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*The Character Archives!!!* See First post or Word Aside Th

Postby Leslie-ElfWarrior » Sat Feb 02, 2002 8:03 pm

Note: This thread is for Character Bio's ONLY. Discussions and questions can be posted in The Character Archives; A word Aside

Hello and Welcome one and all to "The Character Archives!" Your one stop Infromation Center. Where you can tell everybody about your character(s).As well as, find out about other characters. But keep in mind, Character Information may vary from RP Game to RP Game, so not 'all' information about characters will be correct in every RP Game that the character(s) is used in. Ok??? Well now I have a few rules to lay down. I really hope no one minds. Well here goes...

*The Character Achives!!!* Rules:

1.)Please store your information about your 'Main Character(s) or the Character(s) used the most here. If you wish to store more Character(s) Information here, by all means do so. But Please!!! Do not store Information on a Character(s) your only going to use once or for a special RP Game.

2.)IMPORTANT!!! I do not want any rude or obscene comments about anyones else's character(s). In Role Playing, It's the choice of the person who made up that particular character(s) and no one else has the right to say anything about another's character(s). Suggestions and Ideas are fine and incouraged, 'If' it's alright with the person who made up the character(s).

3.)Please ONLY Character Bios in here. Do not post comments or start to chat in here. If you have questions, comments, or ideas Please go to the Word Aside Thread, and make them known. But this place is meant ONLY for the Information on a Character(s).

4.)This rule is of the uttmost Importance.
Do not limit yourself on the information of a character(s). TYPE! TYPE!! TYPE!!! Tell us any and every little tiny partical of your Character(s) Please tell all, and don't even think of leaving a single thing out!!!

Well now for an Example and for Informational Perposes I'll give the first response to this post by putting in the info on my character. And I hope you use this Thread to store your Information on your Character(s) And I hope to see the Info on your Character(s) as well

Newly updated!!!:
Thanks to NenyaofDiadron and Leoba, This thread now has an Index so here it is:

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Postby Leslie-ElfWarrior » Sat Feb 02, 2002 8:07 pm


Name: Leslie
Nickname: Declynn sometimes calls her Lez.
Title: The Elf of Bree
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'8" Shorter then a regular Elf, and often mistaken for a Nymph.
Weight: Never ask a women her weight!!! (117 pounds)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Appearance: Here are two pictures of Leslie one done by me and the other by Jonathon Earl Bowser. Leslie in black By: Jonathon Earl Bowser. And the second picture of Leslie done by me, it as close to what Leslie should look like only Mr. Bowser does it best.:D Leslie's picture. Leslie is extremely beautiful, she has long strait black hair that runs down mid back, and blue/green eyes. Her eyes get an tint of green when she gets angry.
Build: Tall (but shorter then regular elves), slender, with very lovely curves (You get the idea! She has a nice figure.)
Marital Status: Single, but believe me. The guys have been looking!!! (Actually I might be Lady to someone, but am not sure.)
Occupation: Traveler, Just trying to find out who she is.
Outfit: An all black outfit (Like Aragorn's in the Movie.)

Means of Travel: A spirited horse named Angel. Who is smart, funny, and at times has an attitude problem. Angel is an all white horse with a type of silver tint to her. Some say she's a very rare type of horse.

Personality: Leslie is 'extremely’ shy and quiet, but at times has a weird and twisted Sense of Humor. During missions or important matters, Leslie becomes very serious. She is also extremely protective of Declynn.

Skills Include: Swords, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Hand to Hand Combat, Swords, Bows, Crossbows, Knives (Throwing Knives), reading, Writing, Horseback Riding, Elven Languages, and Various Spells.

Weapons of Choice: A long magical sword almost unbreakable sheathed at her side (Unbreakable like Declynn’s sword except silver sparks of lightening ignite from the blade when fighting an opponent with an magical weapon as well), A bow attached to the back of her, A forearm crossbow which can be temporarily attached to her forearm, and two daggers located in her boots.

Past Bio: Leslie does not remember much of anything of her past. All she does remember is her flawless skills and abilities as well as her first name and the fact that she is an Elf.

Leslie woke up with almost no memory of her past. She awoke in an ally in Bree, and was found wondering the streets in Beggars clothing by a very powerful Wizard named Pomporo, who claimed to have sensed her abilities in 'Magical powers'. Pomporo verified that Leslie was in fact an Elf. Pomporo gave Leslie these Items: A Magical sword, A black outfit (which she wears even now), some Magical Herbs and special powders to protect her, as well as 50 gold pieces. With these Items Pomporo sent Leslie out to begin her quest to rediscover who she is. She went to Rivendell and sought the help of Lord Elrond. For the next five years he tried to help until she then sought the help of Lady Galadriel in Lorien, spending three years there. Then just as the Fellowship of the Ring left Rivendell Leslie returned. She by now had become close friends of Lord Elrond and his daughter Arwen. Upon her return Arwen told her of her heart break and pain. Leslie however talked her down, telling her that her love would not just say these things unless he thought himself to be doing the right thing. Having a very vague description of Aragorn, Leslie set forth to extract the truth from Lord Aragorn. She left Rivendell asking for Arwen to remain until she could prove his claims of his wanting her to leave to be false. She stopped back in Lorien for a short time and discovered the Fellowship to have gone through there. Following the trail of the fellowship, Leslie found herself in the plains of Rohan. Her mission taking a sudden unexpected twist.

She instead ended up fighting to save refugees of out villages in Rohan. Saving one young red haired Declynn from certain doom. She ended up protecting a small group of refugees all the way to Hem’s Deep. There she fought to protect the people of Rohan, and refused to hide in some room with women and children. Later on Leslie left Declynn in the care of an old Rohan woman and went to fight in the war. She fought along side Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf the Wizard in the Great battle against the Orcs. Unfortunately Leslie did not realize who she was standing next to at the time (She was standing next to Aragorn), she was even remembered for saying to Aragorn just before the battle broke out: "Well if we die, we'll know that there was too many to fight!!!" of course no one found her sense of humor funny at the time except Aragorn and Gimli. Later on she found Arwen with her love, and left it at that. She continued on hearing about an Wizard’s Guild opening after the fall of Saruman. So her journey led her in the direction of the Wizard’s guild. Unfortunately she would have to make the trek on foot the horse Pomporo gave her died in the war.

Later, Leslie found Angel in the woods, Angel’s leg had been badly injured at the time. And Angel was extremely wild, afraid of any person getting near her, Angel almost killed Leslie a few times. But Leslie continued to try and help the wild horse. When Angel was well enough Leslie was about to leave and Angel would not stop following her. Later, Leslie said that the horse looked kind of like an Angel because of how beautiful she was one night when the moon shinned on her causing Angel to glow a type of silver tint. Thus, that is how The beautiful white horse got her name.

After a couple distractions and diversions away from her intended course Leslie decided not to head for the Wizard’s Guild instead she ended up wandering Middle Earth. But in her stops in Rivendell and Lorien Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel urged her to see the Wizard’s Guild about her memory loss. After much encouraging, Leslie made her way to the Wizard’s Guild Hall, but instead of asking for help in her memory loss, Leslie joined the wizard’s Guild to study more on her abilities there. There she seeks only to know of her ability in Magic and has never once mentioned her memory loss around the Wizard's Guild. She visits there often, but she rarely delves into her ‘supposed’ abilities in magic, for to use magic is very hazardous to Leslie. She can get any number of problems from delving into the arts. Severe headaches, passing out, Nose bleeds, temporary blindness, or temporary loss of voice. Even though she is supposedly very powerful in magic it hurts her greatly to use it, for it is somehow connected to her memory loss. She has recently become a Staff Bearer. Lately Leslie wanders the lands, in her journeys she has grown fond of traveling and wandering the lands.

Sometimes Leslie remembers fragments of her past in either dreams or in flash backs, this is why she has irregular sleeping habits. But when she wakes the memory of the dreams elude her grasp. To this day, Leslie helps any and all she comes across as she either travels or more likely wanders. Leslie still searches for her past at times, but over time she has become less and less concerned with her past and has become attached to Declynn, Drake, and Pomporo. She desires to be counted amongst the race of men and to be a mortal. What many fail to realize is she did not wake in an ally in Rivendell, Lorien, or Mirkwood. She in a way was born and raised in Bree, and therefore feels she doesn't belong amongst the elven people nor does she wish to.

Nowadays Leslie is a very close friend of Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel. They are the ones who try to help her remember through exercises and such. Both Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel have grown quit fond of Leslie and care for her greatly. But even still Leslie is asked to go on the most dangerous missions for the lands of Rivendell, Lorien, and Mirkwood. She is highly thought of and renowned but not much, only the elves of Rivendell, Lorien, and Mirkwood know of her, and consider her a renowned hero. Since no one knows where she came from (least of all herself) many have taken to calling her The Elf of Bree (Since she awoke in an ally in Bree, and that’s the first thing she remembered).

