Open Invitation to theBard's Guild MidSummer Fair

Pull out your pack and head on down to the Prancing Pony for some great Role Playing (try to stay in character)!

Postby Kings-Herald » Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:27 am

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!<BR><BR>The Second Annual Midsummer Fair shall be held beginning on Friday July 18,2003. All guilds, alliances, ect are invited to pitch a tent or set up a pavillion in which your group can show itself off and present it to the boards. Sell donuts or swat fish or whatever you think would be good mention for your group. <BR><BR><b>The Bard's Guild</b> is sponsoring the Fair and the location will be announced when the grounds ( the thread) are opened and ready for setting up. We hope you all will attend and put on a display or other form of showcase for your group. The official adoptors will be invited to bring their newbies to attend and get a look at what the Guilds and Alliances are all about.<BR><BR>During the course of the Fair, The Bard's Guild will also be holding the <b>Yarn Spinners Ball,</b>(In the Splintered ChamperPot) which will be part dance and part storytelling contest. Come watch our Bards try to out do each other in story and song.
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