HELP please Belonging Bilbo Baggins

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HELP please Belonging Bilbo Baggins

Postby maddi scott » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:08 pm

I have an assesment relating to belonging and one part is on Bilbo Baggins
if anyone could give me a hand.

1. what does the shire party for Bilbo Baggins reflect about how he belongs to the community?

2. identify and explain 2 techniques used by the film director to establish that belonging is a central motif to this aextract from Lord of the Rings.

3.After watching the departure scene explain why Bilbo felt the ring did not belong to him?

4. in your opinion were these reasons strong enough ones to force him to leave his community and to travel so far away from his shire?

please if anyone has any ideas, can you please help me
maddi scott
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Postby Erufailon.Atanvarno » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:40 am

Welcome to TORC Maddi! :hihi: I hope you like us enough to stick around even after your assignment is complete!

First of all, is this based on the books, or the movies?

For question number one, I think seeing as how he got the whole Shire to come out for his 111th birthday party, you could say that he was well-liked and "belonged". Once again, this depends on which medium you look at what happened. From the movies, it seems as if Bilbo is the center of attention and throws a big party, only to vanish mysteriously at the end. Nothing is really seen about his character, nor his reasons for leaving.

From the books however, we can see that Bilbo was definitly popular in the Shire (mostly for his wealth though), being the topic of conversation at dinner tables and pubs. However, I don't think he really "belonged" to the Shire. For one thing, Hobbits are peace loving people who don't like adventures or anything that happens outside of their own lands. When Bilbo went off with Gandalf in The Hobbit, people thought he had gone mad. His return was quite unexpected and changed the way people looked at him. They now all thought he had vast sums of riches hiding in Bag End, and they now alienated him from the traditional Hobbit way of living. He was considered the queer one, often seen wandering the borders of the Shire, and talking to strangers and Gandalf quite often.

So as to the question of whether Bilbo belonged or not, I think that, yes, Bilbo did feel affection for the Shire, but at the same time, he was no longer a part of the Hobbit community, and thus felt compelled to take another journey, this time never to return.

Hope my little bit helped Maddi, and maybe some other, more experienced TORCers will come by and drop their opinions too!
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Postby maddi scott » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:01 am

Hey thanks alot
the extract we are watching is from the movie
if anyone else could help it would be greatly appreciated
:) :lol: :wink:
maddi scott
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belonging in The Hobbit

Postby perabo » Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:54 am

hey Maddi
is this for HSC English Advanced by any chance?
if it is, then im in the same situation as you!
im also thinking of using the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings as a text for an essay on belonging. i was wondering if you found anything interesting that i might be able to use because i cant think of anything to use!
i would appreciate it SOOO much if you could send me something!

thanks heaps!
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