Sean Bean responds to The Hobbit's Legal Issues

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Sean Bean responds to The Hobbit's Legal Issues

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:00 pm

<span class="articleThumb floatright"><a href="javascript:openGalleryItemWindow('',740,560,2160);"><img src=""></a><span class="articleThumbCaption">Sean Bean as Boromir... but could he be in The Hobbit?</span></span>Sean Bean (Boromir) has responded to the legal fiasco between New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson, and what he would do if asked to "star" in it, stating this:<blockquote>"It's very much a creation of Peter Jackson. It's difficult for me to answer that question because I haven't heard about it.

"It depends on the circumstances, the many, many circumstances. The director, the writing, the whole idea behind it and what they are trying to achieve."</blockquote>Of course, we all know there's no way Boromir could be in The Hobbit... perhaps it was thought he could play the role of Brand? In any case, I find it unlikely Bean would find a place in The Hobbit, whether Jackson directs or now.
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