New part to her bio, yet unknown to even her: Leslie is the daughter of the half elf Aaron and elven man Cade. Before Leslie's memory loss she once resided in the end of the second age. There was a prophecy that Leslie would one day be cast into an unknown land and would be a powerful hero to Middle Earth. She was supposedly going to rid the world of the Angel of Darkness as the prophecy said, it is suggested that her own best friend Declynn could be this Angel of Darkness and the possible destroyer of all in her path, but so far this remains to be seen. She was once the close friend of Celebrian Galadriel’s daughter. At the end of the second age and the battle of the last alliance against Sauron, Leslie was tricked into chasing the Seductress of Angband Penaltra mortal enemy of her mother Aaron into her domain. In this trick Leslie was led into a trap, and supposedly exiled into a realm of evil, but during the spell her mother and father came to free her and only partially stopped the spell from being cast. Leslie however was teleported to the future of Middle Earth in the Third age, where she awoke with no memory and only her knowledge in skills as well as her first name as herv guides. The prophecy is only partially fulfilled.

Declynn: Leslie’s best friend, whom is like a sister to her. But in Drakes absence Leslie is also Guardian to Declynn.
Pomporo: A heavy set Wizard who found Leslie wandering the streets of Bree. He is like a father to her.
Drake: Declynn’s mentor and guardian, who trained Declynn to be one of the best rangers and trackers. He is not around Declynn much anymore though.
Lord Elrond: A close friend, whom looks for a way to restore Leslie’s memory lose. He also is like a guardian/father figure to Leslie.
Lady Galadriel: She is like a mother type figure to Leslie and also looks for a way to restore Leslie’s memory lose.

Current RP’s:(All in timeline order)
1.)The Plague of Middle Earth
2.)The Un-namable Quest (Alternate past Bio)
3.)From Imladris to Mirkwood
4.)Caravan to Khand (Finished)
5.)The Hunt for the Bride
6.)Rain on Bree

Important!: For a more descriptive background on Leslie please read The Elf of Bree- Leslie's Story!
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Postby Aerin » Sat Feb 02, 2002 9:38 pm

<b>Name:</b> Aerin Clearstream<BR><b>Race:</b> Elf<BR><b>Gender:</b> Female<BR><b>Age:</b> 5,349 years old<BR><b>Height:</b> Tall - six foot even<BR><b>Build:</b> Strong and slim<BR><b>Hair:</b> Black<BR><b>Eyes:</b> Deep green<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> Significant Other <BR><b>Occupations:</b> Traveller - healer and Bard<BR><b>Clothes:</b> Dark blue slim shirt, dark olive jerkin, hunter green leggings, black shoes and cloak<BR><b>Means of Travel:</b> Black horse with rainbow sheen, named Diadem<BR><b>Weapons/Skills:</b> Sword and knife, healing, music<BR><b>Bio:</b> I was born in a small village under the House of Gil-galad. When I was still a child, the village was attacked by Orcs; houses looted and set afire, women and children slaughtered. I was out gathering herbs, or I would have been killed alongside my family. As it is, I was one of only a few survivers - a couple of the young men off hunting, and the mother of a friend down by the stream, were the others. The adults banded together and took me in to raise me.<BR><BR>Once a young adult, I left my home, the wanderlust in me surfacing. I wandered the lands of Middle-Earth for many human years, although they do not seem so very long to me. Early during this time I fell in love with an Elf, named Rolnori, who would later betray me and my companions to a band of Orcs. His betrayal pierced me so much that for a long time after I trusted almost no one. I began to trust once more long ages later, but it wasn't until after the War of the Rings that I finally allowed myself to love again.<BR><BR>I am a Master Bard and a representative of the Elven Council at Barad-Estel (Tower of Hope). During my travels I developed my healing skills, and am now known as one of the best healers in the land.
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Postby gladrieltook » Sun Feb 03, 2002 11:16 am

