing it in her bag.

'I can't believe that I slept that long, but that dream kept repeating all night and I kept waking up. Maybe I shouldn't have come back here to my home land. Maybe that urge to be back here was just a figment of my imagination.

Jade grabbed some extra clothes that were in her bag and changed in the bushes, when she came out she was wearing shorts and a shirt for swimming. Then she ran down the beach and jumped into the water. Her hands and feet changed enabling her to swim faster, and gills appeared on the side of her neck letting her breath under water. She had missed swimming in the ocean, most of her people lived far out on the ocean. Jade swam out to the coral reef, her vibrant red hair streeming behind her as she swam deeper and deeper. She swam all the way to the bottom of the reef and viewed the star fish and coral that were there. Some eels were hidding in the cracks and came out to greet her. Most of the sea life were used to seeing her kind swimming around the reefs.

Jade stayed in the water most of the day and contented herself with the marine life, the swim helped take her mind off of her past and thinking about the mysterious dream. Around dusk she came back to shore, and started a fire to dry herself off. Rummaging through her bag she found some dried fruit to eat and some seaweed. Jade brought her blanket and food and plopped down on the beach to watch the sunset.

Tomorrow I have to wake early and get out of here, I have to leave. I can't stay here if all it does is bring back these dreams, dreams that I thought I were gone. Being back here brings nothing but pain.

But even as she thought that a small voice in the back of her mind reminded her of her task, her journey that she needed to take to reach the Meet, to hear the voice of Mae. With sleep heavy on her eye lids she pack up her stuff and went back toward the palm trees where she laid out her blanket and fell asleep to the sound of the waves.
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Postby Eriugeaf » Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:26 pm

The cart wobbled dangerously going over a rather large rock. The young girl lying down on top nearly fell off. Cay had been in the same position for at least two days. She would have gotten out when the people inside the cart stopped if not for the fear of being caught.

"Don't worry Babuscha, everything will be ok." Cay looked into the big bundle of sheets, trying to soothe the small creature inside. The big amber eyes looking up at her melted her heart. She knew she shouldn't of brought the small golden dragon with her.

"I'm sorry, I thought this was one of fathers carriages. How was I supposed to know it wasn't? Oh how I want to go home! I wish they would stop. I don't know where the profesor is going, but he would be out of the country by now!"

The cart slowed to a stop. "Oh, do you think we've arrived Bab?"

The people inside the cart opened the doors and came out. There were three men and one woman. All were dressed in rather dirty and rough, worn looking clothes made of cheap materials. Only the professor was wearing good quality, well kept clothing. Cay peered over the side; She thought knowing what was happening was worth the risk of getting caught, but she wouldn't get caught because she was too well hiden.

One of the men down below started talking. Judging by his hair and eyes, he wasn't from Terramagus. "So, Profesor, we finally get ta meet ya! You've no idea what'n honour this is. I mean, ta meet the great Profesor Rictor, the smartest man in terramagus and the best magician there!"

"I am not a magician, I am a wizard or if you prefer, a Warlock. Not a magician. And I remind you that you are late a payment. I sent that last shipment a week ago and I have seen nothing." Rictor told the rough Outlander (for that is all the man could be with those clothes, that look and that rough rougue accent of his) "We agreed, 200 Clemants for each bottle of Magic Explosives and 200 Riberts for each Sleeping pill and Poison jar! I did my bit and you should do yours!"

Caydean tried to stiffle the gasp, but what she got was a sort of choking sound instead. The profesor was the one behind the magic smugglers! And she had accidently joined them on a delivery!

The Outlander man who had spoken turned. "Did any of you's hear that?"

Eri :D
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