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Postby Tathiel_JadesFire » Fri Aug 05, 2005 9:16 pm

Late one evening in the Abhorsen House, two jet-black haired twins were pouring over an ancient map of the world. The map which belonged to the house was given to them by the only other people in the house which were ghost like ancient sendings created by past Abhorsen. The twins were currently disscussing their next move in their jouney to find and hide the last bell of the Abhorsen, it was said to contain great and terrible powers, which if left to evil would be the undoing of the world.

"Look Alex, the whole east border is swarming with shadow hands and other foul creaters, the people there are in need of our help." said Trinity pushing back her long hair behind her ear, "Maybe we should split up for now, you keep searching the area for any clues or signs as to where the bell is, as for me I'll help the people in the east and then go to the Clayr for help ok."

"I don't know those shadow hands are dangerous, and the tip from the traveling charter mage said that it as if whole legions of them were gathering there." replied Alexander, the shall we say older of the two. A sending produced two glasses of water for them and motioned to the window were a huge snowy owl was pecking at. Trinity let the owl in and it flew to the table. Wink, as Trinity named him was a sending that she made when she was a child. Attached to Wink's leg was a message from the Clayr. Alex took it and read it aloud.

Dear Abhorsen,
We have forseen something truely amazing yet freightening at the same time, we believe that it conserns you and your quest. We request your presents imediatly to disscuss the possible locations we have seen of the 8th bell. Please come quickly.
Shann, Voice of the Nine Day Watch

"Well then looks like we are going to see the Clayr!" said Trinity excitedly. After grabbing the bags which the sendings produced for their jouney the twins got into their paperwings and took off into the night sky heading for the Clayr.
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Postby ShanndrahEartheart » Sat Aug 06, 2005 12:37 am

Shann had spent the morning pulling books from shelves and madly pouring through them to find any hint of what was going on in the library.

"Shann, the chief wanted you to know that the binding to the room of dark glass on the fifth floor in the old levels is noticeable weaker. She wants you to detail a team to repair it." The library messenger, a third level librarian, informed her.

"Ugh! The bindings everywhere are weakening, and there is no mention of it ever occuring before! I don't have any more of a remedy than the chief does." Shann hissed. The librarian waited patiently. Did I really just blow up like that? I haven't had a full night's sleep in ages...I am at my wit's end...I just need to be patient. She took a deep breath. "Get the other First librarians together. Have them meet me in the reading room.

Of course, when Shann had put the books away and joined the librarians in the Reading room, there was something else to distract her attention.

"Tokens are coming in." One of the firsts stated. "Looks like you came up as voice."

Is everyone conspiring to take my time? What do I do now? "Fine. I have my duties as the voice. Get one of the deputies. Have them report to the chief for a briefing on the weakening bindings. The rest of you are dismissed." There. Now it is someone else's responsibility. It was bad of me, but i don't have the time.

Shann hurried from the room, and walked the narrow ice bridge out of the library and to the citadel. The guards saluted her, and one of the clayr handed her the wands and a set of robes. "For clarity of vision" She said humbly. Shann took the proffered items and went into an offset chamber to change. She then followed the young seer to the citadel where she took her position as voice, in the centre of the mass.

"I think it is already known what we will focus on. But for the sake of clarity...we need to know why the bindings are weakening. Why the clayr are disappearing....LET US BEGIN!"

The fourty-eight clayr raised their arms to the ice, and Shann joined them, raising her wands to the ice.

Visions poured into her head...

Chaos, death...the breaking of the charter. She saw orannis free, laughing. She watched a journey...she saw the absorsens.

The vision was scattered, broken, but she understood enough. She saw a trip north, and she heard, in her mind, the sound of a bell more fell than any known. And she was tossed into chaos.

When she came to, the clayr were gathered around her. A cold cloth was being pressed to her brow.

"Send a message to the abhorsens...and prepare some stuff for a journey. I am leaving the glacier."
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Postby adamremasters » Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:15 pm

Azrael was hungry so hungry he had just escaped a powerful charter mage who had desercrated his shadow hand who were mascured by fire magic. If Azrael hadn't formed shadow around himself he may well have been killed. Well destroyed he couldn't be killed that could only happen once. His hunger had lead him to raid a village and it had almost lead him past the ninth gate. He had lost his mask which was nuisance there were only so many monster mask he could forge a month he liked demonic masks they inspired terror, now thatr made azrael laugh terror like any mask could be more horrific than his actual face blood vessels snaked loosly around his face easily visible under his pale flesh. Using free magic without life was hard work and if he didn't find some life soon in the forest he would lose his mind and become nothing more than the demon he was inside.

And then he saw it his saviour a man cutting wood how mundane he slipped out of the forest caught the axe severed a few limbs and garnered the life he found inside. That made Azrael stronger a man chopping wood meant a farm or village which meant people and people meant food. In the end it was a farm he found and six people inside. Azrael fianlly left with a couple of books a bell bandoliere and life of a necromancer caught in his sleep, no one was left alive inside the farm as it burnt to the ground.
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