ok.<BR><BR><b>Name:</b> Shiara/ Sari<BR><b>Race:</b> Half Nymph, Half Elf<BR><b>Age:</b> 250<BR><b>Gender:</b> Female<BR><b>Height:</b> Short<BR><b>Weight:</b> Ask her this, and she'll rip your eyes out<BR><b>Hair:</b> Black<BR><b>Eyes:</b> Black<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> Single- BACK OFF!!!<BR><b>Occupation:</b> Bard, wanderer, healer(i'm not really part of the Healer guild, but oh well<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif"border=0>)<BR><b>Outfit:</b> Varies. Usually some loose slack drwn up around the knees, a loose shirt, and bare feet (light boots in the winter)<BR><b>Means of travel:</b> Feet, or gray pony named Fairy <BR><b>Skills:</b> Healing, acrobatics(especially in the trees), archery, horse back riding, never uses swords, as they are clumsy and messy weapons, dead languages<BR><b>Personality:</b> resourceful, wise, quirky at times, a warm sense of humor, a bit of a prankster, caring, and very intorerant to stupidity and arrogance, being down to earth and modest.<BR><b>Bio:</b> She was raised by Elrond of Rivendell, after being brought there by Ecelannar under the nick-name of Sari. She was taught evrything she knows by Elrond and his sons. They could never make her a lady, though even Arrwen tried. Sari had no liking of Arwen, and simply thought of her as a giddy little git, though she never told Elrond.<BR>She goes as she pleases, making friends where-ever she goes.<BR><BR>(btw: try to make your characters more believable<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>)
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Jen the Ringbearer. <BR><BR>A ring upon a silver chain around her neck, fine clothes and a cloak around her body. She is actually half-elf and half-hobbit, giving her no special power except invulnerability. She has a blade from Gondor beside her waist, and a silver dragon whistle that is said to call forth the descendants of Smaug themselves. Yet she is a good soul, but the ring weighs heavy on her heart at all times. It has been in her possession for only 5 years, not long enough to do harm.<BR><BR>(otherwise she's a boozed out young hobbit <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>)
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<b>Name</b> Llinos (welsh meaning Linnet - bird)<BR><b>Race</b> Laiquendi Elf<BR><b>Gender</b> Female<BR><b>Age</b> Unknown but has only just left the care of her Guardian<BR><b>Height</b> 5ft7<BR><b>Build</b> Sleek but has a hidden strength<BR><b>Eyes</b> Green<BR><b>Hair</b> Strawberry Blonde<BR><b>Marital Status</b> single<BR><b>Occupation</b> Wanderer of Lothlorien, she has leave of many places as she simply likes to wander. She has been dubbed the Maiden of the dawn when she was discovered in Moria and rose from the darkness in a ray of light.<BR><b>Outfit</b> She dresses in traditional Laiquendi wear, Green Riding trousers with knee high dark green elvish boots and a light green tunia embroidered in the lure of Laiquendi with leaves and trees. She always wears the North Star necklace and the Ring of Mithril Rheader which is the ring of the dawn and has a stone inside that glows a great light at dawn.<BR><b>Means of Travel</b> She has a steel grey stallion called Magien (welsh meaning Firefly) but she doesn't always ride him only when she needs to. Llinos spent alot of time in Rivendell, it was at that time that she wandered of in the night into Imladris, she followed some Fireflie's and found Magien a young colt, grazing under the moonlight, she adopted him and named him Magien because of the Fire Fly's. Magien acts partly as her gaurdian for she was feared for as she left the safety of her home still young.<BR><BR><b>Skills</b> Llinos has simple healing skills bestowed on her by Elrond when he tutoured her . She fights with a Long elvish bow made from Sycamore and a has a light elvish blade too that she found. She has a ring that is the ring od Dawn it is called Rhaeader and is made from old Mithril with a stone inside that only shines at dawn.<BR><BR><b>Personality</b> She is generally shy until she knows someone, she is extrovertial but sometime appears distant as if she is in another world. She was often called dreamer by her companions. She hides her feelings alot of the time if she is sad about something and always wheres a smile as she was told once no matter what pain you were feeling on the inside you can always find a reason to smile.<BR><BR><b>Bio</b> Llinos' past is sketchy, she is the daughter of Denethor the last Laiquendi lord who died fighting the evil that tried to overcome Ossiriand where they dwelled. When her Father died and the Laiquendi's went into deep morning they did not forget his only child, they feared for her greatly their most cherished maiden, which pon seeing her red golden hair grow they named Lady of the Dawn and so the Myth was said that the Lady of the Dawn would be born of old and then fall to darkness only to Rise again. Of course the Laiquendi greatly feared the part about the fall of the Maiden to darkness, and they knew the dark lord seeked her though none could see why. So it was one day when their home became to dangerous for the young elf that a party set out with Llinos in hand and set to take her to Lorien. But they did not make it. Over come by the darkness in the Mist Mountains the baby was snatched, most feared that the dark lord had heard the Myths about the Lady of the Dawn and how she would overcome the darkness and rise above and had set out to kill her. And so they mourned for years that she was lost from Middle-Earth forever. But it was not so. The dakr Lord did not kill the child but took her to Moria where she ran free in the caves scarping a life from scraps that were convienintly left about, a scrappy child, she managed to survive but never escape Goblins and Orcs would not let her pass. By the time she was an adult she'd lived her whole childhood in darkness only the great windows of Dwarrowdelf offered her any sign of the outside world, btu life went on. It was in Dwarrowdelf that she was found, by a group of Elves that had entered the mines for proof of their bravery, they found her thin and pale slinking about the darkness and led her to the light, though the great forces tried to hold her with the help of her new friends she escaped and so the Lady of the Dawn rose from the darkness and all behold her.<BR>She went to Lorien where Galadriel rejoiced at her rising, she found new health and virtue and was given the ring that had waited so long for her and the necklace of her lost Mothers, the North Star. And so to this day the Lady of the Dawn, Llinos, still strives through the darkness to rise each morning amd still the darkness hunts her...
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Ok, here goes. This is me for most of my games:<BR><BR>Name: Fei<BR>Race:Human<BR>Country: Rohan<BR>Age:16.5<BR>hair:blonde, mid back length usually worn down, or pulled back inot a light bun or ponytail.<BR>Eye color: blue or blue-grey<BR>Marital status:single<BR>clothes: brown breeches(pants), a white tunic, a black cloak, and chain mail.<BR>Weapons:long silver sword, and a sharp dagger. <BR>Skills: excellent swordswoman, hand to hand combat, sarcasism(she cosiders it to be a skill), survival skills<BR>Occupation: traveller. Has been travelling for five years.<BR>History:<BR> Was born in Rohan in a small village. Her father was a talented sworman and a smith. He taught her the basics of swordplay.(She made up her own rules after he died, and taught herself.) Lived thei happily with a few friends until the age of ten. The village was attacked by somethign(she doesn't know what, but people think that it was a balrog). Her mother and her fled out of Rohan. Her father was forced to stay and fight. A few months later, they found a herald who was travelling, and asked him for news. They found out that Fei's father had been killed, and that the town was completely razed to the gound and burnt. Two years later(they wandered for those two years), her mother had a wish to return to Rohan. When they had gotten close, her mother fell ill, and died shortly afer. Fei took her bdy back, and burried it behind the remains of their house. She took her father's sword, Celebdur, and left the country. She has been wandering for the last four years. <BR><BR>(In the other threads, I am a shy girl named Celebanna, and the DM(or bad guy controler.<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-devil.gif"border=0>) in another one.<BR>
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Name: Elkendar<BR><BR>Race: Human<BR><BR>Gender: Male<BR><BR>Age: Late 40's<BR><BR>Height: 6'.3"<BR><BR>Weight: About 240<BR><BR>Hair: Black with white on his temples<BR><BR>Eyes: Grey-Green<BR><BR>Marital Status: Single, wife was killed by an Orc<BR><BR>Occupation: Forester, Battle-Mage<BR><BR>Outfit: Dark green cloak, the rest is forest colours.<BR><BR>Means of Travel: Usually by foot, but on occaision, he rides a big grey stalion<BR><BR>Personality: often grim but has a affinity for music, and will gladly sing a song or play his flute.<BR><BR>Bio: In his youth he was trained in The Tower of High Magic as a battle-mage, a magic user who has an affinity for both magic and wepons. He trained for fifteen years and was finally inducted in the Council, He rose rapidly through the ranks of Mages and quickly surpassed his Masters and Predecesors. He was taught many languages including Elven, Dwarven and Orcish. On his twenty eighth birthday he left the tower and travelled to the Fangorn where he learned the lore of the Forest. After his teachings in the woods he travelled anout the world and learned many things, he also fell in love. But she was visciosly murdered. Recently he has aquired a Ring of Power, The Moonring of Wisdom. A few years back he returned to the beloved tower, only to find the mages had disserted it for some reason or another. Using his power and he claimed the tower for himself. Lately he has opened it up once more for the Mages of Middle-Earth. Though this time, any user of magic may come and learn. Or young people are welcome as well, to get an apprenticeship. All races are welcome. Now, he often spends time in The Tower and around Middle Earth. Sometimes adventuring other times traversing the woody terrain of The Fangorn.
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<b>Name</b> The Warrior/Bard Erinhue of Belfalas<BR><BR><b>Race</b> Human, Numenorean bloodlines.<BR><BR><b>Gender</b> Male<BR><BR><b>Age</b> 32 <BR><BR><b>Height</b> 6’4”<BR><BR><b>Build</b> Lean and athletic<BR><BR><b>Eyes</b> Sea gray<BR><BR><b>Hair</b> dark, curly, moustache and, close-cropped beard<BR><BR><b>Marital Status</b> Stalwart Knight and S/O to the Lady Aerin Clearstream.<BR><BR><b>Personality</b> Erinhue is Illuvatar's bright spirit, sent to walk in the darkness of the world and spread the light of hope. He is slow to anger and quick to laugh and quicker still to make others laugh. He is friendly and charming and a bit of a rouge, but his heart is true. <BR><BR><b>Occupation</b> Bard working the circuit from Belfalas to Bree, Guild Master, the Bard’s Guild; Bartender and Co-Owner of the Lucky Fortune Inn; Battle Captain, Mithril Knights.<BR><BR><BR><b>Outfit</b> Generally natural colors, grays and greens, to blend in with a life on the road. Has an elven cloak given to him by an old friend carries a knife and a rune sword named, Clarion. <BR><BR>The sword is possessed of a berserker spirit , which takes possession of the bard when the sword is drawn in anger. Under its influence Erinhue in all but invincible on the battlefield but his bloodlust will not recognize a friend on the field unless that person has already placed his fingers and his reflection on the blade.<BR><BR>Erinhue also carries a dragonharp, which is more of a companion than a possession. Called Agarak, it is one of a pair of instruments created by Illuvatar himself. The other, Egarak, was long ago corrupted, redeemed and sent across the sea. Agarak has the attributes of a dragon( magical and fire breathing) and has a mind and will of its own. The harp is surprisingly bad tempered and has a penchant for starting fires when annoyed.<BR><BR><b>Biography</b> Found on the steps of Dol Amroth, Erinhue was made ward of the Prince’s Court and adopted by Elitan the Captain of the Swan Knights(at the time). He was raised to be a Swan Knight but his beautiful singing voice and talent for music was noticed and he was apprenticed to the Master Bard to the Court of King Elessar.<BR><BR>The Master Bard, jealous of the young mans’ talent and coveting the unique dragonharp for himself, plots against his apprentice and finally makes an attempt on his life. <BR>Fleeing for his life, Erinhue made his first trip from Belfalas to Bree and earned his keep by singing. Thus began his life as a bard.<BR>
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<b>Name:</b>Curufë<BR><b>Race:</b> Noldorin Elf<BR><b>Gender:</b> Male<BR><b>Age:</b> very old<BR><b>Height:</b> slightly shorter than the average valaquendi, but still quite tall.<BR><b>Weight:</b> no idea<BR><b>Hair Color:</b> brown<BR><b>Eye Color:</b> brown<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> single<BR><b>Occupation:</b> captain of Celegorm's rangers, captain of the guard at Nargothrond, captain of the guard for Maedhros, captain of the guard at Eregion, captain of Elrond's rangers at Imladris. (in that order)<BR><b>Outfit:</b> Whatever suits the occasion. Likes to dress well when not out ranging (is that a verb?). He wields a spear crafted for him by his father and blessed by Oromë, named <i>Seregon</i><BR><b>Means of Travel:</b> Most often, horseback.<BR><b>Skills Include:</b> His best skills are: Tracking, weaving, hunting, spears. Other skills he is more than competent in: swords, knives, reading, writing, archery. Skills he has at least basic knowledge in are: healing, cooking<BR><b>Languages:</b> many animal tongues, westron, sindarin, quenya<BR><b>Personality:</b> Curufë is a very proud Fëanorean elf. Even up to the end of the third age, he does not like to have dealings with men. But balancing this out is a robust sense of guilt over his many misdeeds and failings over the years. He is also very loyal, almost to a fault.<BR><b>'Main' Past Bio:</b> Curufë was born in the Blessed Realm, before Morgoth was released, and is the brother of Nerdanel (and so the brother-in-law of Fëanor). He was one of the elves who followed Oromë, along with Celegorm. When Fëanor spoke, Curufë's heart was moved to see the wild lands of Middle-Earth, and to hunt there. He was also unwilling to leave his brother-in-law. On the other hand, he did not want to leave his sister, and still thinks of her often. He took part in the first kinslaying, but stood aside with Maedhros at the burning of the ships in Losgar. He is the only survivor of the band of elves that were with Fëanor when he was killed. He settled with Celegorm, his old friend, not desiring a realm of his own. After the Dagor Bragollach, he went to Nargothrond with Celegorm, but remained there after Celegorm was driven out. At the fall of Nargothrond, which Curufë feels in part responsible for, he went to Maedhros. He took part in the second kinslaying, but left Maedhros at the third. He would not return to Aman, as he felt there were sins on his slate that needed redeeming, so he went with Celebrimor to Eregion. After the fall of Eregion, he went to Imladris, where he spent most of his time until the end of the third age, when he went beyond the bent seas, back to Aman.
