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Pull out your pack and head on down to the Prancing Pony for some great Role Playing (try to stay in character)!

Postby Jaxon » Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:43 pm

stupid timeouts!
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Postby orliesmyhusband » Fri Jul 25, 2003 9:27 am

Out of the depths of the water blue<BR>Emerged my people, Children of Eru<BR>Immortal, fair, blessed with speech<BR>Dazzled they arose upon the sandy beach. <BR><BR>The first age passed anon<BR>The second now hath begun<BR>A prophecy of a child, in Mirkwood green<BR>Posessing many powers unseen<BR><BR>Among the trees, shielded from the sky<BR>Dark of hair and fawn-like eyes<BR>Bourne by a love, rumored afar<BR>Hearts combined of Noldo and Sindar<BR><BR>Oricon was her name, after a flower<BR>Skilled with herbs and seeing powers<BR>Wielding the sword called Wildfire<BR>It accompanied her through mountain and mire<BR><BR>Her weary eyes took relief as she espied <BR>A tan background "Come here!" it cried<BR>She entered the site, her curiosity ablaze<BR>And found wonderful people, could this be a faze? <BR><BR>That was nought but 2 years before<BR>As the earth circles the sun<BR>And that is how Oricon came to the boards <img src=""border=0><BR><BR>Blessed be mighty Erinhue<BR>He who helped make these rhymes be true. <BR>(Stay cute <img src=""border=0> )
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Postby ThreadStalker » Fri Jul 25, 2003 9:50 am

Born of fire, wind and rain<BR>The boards of TORC are his domain<BR>The Pony, the Dragon and even Talk<BR>Are among the lands he stalks<BR>Miscreant posters quake in dread<BR>If he should come into their thread<BR>Steadfast, faithful to his work<BR>He's <b>THREADSTALKER</b>,Mod of TORC
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Postby erinhue » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:12 pm

Oh My I had no idea this was even still around. To all who trod these boards, thanks for this and all the memories.
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