Old Norse/Icelandic pronunciation

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Postby mor-il » Wed Jun 11, 2003 6:06 pm

I've been trying to learn Old Icelandic, which I'm assured is synonymous with Old Norse. My book is old, and I've been meaning to make a scan of it, but I haven't yet, so I don't have any images to show <BR> <BR>I can't figure out the pronunciation of certain vowels. In order to make sure I'm not mispronouncing the letters I think I know, I'm hoping for a general description of all the 14 vowels I've noticed: <BR> <BR>a <BR> <BR>e <BR> <BR>i <BR> <BR>o <BR> <BR>u <BR> <BR>y <BR> <BR>á (in case you can't see my formatting, that's an accented a) <BR> <BR>é <BR> <BR>í <BR> <BR>ó <BR> <BR>ú <BR> <BR>´y (the accent should be over the y) <BR> <BR>ø <BR> <BR>oi (I can't get the formatting right: this should be an O with a little hook under it; it's reminiscent of an iota subscript in Greek, but is fully attached to the letter) <BR> <BR>And of course the diphthongs: <BR> <BR>au <BR> <BR>ae <BR> <BR>ai <BR> <BR>ei <BR> <BR>eo <BR> <BR>and others I missed? <BR> <BR> <BR>And there's the consonant g in certain situations. I'm not sure if the modern pronunciation of, for instance siGur rós, which is pronounced su'ur ros <BR> <BR>Any help?
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