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<b>Name:</b> Aranuir<BR><b>Race:</b> Men<BR><b>Age:</b> 47 years<BR><b>Height:</b> 6'3"<BR><b>Weight:</b> 200<BR><b>Hair:</b> Blonde<BR><b>Eyes:</b> Blue<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> Single<BR><b>Occupation:</b> Ranger of the North, Hunter and Tracker of the Lokerona (Eastern Dragons). He spends much of his time helping to guard the borders in the Brown Lands, and assists the Rohirrim in the Wold.<BR><b>Clothes:</b> Tunic, trousers, boots, cloak. All are dark colors, but the shades are kind of vague and obscure. Most of it looks black, brown, gray, or green. Kind of a messy look, but he does live out-of-doors, after all. <BR><b>Means of travel:</b> Unassuming brown horse named Shelya (shell-EE-ah)<BR><b>Weapons/Skills:</b> Sword, Rapier, Dagger. He knows some Elvish healing spells for basic wounds that were taught to him by the Elves of Mirkwood. For other things he calls upon Elrond, Galadriel, or Gandalf (who have passed into the Grey Havens) for help.<BR><b>Personality:</b> He is a Ranger, which speaks sufficient enough for some. He is by nature aloof and separated, but he will help anyone if the need arises. He loves a good joke, and is lighthearted when around those he knows as friends. He is at home with the Elves in Mirkwood and Rivendell, as he is in the caverns of the dwarves. <BR><b>Genealogy:</b> (The dates follwing the names are their deaths, in the Third age year) His line begins thus: Aragorn I 2327, Araglas 2455, Arahad I 2523, Aragost 2588, Aragost II 2633, Arbalast 2707, Arahoth 2762, Aragost III 2832, Arahain 2888, Aglaron 2947, <b>Aranuir</b> (Second son of Aglaron). He was born in 2975, forty-three years after Aragorn II, King of Gondor and Arnor, and friend of Frodo the Ringbearer.<BR><b>Bio:</b> After being born to his parents in Drimrill Dale, he went to Rivendell for his basic education. When he turned seventeen, he was sent to Mirkwood to learn the finer arts of fighting and healing. Then, when he was twenty-three, he started roaming with various groups of Rangers, learning to live in the wild and what it took to guard the innocent peoples of Middle Earth. When he was thirty-seven, a prophecy by Galadriel told him he must pursue a destiny in Rhun. When he travelled to Rhun, he encountered the Lokerona, or Eastern Dragons. They had no wings, but went about as men. No one knows of their origin or why they had become what they had, but Aranuir learned to fight the Lokerona, to defend innocents in Rhun. From then on, he would spend his time in The Brown Lands, west of the river Anduin.
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<b>Name:</b>Arish <BR><b>Race:</b>Elf<BR><b>Gender:</b>Female<BR><b>Age:</b>Unknown<BR><b>Height: </b>She is tall, probably somewhere between 5’8” and 5’10”<BR><b>Weight:</b>Unknown<BR><b>Eye Colour:</b> vibrant blue<BR><b>Hair Colour:</b> red! I don’t know if Tolkien’s elves had red hair but she does!<BR><b>Marital Status:</b>Single<BR><b>Occupation:</b>She’s a traveler now, no real job, just sorta goes around ‘cause she wants to.<BR><b>Outfit:</b> she wears dark pants and a blue shirt. She also wheres a long dark blue cloak with silver trimmings.<BR><b>Means of Travel:</b> She rides a white horse named Fanya.<BR><b>Skills Include:</b> healing, swordsmanship, languages, archery, throwing knives, hand to hand combat, music (namely the flute), writing, and many other skils that she hides well. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif"border=0><BR><b>Personality:</b> Arish is generally a good natured. She may not speak much or she may, depending on how she feels. More often than not she is content to sit quietly and listen. This lets her hear many things. But don’t let her happy attitude fool you, if you tick her off, WATCH OUT!! She has a fiery temper that she generally keeps hidden because of her fear that it might get out of control. She is loyal and trustworth and would never abandon a friend in need.<BR><b>'Main' Past Bio:</b> Arish lived in Lothlorien for the majority of her life. Her father was an elf from Mirkwood that met her mother when he was out traveling. For many years the family lived happily in the wood. Then one day, Arish had the sudden urge to leave and go somewhere else. She resisted the urge for as long as she could, hoping no one would know. It wasn’t that she was unhappy, she just wanted to see new things. The Lady Galadriel could see this, and she summoned Arish to her. She told her to go and see the world, and that she could always come back. She also gave her a necklace with a small orb filled with flames. “This will lead you to where the most adventure and excitement is. You need not follow it, but you will ever be moving if you do.” Those where the words that were given with the gift. So Arish said good-bye to her father and mother and left to travel the wide world, and had been traveling ever since.<BR><BR>She is also the carrier of the Fire Ring of Faith and a Staff of Creation (courteous of the Rings of the Element Guild!)<BR>
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<b>Name</b>DeSoto<BR><b>Race</b>Elf (Noldor)<BR><b>Gender</b>Male<BR><b>Age</b>born in the first age on Valinor<BR><b>Height</b>Taller then usual<BR><b>Weight</b>Normal<BR><b>Hair</b>Long blond hair<BR><b>Eyes</b>Blue with the light of Valinor shining through them<BR><b>Marital Status</b>Single<BR><b>Occupation</b>Former commander of the armies Fingolfin and of Fingon, currently wandering through ME and beyond<BR><b>Outfit</b>Usually green cloths <BR><b>Means of Travel</b>on foot or horse, no special horse<BR><b>Skills</b>Seeing powers of his kind, keen eyesight, healing, horseback riding, archery, combat by hands,swords,daggers,spears and javelins,writing,reading, many languages, historical knowledge and lore, tracking,hunting, survival,stealth.<BR><b>Weapons</b>Two elvish daggers, an elvish swords from an apprentice of Celebrimbor, bow and arrow, sometimes wields a spear.<BR><b>Personality</b>Silent,observant,capable of leadership but more comftorble in a supporting role. Wise and courageous,good judge of character and kind to all living things on the side of good. Lawfull.<BR>When comfortable in his company a good singer, taleteller and good sense of humour.<BR><b>History</b>Born in the First age on Valinor as a member of the house of Fingolfin. Travelling with his kindred across the ice plains after the betrayal of Feanor. Leader of the armies of Fingolfin and after his death of those of Fingon. Dwelled in Nargathrond and present at the fall of Doriath. In the second age he dwelled in Lothlorien before departing eastwards with Pallando from which he learned many things and lore. After a long journey east he came back to ME and joined the last Alliance. Now he still wanders around ME, always longing for the sea, but still fighting for the freedom of those that remain.
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Ashish! An Irish elf! Now if that don't just beat all...
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This was getting to long. So I made a thread just for SB's history.<BR><BR><a target=new href="http://www.tolkienonline.com/thewhitecouncil/messageview.cfm?catid=25&threadid=40219">http://www.tolkienonline.com/thewhitecouncil/messageview.cfm?catid=25&threadid=40219</a>
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<b>Name:</b> Oyarsa Elentari<BR><b>RaceElf:</b> Noldor<BR><b>Gender:</b> female<BR><b>Age:</b> Alive since the first age, though was not one of those awakened at the rekindling of the stars.<BR><b>Height:</b> 5'4"<BR><b>Build:</b> slim<BR><b>Hair:</b> long, black hair, usually in a single plait down her back<BR><b>Eyes:</b> dark, cobalt blue<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> single<BR><b>Occupation:</b> LAWM--Lothlorien Alliance Weapons Master, though currently a wanderer<BR><b>Outfit:</b> unadorned black when traveling <BR><b>Means of Travel:</b> sable filly, named <i>Khirako</i><BR><b>Skills:</b> Adept with the making and use of bow, sword, and dagger. Has slight ability to heal. <BR><b>Weapons:</b> Lorien bow and arrows, elf-sword <i>'Lhethe,'</i> various daggers hidden on body<BR><b>Personality:</b> intelligent, honorable, stubborn, and remote, though very loyal to those she calls ‘friend.’<BR><BR><BR><b><u>History</u></b> <BR><BR>Here is my song...<BR><BR><i>Companions, friends, ...listen close<BR>to this tale grown old with time.<BR>These words have ne'er 'scaped my tongue<BR>and my heart forever pine.<BR>O' Muse grant strength and courage now<BR>for this journey past embark<BR>towards memories too painful, close<BR>to my soul forever dark.<BR><BR>Within a shadowed forest far<BR>two forms were seen enclosed,<BR>And as the night fell fast a slumber<BR>as the red dawn rose,<BR>Reality's talons bared<BR>a child's whimpering so soft,<BR>that no creature dared disturb<BR>nor bird would fly aloft<BR><BR>A lady's form lay stricken, still,<BR>upon the ground, her crimson bier.<BR>Glassy silver eyes looked up<BR>her final thought of mortal fear.<BR>Cruel arrows pinned her body down<BR>piercing flesh and bone within,<BR>her dark blue garb in tatters torn<BR>pale limbs defiled without and in.<BR><BR>From out a bush a child crept,<BR>terror still upon the innocent face<BR>"Mummy mine?" the shattered plea<BR>arms stretched out toward a cold embrace.<BR>A chill wind churned as tears draped down<BR>trailing to the earthen loam;<BR>a silver and crimson amalgamation,<BR>the rising of a base unknown.<BR><BR>The elven sword Lhethe, in shadow wrested<BR>from brave hands, the mother's defense.<BR>The child now drew a sylvan shard<BR>its flickering flame grew bright, intense,<BR>A shroud enveloped the soul of the child<BR>soothing the agony of death and hate<BR>Blue eyes grown wise now knew the line<BR>between light and dark would be her fate.<BR><BR>In gwidh ristennin, <BR>i fae narchannen. <BR>O môr henion i dhû.</i><BR><BR><BR><BR>Translation:<BR><b>The bonds cut, <BR>the spirit broken. <BR>From darkness I understand the night.</b><BR><BR><BR>
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NAME: Hobbituk - stage name (Original Name: Herbert Took)<BR><BR>RACE: Hobbit, from Tookland<BR><BR>GENDER: Male<BR><BR>AGE: 40<BR><BR><BR>BUILD: Slightly stout, with quick feet<BR><BR>EYES: Blue<BR><BR>HAIR: Long dark curly Hair down to the Shoulders<BR><BR>MARITAL STATUS: Single.<BR><BR>PERSONALITY: Hobbituk is a friendly and down to earth fellow with an optimistic outlook on life. He is generally cheerful and enjoys his life. He is no coward but he would sooner choose flight than fight.<BR><BR>OCCUPATION: Bard working and travelling all over Eriador. <BR><BR><BR>OUTFIT: Travel stained rags. Usually green although it is sometimes hard to tell.<BR><BR>He seldom carries a weapon apart from a short walking staff.<BR>His faveourite possesion is a Skin Drum which he made himself and uses in his songs.<BR><BR>BIOGRAPHY:<BR>Hobbituk was born 'Herbert Took' in Tookland, the Shire. He grew up among his large family where he was quite happy, but never completely satisfied. He alwaysfelt there was something more to life and took to travelling as far as he could. He desperately wantedto see Elves and to experience magic, but both were<BR>rare and hard to find in the Shire in those days.<BR> <BR> It was in the Shire that he learnt to play the drums and to compose poetry with the hope of one day becoming a Bard (despite the fact that this was an unreputableprofession for a Hobbit of a great family like the Tooks). Eventually he tired of the Shire altogetherand decided the time had come to leave.<BR> <BR> Packing a few belongings he set off to seek his fortune in the wide world. He journeyed to Bree, where he picked up some business entertaining folks in the Pony and where he first met Erinhue - the great warrior Bard who taught him much of what he knows about Barding. <BR>Herbert had quite a small amount of patience and decided he was still not satisfied. He left Bree and saught out Rivendell - the valley of the elves that is legendary to Hobbits. After much searching he came upon the valley by chance and entered the last Homely<BR>house. <BR> <BR>The elves were amused by him and accepted his<BR>prescense much to his delight. He stayed there for a number of years listening to the songs of the elves and absorbing their beauty and magic. They listened to his poems with amusement and laughed at the relative crudeness of them compared with their great laments.<BR><BR>They affectionatley nicknamed him 'Hobbituk' and he was welcome anywhere in the valley. However, the taste for travelling had never left him and he decided to leave and see as much of Middle-Earth as he could. <BR><BR>He travelled all over Eriador visiting as many places as possible and earning his crust with songs and poems for locals. He became a faveourite with the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains and even entertained once or twice<BR>on the outskirts of the Shire (though he did not return to Tookland for many years).<BR><BR>Every year he would return to Rivendell where he would spend the cold winter in the company of elves.<BR><BR>
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<b>Main's name:</b> Cynara, occasionally changed to suit RP.<BR><b>Race:</b> Half-Elven, of Lothlorien or Minas Tirith.<BR><b>Gender:</b> Female, undoubtedly!<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0><BR><b>Age:</b> generally about 23, varied.<BR><b>Height:</b> Taller then the average woman, shorter then the average elf.<BR><b>Weight:</b> Never really comes up. About 118, I guess.<BR><b>Hair:</b> About waist-length, and blonde. Occasionally silver.<BR><b>Eyes:</b> Blue. Just plain, unelvish blue.<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> Single, free, and very independant.<BR><b>Occupation:</b> Either a mercenary fighter, or on a vendetta. Briefly a barmaid.<BR><b>Outfit:</b> A leather armor jerkin, tunic underneath, and elvish leggings, much like Legolas's. If a barmaid, then is dressed in a plain Minas Tirith-style dress.<BR><b>Fighting:</b> Weilds a sword and throwing daggers with exceeding proficiency, and passes fair with a bow. Is also quite good with hand-to-hand. Employs the use of small magic.<BR><b>Personality:</b> Very brave, and doesn't like to admit any physical weakness. Has an odd sense of humour, even in the middle of battle. <BR><b>Past:</b> Read Quest of Revenge, third story of an RP trilogy, sister story to The Night the <i>Troll's Nose</i> Burned Down (Now Finished!), and the Lebannin Conspiracy. Cynara only appears in QoR, but TN records her mother and father's adventures.
