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Postby orliesmyhusband » Sat Sep 14, 2002 9:15 pm

Hey all, we REALLY need to stop OOCing in the RP! I REALLY need GT here because I dont want to post what the boss says, having no idea what he's like nor what he would do! <BR><BR>Oricon
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Postby Aloen~Elven~Half » Sat Sep 14, 2002 9:48 pm

LOL! <img src="http://www.tolkienonline.com/mb/i/expressions/face-icon-small-tongue.gif"border=0> Girl I talked to Kat, she's got no idea what to do either...not since the whole "let him go!" thing. She was waiting on YOU to post what to do! LOL <img src="http://www.tolkienonline.com/mb/i/expressions/face-icon-small-rolleyes.gif"border=0> the irony!
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Postby Running-Deer » Sat Sep 14, 2002 10:14 pm

I was wondering if there would be any objections to my either deleting the OOC's in the main thread or moving them over here? I am VERY CLOSE to just padlocking it down.<BR><BR>Also, lets please not stretch the typing out so badly that we have to scroll to read the posts. I have edited the post that caused the problem.
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Postby *Sadrien*Elvenhalf* » Sun Sep 15, 2002 7:24 am

I for one do not object to the moving/deleting of the ooc's, they only seem to be taking up room. Also; Thank you for being so incredibly patient with this thread. Hopefully not that we have an Ooc, things will get back up and running like they need to be.<BR><BR>Thanks again, Running Deer!<BR><BR>Ok...<BR>In the thread the current situation is:<BR>Oricon, Sage, and Cirden are in the main room with the boss and a few of his guards. Aloen has just run away from Carl and is now heading back to the tower. (We also have a possible new character)<BR><BR>What can we do?<BR><BR>From what I know, the boss is a cruel but very laid back character who just enjoys ordering people around and being cruel, and also just being able to sit back and watch what takes place.<BR><BR>Here are some possibilities:<BR>Dungeon Scenarios:<BR>1. We COULD say that he(the boss) orders Sage to be taken back into the dungeon, and Ori and Cirden remain with the boss. <BR>2. The boss could have both of the girls or all three(sage, ori, cirden) be thrown into the dungeon until the boss can think of how he wants to deal with us.<BR>3. If we use the dungeon, whoever is inside of it can be found by Aloen, that way we can start getting all of the characters back into the same basic area, and after a few posts on a jailbreak, we can all meet up in one or two rooms and while Cirden is chasing Carl down, the rest of us can be trying to defeat the guards and escape at the same time.<BR>4. Whoever gets put in the dungeon can be found by Tanith's character, introducing him...<BR><BR>As I said before, those are just some ideas that we could use or spin-off of(and sadly, the only things I could think of dealt with the dungeon, as is clearly readible.) What do the rest of you think?
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Postby Adramir081 » Sun Sep 15, 2002 7:26 am

Hello Everyone(Eglamtiel under different name) Sorry i dropped off posting in this thread i regret it.I just looked back and my last post isn't even a post its an ooc, how stupid! I just wanted to drop in and say hello and whats been happining??
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Postby Raavi » Sun Sep 15, 2002 6:07 pm

Hmmm no RD! please go right ahead! hmmm been told to limit my tying..... this is new! lol I like it,sort of, I guess its better than being pelted for one liners..... *shrugs*<BR><BR><BR>I've been planning....... hows about the Boss orders Sadrien to be taken away, perhaps to another holding cell, and there he would call in Tanith, she/he,( I dont know if its the bro or the sis who wants to RP on that name......they confuse me sometimes. ) and Tanith would take me away and Cirden would have some sort of "face off" with the boss and then have to find me and Sage. He immediately lunged upon Tanith, taking she/he for the killers of the boss, only to find himself prejudice and finding that Oricon and Tanith know one another from Middle Earth? <BR><BR>^^^^ just a suggestion! Does NOT need to be acted! <BR><BR>Oricon (once again forgetting to log out 'grumbles')
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