Who are the MODS? UPDATED MARCH 2019

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Who are the MODS? UPDATED MARCH 2019

Postby Blackwood » Thu May 06, 2004 3:24 pm

In charge of the entire site:


jonathan@theonering.com / info@theonering.com

Ted ted@tschopp.org

Jon and Ted no longer handle day-to-day interpersonal issues on the boards. Those matters should be referred first to the Moderators. If escalation is required, the mods will forward the issues on to Jonathan.


messageboard MODERATORS:

By popular demand, we now have a global email account that all Moderators have access to. If you have no particular preference as to which Moderator you want to handle a particular problem, please send your complaint or comment to this address. It will ensure the fastest response possible, as we will all receive it. The first Moderator to deal with the issue will notify all others so that there is no conflict. Please do be aware that we are all real people, with real lives, and even with this new system in place, it may take some time to obtain a response. Allow for a minimum of 24 hours before repeating your request.

NOTE: The Mods receive a lot of spam and virus mail. Please be sure to start your Subject line with the word "TORC". Otherwise, there is a good chance your e-mail will be lost in the Great Spam Flood and will be missed / deleted.

Global Moderator Email: moderatortheonering at gmail dot com

This is a new mod email address, given issues with the old one. (March 2019)

Note: There are no assigned Forums. Any and all Moderators can and will deal with any issues in all Forums as needed.

Note: The @ and . symbols have been replaced with text to discourage e-mail mining

Daefaroth Daefaroth -at- theonering -dot- com

ElvenArcher archerelven -at -gmail dot com

White Shadow whiteshadowmearas -at- gmail -dot- com

Please note some of the past mods still have mod ability but are not usually active so the names above are the ones to use for quick action. The three mods listed here are also admins.

You may see some members who have another version of the TORC symbol in their alliance, one with a medal hung about it. These represent retired mods. We appreciated the time and service they devoted to us and have honored them by granting them an Emeritus status.


Seperate from the Messageboard are:

LadyCoralie CoraliesCorner@theonering.com


LadyCoralie and Hisstah

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