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Name: Palindrome. Yes, Palindrome.<BR>Race: Hobbit<BR>Gender: Oh oh, Wait, I know this one! -_-' I'm a female, folks.<BR>Age: 24<BR>Height: Dunno, havn't measured in a while.....short.<BR>Weight: Hey! That's rude! Now I'll have to decide whether to let you live or not...<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif"border=0><BR>Hair: Auburn, about waist length<BR>Eyes: Purple with funny looking yellow speckles<BR>Marital Status: Single, and I intend to stay that way for now!<BR>Occupation: I'm a theif, so I don't really have any honest work....I get a few coins to play my flute once in while.......<BR>Outfit: Plain whit shirt, a leather vest and black pants. Boring, I know.<BR>Fighting: Pike axe, though some times I hide in a tree and throw darts at people. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0><BR>Personality: Cheerful, bouncy, a little strange at times.......I do have a deep, sad side, but I don't like to let people see that part of me. Terrified of the dark and storms, though I'll never admit it.<BR>Past: I don't really remember a family or anything. Eariest memories were of wandering around the Shire alone. Every so offen has dreams of some people that might have been parents.
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<b>Name:</b> Lila Took<BR><b>Race:</b> Hobbit<BR><b>Gender:</b> Female<BR><b>Age:</b> Just out of my tweens!! <BR><b>Height:</b> about 3 feet exactly!<BR><b>Hair:</b> Curly,down to the middle of my back, and caramel-colored!<BR><b>Eyes:</b> A bright green<BR><b>Martial Status:</b> Single! (and looking for a nice young(male) hobbit!)<BR><b>Occupation:</b> Don't really work, but garden for fellow hobbits from time to time<BR><b>Outfit:</b> a tannish color of pants, deep blue colored shirt, with silver beads embroidered on it, and a warm tan vest, and a cloak, and also a cloak form Lothlorien (my great great great great, grandfather Pippin handed down to me!)<BR><b>Means of Travel:</b> I have a pony, he's brown, with white ankels and a white diamond on his head, along with streaks of whitein his otherwise brown maine, oh yeah his name is Sam!<BR><b>Skills:</b> Well, i am a very good cook, can cook just about anything, and a good gardener! I don't have very good luck with swords and bad guys ( i have Peregrin Took's sword, which he used on his adventure with Frodo,that was also handed down to me, but i do my best, i am the loyal companion who will stick by you through thick and thin!<BR><b>Personality:</b> A very passionate person,mischeivous, sometimes funny (or tries to be) silly, sometimes forgetful ( might i add, a little clumsy), a very caring and loving person, helps others, but sometimes gets a temper! I am very brave, not shy, and i will speack my mind!<BR><b>Bio:</b> Lila Took grew up in the Shire, her parents are Lola Cotton and Dergo Took, her parents live in Bywater, Lila lives in Hobbiton, just by Bag end, she loves the Shire and her friends, she is a very miscievous person! Always loves to try and joke around! Although she does love the shire, she is always looking for an adventure, or journey to go on, she loves to travel, which many think is quite unusual, but many says its the Peregrin Took, she has in her blood that makes her heart long for an adventure!
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<b>Name:</b>Lokia<BR><b>Elven name:</b><i>Durfaniel</i><BR><b>Race:</b>Elf<BR><b>Gender:</b>female<BR><b>Weapon:</b>Bow and arrows<BR><b>Age:</b>unknown<BR><b>Hair:</b>brown, usually hanging down<BR><b>Eye:</b>bright grass green eyes<BR><b>Jewlery:</b>a emarald stone carved into a vine leaf, that hangs around neck.<BR><b>Martial status:</b>single, maybe<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0><BR><b>Hometown:</b>Rivendell<BR><b>Relatives:</b>father-on the council in rivendell, mother-was killed by orcs a long time ago<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif"border=0>, brother: (Lucious)a great healer, and soon to replace my father on the council(come from a family of nobilty), also i have my cousin Friend, she's the best!!<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>.<BR><b>Occupation:</b>a traveler and wanderer<BR><b>Personality:</b>spirited, outgoing, and adventurous (can be headstrong)<BR><b>Means of travel:</b>a grayish horse named Arnian, he was given to me by my father, Arnian's brother (Artamis) is riden by my brother.<BR><b>Magic:</b>can talk to horses and can heal (and also has a good sense of smell)<BR><b>Outfit:</b>green archer outfit<BR><b>Skills:</b>bow and arrows(very good at it<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>) and speak in many elven languages.<BR><b>Bio:</b> Lokia travels across the land in search of an adventure.<BR>Many years ago she left Rivendell to find her destiney, she goes from city to city in search of some means of life. When she was a little girl she would go with her father to the different elven cities, she was a tom boy, and always played with the elven boys, she loved to play tricks on them, but they always got her back somehow.Now, that she is older, she does not play tricks anymore, but she likes to hang out with them, but don't worry she does have friends who are girls<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>.<BR>i'll add more!!<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>
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<b>Name:</b> Syningron Elenwë <BR><b>Race:</b> Half elf <BR><b>Class:</b> Bard <BR><b>Gender:</b> Male <BR><b>Age:</b> 256 (but likes to lie...) <BR><b>Marital status:</b> Single, rather not too long... <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-tongue.gif"border=0> <BR><b>Weapon skills:</b> Daggers, short swords and staffs <BR><b>Non weapon skills</b> Acrobatics, music, minor spells, animal handling. <BR><b>Personal character:</b> Syningron is always able to help, unless you are on the wrong side of his mind, which he will show by grabbing every opportunity to pull a prank. He is also very fond of animals. <BR><b>Biography:</b> <BR>Born and raised in the slums of Gwendä, along with his mother, father and brothers and sisters. Grew up with Dredö, which has been his best friend since they were born. <BR><BR>Syningron always loved music, in his childhood he always listened to one of his neighbors, who had a mandolin, and decided when he grew up he wanted to play the same instrument. For one of his birthdays, (a few year after his family heard he wanted to play the mandolin really badly), the all raised money together to buy him a mandolin, and had found someone in the city to teach him the basics, not too much money, and he was happier then ever, and wanted to start straight away. So a couple of days later he started the lessons, and turned out to be a natural. When the lessons were over, his teacher offered him to go with him on a trip to the villages nearby, and play for every crowd that wanted to listen, and enthusiastic as he was, he agreed without a doubt. Of course, Dredö was devastated by his sudden leave, and gave him a leather belt, which he almost never took of. <BR><BR>The next year was a wonderful year for Syningron, in every city he was people were cheering as loud as they could when they had heard him play. He couldn’t be happier, so he decided to keep traveling for a while. Surely his parents wouldn’t mind him staying away for a little longer. And maybe he shouldn’t have done that...<BR><BR>When he arrived at the slums of Gwendä, there was nothing left but an open plain where the slums had been. Really, this couldn’t be happening? So he went to the elders of the city, which denied any existence of slums in Gwendä, and had most certainly not heard of the place Syningron was referring to. Of course, Syningron was devastated by this discovery! Where was his family? Why did the elders denied the existence of the slums? While he was sunk into his thoughts, and he was walking down the streets to the place the slums had been before, an old man walked up to him, and asked him for his name. When he told him he was syningron, the man gave him a letter, and walked off without saying anything. <BR><BR>The letter was from his mother. It told him the elders wanted to get rid of the slums, because they were going to get visited by some high counsel, which would determine whether the city needed a new counsel of elders if the old ones weren’t complying. So everyone in the slums got a letter to leave, and maybe even get a residence in the village. But they had to leave the slums. <BR><BR>Really not much people in the slums wanted to move, and certainly not to the city, as they hated it there. So the people that remained got a new letter. If they would not move volanterely, they would be mover with force. That did shake the people, and most of them took their leave. But some still reamained, like his mother and father. <BR><BR>The letter told him that they would be waiting for his return in the slums, as long as the elders would let them stay, because they were not planning on moving. The letter ended with a kiss from his mother, and a grief wish of hope that he would return soon. <BR><BR>After reading the letter, Syningron sat down on a bench on one of the city squares, and didn't do anything for a while. He just sat. And thougth. Where were his parents now? After a while he decided to look for the old man again. He found him near a fountain on the square that was the nearest to the place where the slums had been. He asked them is he knew anything about his parents. He did... He told him they had been removed from the slums when they refused to move out. They were locked up, and had been given one last chance to take residence in a new given home in the city or leave. They still refused, as did many others. One day, all they prisson cells were empty. Nobody knew where the prissoners were taken, but the rumors went they had been executed... The only thing he knew for sure is that there was one kid, called Dredö, stayed out of the hands of the guards when everyone was taken, and stayed in the slums for as long as he could. Waiting for Syningron. His eyes widened. He also told him that he had been waiting eversince he had left for his return, and when he didn’t return on the time they expected him, next to his mother, he was the person most concerned about him. He hung around so long in the slums, that when they had begun tearing the slums down he was still in one of the cottages, and they didn’t find him untill the pieces were being removed... <BR><BR>The fact he knew all those things about Dredö, was because he was his father... He couldn’t find any words to express how he felt, because he was the cause of the death if his best friend... That moment he swore that he would revenge the dissapearence of his parents, and the death of his best friend, for himself and for the father of Dredö, and in the back of his head, he always hopes to find his parents somewhere in an Inn, drinking some wine, talking about how the slums were being removed... But that was already a long time ago...<BR>
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<b>Name: </b> Elfetawen Lossëfalme <BR><b>Nickname: </b> Lossë or Elfeta<BR><b>Titles: </b><BR>*Bearer of the Amber Fire Ring of the Passionate, "Khormir"<BR>*Watcher of the Uirelokë<BR><b>Race: </b> Elf<BR><b>Gender: </b> Female <BR><b>Hair: </b> Black w/ purple highlights, waistlength, worn in a half-ponytail<BR><b>Eyes: </b> Purple w/ silver flecks <BR><b>Height/Weight: </b> 5'2"/105lbs <BR><b>Age: </b> 753 years<BR><b>Marital status: </b> single <BR><b>Weapons: </b> Staff (retracting), short sword, bow & arrows (the bow is made yew and named "Lintesúl" which means 'swift-wind', it was given to Lossë by her brother, Calsúlë )<BR><b>Jewelry: </b>The Amber Fire Ring of the Passionate, "Khormir"( When invoked it enflames the spirit through sight and sound{musical fireworks}. A silver ring with a piece of polished amber encircled with vines and leaves.), worn on left index finger; a pendant given her by Erinhue, the Master Bard, with seed pearl "grapes" and jade leaves (Hwesta wears a similar pendant on a collar around her neck)<BR><b>Skills(other than weapons): </b> Singing, drawing/painting, dragon-riding <BR><b>Occupation: </b> Master Bard and Master Braider at the Weaver's Guild. Paints and draws for her own pleasure but is willing to do commissions for others.<BR><b>Clothing: </b> Black, flowing pants; silver, sleeveless tunic; black, deer-hide boots; black leather belt that loops around the waist twice with short sword hanging on the left, retracting staff on the right, bow/quiver in back (towards the right), and belt pouch in back towards the left; carries a sketchbook and pencils in a bag across her back; black, full-length, hooded cloak with silver embriodery of a Krysalpiren dragon silohuete over the heart <BR><b>Companions: </b> Elfetawen's mother was the gaurdian of a rare Krysalpiren dragon egg which hatched nine years after Lossë was born. The hatchling and elf child grew up together and became the best of friends and closer than sisters. A description of Krysalpiren dragons follows w/ a description of Hwesta in particular.<BR>...<b>adult length:</b> 7'<BR>...<b>wingspan at full extention:</b> <BR>.........<b>1st pair:</b> 10'<BR>.........<b>2nd pair:</b> 6'<BR>...The first wing-pair is attatched at the shoulders, the second wing-pair is attatched at the hips to give more lift and stability in flight. Four "fingers" and opposable thumb on front "paws" and four "toes" with two opposing "toes" on the back "paws" (if you want an example of the back feet go to www.dreslough.com and look at her dimar diagrams. However only the feet look the same!!) <BR>...<b>coloring:</b> usually greens,purples,or blues with gold or silver horns and claws<BR>...<b>special dragon power:</b> can change size - smaller to ride on owner/companion's shoulder, larger to carry owner/companion; Hwesta has also just recently discovered a new power - she can create crystal shards to use as a weapon or create perfect gem stones for her freinds <BR>...<b>Hwesta:</b> blue-purple w/ silver, has electric blue eyes w/ silver flecks, Hwesta means "breeze" <BR><b>Ruquesse: </b> Also called Quessë, she is a phoenix with yellow/orange plumage deepening to purple at the end of her tail and wing feathers and brightening to pure white on her throat and breast. Quessë was summoned/created (Lossë isn't sure which) on the occasion of Lossë's induction into the Bard's Guild as an apprentice. <BR><b>Personality: </b> Elfetawen is usually very shy, she trys to stay out of people's way because she is afraid of steping on toes (not in the physical sense!!). When she gets angry though, she will lecture even kings if she feels that they have overstepped their bounds. Hwesta is very protective of Lossë, feeling that if her friend won't stand up for herself she'll just have to do the job for her.