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Pull out your pack and head on down to the Prancing Pony for some great Role Playing (try to stay in character)!

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((OOC - Well, I've been off for a long time, but it's FOTR launch day - and I had to come back, didn't I??))<BR><BR><i>All five of them were bound at birth by something stronger than blood. A power so deep and unusual that it has only been evident once in the past. Tynyra, Racá, Isil, Cllit and Laenuevalon were all connected by one legendary creature. So rare and beautiful was the beast, that only one was known to roam Middle Earth at one time.<BR><BR>And it belonged to the Mirkwood elves, and used the borders for protection. For if man was ever to discover it's presence, the creature would surely diminish.<BR><BR>So, desperate to seek the creature and whatever power it held, Laenuevalon, or Reaper as he was better known, set out on the road to ask the creature why or when he had been 'blessed' and how.<BR><BR>The creature was an angel of Middle Earth, more powerful and beautiful than the elves, more strong and hardy than the dwarves, yet as gentle as a leaf blowing in the wind.<BR><BR>And that creature... was the Witness.</i><BR><BR>
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