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Hello and welcome to The Lighter Side: Tom’s House. This forum is designed as the place for amusing, entertaining and game threads such as birthday and milestone celebrations, light role-playing, parody and quiz type threads such as joke, trivia and word games.

The underlying guidance here is “what does a game contribute to the board?” If you are thinking of starting a thread, ask yourself that question first. Remember, TORC is a site dedicated to the works of J.R.R Tolkien. Let’s make sure our posts are of a level he would appreciate. If in doubt please mail the mods.

Some rules to guide you:

- One word answering posts are not allowed. Use your initiative and
expand your replies.

- Only one trivia thread of any type will be allowed at any one time. i.e.
one movie, one book, one music etc.

- Pointless and senseless threads are not allowed.

- Threads will be locked at 500 posts. The theme of a thread may be
repeated at this stage only.

- Any threads that are obviously just being used to boost post counts will
be deleted.

What is spam and why it is not allowed? Spam is the process whereby a poster continuously and sequentially posts nothing of merit. It is thoughtless and nothing is added to a discussion and often is blatantly engaged upon to boost post count. It takes up bandwidth and costs money and serves nothing to the message board or its community. Spam isn’t encouraged anywhere here at TORC and won’t be tolerated.

All general rules apply. Please read the Terms of Service. The link can be found at the bottom of each page.

Make TORC a place to be proud of!
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