<BR><b>Personal History: </b> Born the second child of Voronwe and Fanasúlë of the Grey Havens, Elfetawen was brought up in all of the traditions of her house, including sailing. Her older brother, Calsúlë, was also brought up in these traditions. When Lossë was nine years old the egg that her mother had been pledged to care for hatched. The baby dragon, Hwesta, and Lossë became best friends, closer even than sisters. When Elfetawen was sixty years old, her brother, who was three hundred forty five, left on a journey to Imladris. He never made it. Another elf, coming upon the dying Calsúlë, promised to bring word to his family of the orcs that had attacked him on the road. <BR><BR>When Elfetawen was two hundred years old she too decided to wander the land, see new places, and meet new people. Her mother was against this since she had lost one child already not that long ago. Lossë stayed home for another twenty years but wanted to see the rest of the world so badly that her parents finally let her go. <BR><BR>Three years after leaving home she rode into Imladris in the company of a tall, red haired elf lord named Aerusco. The two had grown quite fond of each other in their travels together and many believed that they might marry. Thirty years later however, Lossë had an argument with her uncle, Elrond Halfelven, that sent her out into the world, not to set eye on, or foot in, the home of her uncle for the next five hundred years. In that time she traveled to distant lands and even distant worlds in the company of Hwesta and, occasionally, one or two other companions. <BR><BR>Almost five centuries had passed when Lossë was called to help with a quest. Those who would journey on this quest were to meet in Imladris to ask council of Elrond Halfelven, the uncle of Elfetawen whom she had been purposely avoiding for the last few centuries. The night before the council she saw and talked to Aerusco. He had stayed when she had left and he had seen more of Elrond in that time. With that knowledge Aerusco managed to soothe Lossë's fears and convince her to talk things over with her uncle before she left. She was surprised when she did for Elrond applologised to her! Never in a millenium would she have thought that would happen! <BR><BR>When the quest had run its course Lossë returned to Imladris to heal, and to get used to the new powers that she had gained. She talked with Aerusco, her first love, and knew that it would be for the last time. Dark powers were rising in the east and the time of the elves was ending. Many elves were already leaving Middle Earth from the Grey Havens and Lossë learned that her parents had already left. Aerusco had only stayed to say goodbye and he would leave with Elrond when the time came. Lossë then traveled to Lothlorien to help in the defense of the Golden Wood when the orcish hordes attacked. Even when the fighting was over she stayed away from Imladris, until she heard of the coming departure of Galadriel and the elves of Lothlorien and knew that Elrond and his folk would be joining them. Still she did not rush to say her last goodbyes; those had been said before the war and it would only bring more pain to speak them again.<BR><BR>The mist off the river was rising in the moonlight when Lossë and Hwesta reached the eastern rim of Imladris Vale. The elves could be seen across the way, riding west, riding away from their old home. Lossë watched as the last elves dissapeared behind the ridge, the last one turning on his horse to gaze across the valley at the elfess and dragon then raising his hand in a final farewell and turning again to follow the rest. "Fare you well my love," Lossë whispered, then turned away and mounted up on Hwesta and the two flew away into the wilderness. <BR><BR>It was many years before Lossë started traveling again for she did not want to tear open old memories. But soon the love of Middle Earth that had kept her from crossing the sea drew her out again and she and Hwesta began their travels anew, finding new friends in old places, building a new life in a new world.
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Name: Angelicia Goodbody<BR><BR>Race: Hobbit<BR><BR>Gender: Female<BR><BR>Age: 28<BR><BR>Height: Middleish/tall, for a hobbit<BR><BR>Weight: 89lbs. (She's rather slimmer than most, but she's young yet.)<BR><BR>Hair: Long, dark brown, very curly.<BR><BR>Eyes: Startling green<BR><BR>Marital Status: Single, but very fliry. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif"border=0><BR><BR>Occupation: Barmaid at the Green Dragon, singer of songs, lute player, drinker of ale, instigator of pranks, crator of trouble.<BR><BR>Outfit: White, off the sholder blouse with a corset over it, green skirt, darker green sash round her waist.<BR><BR>Means of Travel: Walks, mostly, but has a red/brown pony called "Stupid," which it is not.<BR><BR>Skills Include: Good singer, lute player, and story teller. Also a fair cook, though she has a habbit of "improvising". Might actually do well on an adventure, she is a dead shot with a slingshot, keeps her head well in serious situations, and is an exelent spy. Unlike most hobbits, she is a good climber, swimmer, and a fast runner. Good with tools.<BR><BR>Personality:Angelicia is quite odd, for a hobbit, and has perplexed many in the Shire. She is loud, boisterous, rowdy, mischievous, and probably just a tad crazy. She will try anything once, pull any prank, no matter the danger, and often rushes into things without thinking. <BR>It is because of this that many of the older hobbits are of the opinion Angelicia has little sense and often warn their sons and daughters from associating with her. But most of the young hobbits like her. She is a good listener, a loyal friend, and with her around, there is never a dull moment. She knows many songs and stories, and is a wiz at thinking up new ones on the spot. She is also a talented lute player, and has composed a few songs that she sometimes plays at the Green Dragon during her off time. She is fond of children and will go out of her way to be kind to one.<BR>If you give her a reason to dislike you, watch out! Angelicia has a hot temper, and can be brutally sarcastic. She often carries a large wooden cooking spoon tucked in her sash while she works the bar, and if anyone makes a pass at her, she can whip it out and give that someone a crack across the head so fast he won’t know what’s hit him!<BR>Angelicia probably would actually enjoy an adventure.<BR><BR>Past Bio: Angelicia is originally from the Far Downs. Her family is like that of Sam in that though they are not very rich, they are well known and well liked. Her father was a carpenter, and Angelicia would often watch him work, so she is comfortable around tools and a fare hand at fixing things. <BR>Angelicia is the only girl in her family, somewhere between five older brothers and three younger ones. She spent most of her childhood trying to tag along with her older brothers, or else being forced to watch the younger ones. It is from growing up around so many males that she gets her loud, boisterous nature and sense of mischief. Though her brothers never liked having her follow them around, she was (and still is) as adventurous as they were, and could probably beat any of them at tree climbing, foot races, swimming, and getting into the most trouble.<BR> She loved her father dearly but was never very close to her mother, and the two would often argue. After her father died from falling out of a tree while trying to saw off a branch and Angelica’s mother tried to force her to merry an old but very rich hobbit she barely knew and did not love, Angelicia left home. <BR>After wondering the Shire for a while, visiting (and imposing on) distant relatives, she ended up in Bywater, and got a job as a bar maid at the Green Dragon. Angelicia now lives in a small room at the inn, and when she isn’t serving ale at the bar, (Most often this also includes drinking ale, smoking pipe-weed, singing rowdy drinking songs, dancing around on top of the bar, and thwapping young hobbit lads with a wooden spoon when they get “fresh.”) she can be seen traipsing about the Shire, exploring every nook and cranny of it, as well as terrorizing the inhabitants with her wild tricks and pranks.
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Name: Alayna <BR><BR>Age: Seventeen<BR><BR>Race: Man<BR><BR>Occupation: Wanderer and Assassin<BR><BR>Appearance: She has a heart shaped face, in which a firm mouth, with full lips are set. Her chin is strong without arrogance, the cheekbones high and pronounced. Her eyes are a clear, vibrant green, but shadowed over by heavy lids and long, thick lashes, they darken to brown. However, they show no sparkle and are lifeless, devoid of any hint of compassion or humanity, marking her as mainly an instrument of death, with no space for anything else. Her hair is brown, streaked with gold, with a hint of starlike silver to it. She is tall and slender, with muscles well honed from years of hard practice and is always ready for a fight, should one arise.<BR><BR>Weapons: A pair of rapiers, as delicate, beautiful and as strong as their wielder. Their blades are of adamant, and moonlight seems to burn beneath them with a cold, silver flame, appearing to dance off the sharp edges and ending in carved, hawkwinged hilts. They appear similar in every aspect. In addition to the rapiers, she also carries a pair of jeweled daggers, well-crafted enough to befit a King’s guard. Their blades are like a slice of midnight, contrasting strongly with the rapiers’ glow.<BR><BR>Personality: Proud, sensitive, and very intelligent. However, she is also cool and impassive, silent and reserved. In addition to that, she is one that could be considered dark and gloomy, an enigma to all, due to her conflicting traits. She is also very untrusting, even towards her friends. There is and always will be a storm raging inside her soul, for despite her indifferent facade, she faces much inner turmoil. She often yearns for love, but when a hand is offered, she turns it away, preferring instead to survive alone, by her own wiles.<BR> <BR>Clothes: A simple robe of shadowy gray, worn over a finely tailored dress, of a forest green, with slits up to her waist for freedom of movement rather then for appearance, and flesh colored tights beneath it. She also wears ankle length brown boots, cinched tight with silver chains. She wears no armor, knowing her skill is enough to protect her from all potential attackers. A green scarf holds her hair away from her face, and a necklace made of silver and inlaid with precious stones is the only hint she has to her true past. She does spend considerable time looking at it, wondering what story it might tell.<BR><BR>Brief History: Starting her life in the back streets of Minas Tirith, another nameless wretch in the dark underworld of that beautiful city, she had the fortune of being looked after by her mother, at least until she had been taken by an illness. Unknown to her, her mother was a lady of a noble house, had fallen in love with a man well beneath her station, a mere peasant, to be exact. However, her parents had found out, and they used their influence to sentence their daughter’s lover to spend eternity in prison. She was also with child when the sentence was carried out, but despite that, her parents had continued to allow her to stay on with them, but not before making her promise that the child would be destroyed the moment it came into the world. They had brazenly claimed their forgiveness, for she was an only child, and they were more than wealthy enough to quiet the matter, but the mere thought of losing her child as she had lost her lover nearly drove the young woman mad. She had taken her baby after it was conceived, and tried to start a life for herself some place where her parents could not find her, hence the back streets of the very city she had spent her childhood in.<BR><BR>Once Alayna had been found wandering around, completely lost and confused after the loss of her mother, she was taken in by an old woman, only to discover a far worse fate waiting for her. Terrified, she ran away, looking for a place where she could hide herself, away from prying eyes. However, a man of considerable standing in the underworld had sensed that beneath this shell lay a warrior, who with the right training, could turn into a force not to be trifled with. He had tested her by sending intruders into her hole, where she had defeated them barely armed. Passing his many tests, she had committed a clever murder of one of his lieutenants, a move that immediately moved her into his favor. She had ascended to the murdered lieutenant’s place easily, and while under him, she was granted the opportunity to be trained by masters of the dark craft. What these men had taken years to achieve, she had taken only a few months. Her progress had shocked all but her benefactor, and from there, after discovering her talent at her craft, she had dedicated her heart, mind and body to become the best.<BR><BR>Along her journey of desire, she had met one friend, someone who shares the same dreams. Instead of fighting with the lady over the position of power, she began to see how this could be used to her own advantage. This was Vierna. (She's still under development, so...) They fight equally well, but where Alayna was driven purely by the desire of being nothing but the best, Vierna was driven by revenge. They are the best of friends, though both share different dreams. She had chosen to follow Vierna on her search for vengeance, and after the deed was done, the pair decided that their skills would be far more formidable if each complimented the other, and hence they devoted a year to the development of their skills. Both travel together usually, and only on rare occassions are they seperated. <BR><BR>However...<BR><BR>Unable to bear the restriction of serving just one master, she had begun to lend out her services, working as a sword for the highest bidder, As she will never know her past, she is content with life as she knows it. Even though she may be an assassin, and one who works outside the law, she is still often enlisted by officials to assassinate their superior. Although she walks outside the law, she has her own code of honor. If she sees someone being assaulted wrongfully in any manner, she will draw her blades and slay the attacker with hardly a second thought.<BR><BR>Although the life of a warrior had always held her heart, the big cities and bustling crowds have made her restless. She has tired of following the orders of too many career minded officials who seek office rather than success on other grounds, and became riled by the many soldiers who walk the streets looking for work, that it seemed often that she could not swing a blade without hitting a newly formed mercenary company of some kind or another. Perhaps it was because of this reason that she chose to head to the wilds, where the untamed wilderness would be a better place for her to further seek the success which she craved, and the lands have yet to feel the passage of men upon them, or the slow creep of civilization.
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Postby Amysera » Mon Feb 18, 2002 11:12 pm

<b>Name:</b> Amysera Eomauryn<BR><b>Race:</b> Human <BR><b>Gender:</b> female<BR><b>Age:</b> late teens (between 16 and 19, depending on the RP)<BR><b>Height:</b> fairly tall for a human girl<BR><b>Build:</b> slender yet strong<BR><b>Hair:</b> long (past her waist when she takes it down) and straight; dark brown. <BR><b>Eyes: </b> gray<BR><b>Marital Status:</b> single, but Lady to the (apparently absent??) Knight Corbin Halloway<BR><b>Occupation:</b> Sheildmaiden of Rohan (at present)<BR><b>Outfit:</b> Usually in a knee-length tunic belted over leggings and a long-sleeve shirt, with high riding boots and a hooded cloak, all of which are in dusty greens, grays, and browns.<BR><b>Mount:</b> Gatanya, a young, feisty Rohan-bred dark bay mare.<BR><b>Skills Include:</b> horseback riding (she grew up in Rohan!), battle (with a sword, spear, and some minimal archery), etc<BR><b>Personality:</b> find out for yourself!<BR><b>History:</b> Amysera is the daughter of a Rohan messenger and a Gondorian noblewoman (hence her dark hair and gray eyes, rather unusual among the hosts of the Riddermark) whom he fell in love with during his many trips to Minas Tirith. He worked hard to convince her father that he was worthy of her hand, but at last he attained his prize. The two married and returned to Rohan. Amysera has two twin older brothers, Amryr and Emryr, who take after her father with their fair hair and strong build, and are in their early twenties. Amysera's father was murdered in Minas Tirith when she had just turned sixteen. He had been tracking orcs on Rohan's southwestern borders, and their trail led near the White City, where he and all but one of the members of his scouting party stumbled unwittingly into the midst of a deep-seated plot of treachery. When word of his death (though not its precise circumstances) reached Edoras, Amysera and her mother packed their things, bid farewell to her brothers (who were serving with the Rohirrim), and moved back to Minas Tirith to live with her mother's family there. A year passed, and the girl was pining desperately for the green pastures that she called home, so she saddled her horse and returned home. Not long after, the treachery that had taken her father broke out in full force. The White City fell to the forces of evil in what became known as Dagor Erui Amareth, and Amysera has reason to believe that her mother's life was forfeit in the process. Now an orphan, she does not know if her brothers are alive or dead, or if her Knight, whom she met again briefly in the battle, still lives.
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Postby Leslie-ElfWarrior » Wed Feb 27, 2002 9:19 pm

*Thank you All Who have posted and told everyone about your charactors*<BR>I have read all about everyones charactors and they are truely AWESOME<BR>I hope many more people continue to post about their charactor's profiles here! <BR><BR>Plus to any and all-<BR>EVERYONE is Welcomed to post about their charactor's here. So feel free to do so when you would like <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0><BR>*Leslie-ElfWarrior*
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Postby SmaugsBane » Thu Feb 28, 2002 10:58 am

<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>
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Postby Leslie-ElfWarrior » Fri Mar 01, 2002 5:04 pm

<b>Thank you, SmaugsBane!!! I'm glad you like this thread so much and will certainly read up on your charactor!!!</b><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>
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Postby Friend » Fri Mar 01, 2002 5:39 pm

Cool idea! <BR>Name: Elanor, but goes by the nickname of Friend; explantion in Bio.<BR>Race: Elf<BR>Age: Unknown<BR>Height: Average Elf height<BR>Hair: Dark Brown, usually worn in braid<BR>eyes: Very dark green<BR>Marital Status: Single<BR>Outfit: Robes (Like the elves in the new movies), almost always blue, made of velvet<BR>Means of Travel: Brown horse with white markings named Arrow. Arrow is very sarcastic.<BR>Skills: Excellent archer, speaks with horses, rides horses, can carve wood, sometimes(rarely) sings, various spells.<BR>Personality: Extremely loyal. Willing to do anything, including give up her own life, for her friends. Sensitive. Sometimes humorous, but when someone is in trouble, gets very serious. Fun-loving<BR>Bio: Her true name is "Elanor", the name of her mother as well. She refuses to use this name, and was given the nickname of Friend in her childhood. Grew up in Mirkwood with her father, as her mother died when she was very young. Her father was killed when both of them were captured by Orcs, and she believes it to be her fault. She is cousin to Lokia, though did not know it for much of her life, believing all of her realatives to be dead. Her belief that she was responsible for her father's death is one of the main reasons that she is so willing to do anything for those close to her. She loves to have fun, enjoys dancing, and is very compassionate.<BR><BR>~Friend<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>
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