The 2004 WCA Red Carpet Thread-NOW OPEN

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The 2004 WCA Red Carpet Thread-NOW OPEN

Postby erinhue » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:10 pm

An ocean breeze carried the salt mist of the Sea up from the Bay of Belfalas and over the jutting neck of land where stood the palace/fortress Dol Amroth. The tall shafts of wheat grass swayed and bent low in its passing in the fields before the castle’s guardwall. The motion seemed to stir up a golden dust that swirled about in the morning sunlight, fairly dancing to the tune plucked from a distant harp.

In a twinkling, out of nothing, a huge edifice appeared and in that very instant it settled as if it had stood there for many years. The supposed time would not have been well spent as the building showed every sign of long-term deep neglect.

A tall figure dressed in traveling grays and browns, cast back the hood of the elven cloak he wore to reveal an unruly crop of dark colored curls, sparkling sea gray eyes and a patented star-bright grin. Two fingers scratched through the short hairs of his beard. Tucked under his other arm was a golden harp flecked with green tarnished antiquity and fashioned in the shape of a small rampant winged dragon with jeweled red glowing eyes.

“Thank ya much, Agarak, for fetching the old theater” The frown playing at the corners of his eyes crept into his voice. “I guess I didn’t remember that it was in such a run down condition.

A tinkle of notes rose up from the harp’s untouched stings.

“Yes I know,” the bard responded, “it really hasn’t been used since the first of the movies opened, and it did take a bit of a beating in the aftermath, I had forgotten.”

Again the tinkly notes rose from the harp.

“Well of course it would, but I think it is a bit too late for that now.”

Erinhue set the harp down upon the small table that was suddenly there and sat down in the armchair he could not have seen, but knew was pulled up behind him. He leaned back and gazed intently upon the damaged wreck in front of him and tried to concentrate.

The dragonharp was quite capable of repairing the building. It would be a small magic for it to perform but as with most magic, there was a catch. The building could be restored to anything that Erinhue imagined. It was the same with most things that he might ask the dragonharp to create. Whatever it might be, if he thought it up, Agarak could produce it.

The catch was that he would have to imagine it first. It was no easy task as every detail that he expected to find, in every and any aspect would be there, but only if he imagined it beforehand. Erinhue searched his mind for the memory of what the old theater had looked like when it was first created for the opening of the first of the three movies. The harp emitted some soothing sounds that complimented the rolling motion of the sea.

For sometime the bard sat motionless, relaxed in the overstuffed chair, facing the transplanted ruin, his sight turned inward. The harp played softly until the bard suddenly lurched forward in his seat, an enlightened smile beaming in his expression.

Agarak, I think I’ve got it.” There was an undercurrent of triumph in Erinhue’s voice. “ I can remember everything about what the old place looked like and I’ve come up with a few renovative inovations. A glass of elven wine for you and an Absolute martini for me and then we’ll get to work.”

Agarak’s red eyes flashed and twice flickered on and off. The two glasses appeared on the small table at the bard’s elbow and Erinhue picked them both up. He held the ruby red Mirkwood wine up to the little dragon’s opened mouth. It disappeared almost as quickly as Erinhue emptied his own glass. The glasses evaporated in to nothing as the bard stood and picked up the dragonharp.

Erinhue walked towards the entrance and stopped to stand by the ruined ticket booth beneath the old marquee. Agarak’s eyes blazed when he laid his hand flat against the harp’s strings. The dragonharp began to glow, its green gold scales shining so bright the radiance soon engulfed the bard in a nimbus of golden light.

Erinhue began to sing

There's no business like show business
Like no business I know

Everything about it is appealing
Everything the traffic will allow
Nowhere could you get that happy feeling
When you are stealing
That extra bow

There's no people like show people
They smile when they are low

Yesterday they told you you would not go far
That night you open and there you are
Next day on your dressing room they've hung a star
Let's go on with the show

The magic light ebbed from him and surrounded the neglected wreck of the long abandoned amphitheater. The light grew brighter until it gleamed like an earthbound star. The image of the building within the glow began to shimmer and gradually change.

The bits of cracked rubble and broken glass littering the ground rose up and began to fit themselves back into place like the pieces of an elaborate jigsaw puzzle. The building itself appeared to expand in both height and width until it was more than doubled in size.

Years of soot and grime evaporated from the once grand art deco façade and the faded colors in the stained glass once again regained their jewel like hues. The gold trim in the moldings and fixtures had a freshly polished gleam and the washed out, worn out fibers of the once vibrant scarlet rug sprouted up like grass shoots to become deep plush red carpeting.

Erinhue reached the end of the last chorus and Agarak stopped playing. The halo of golden light slowly dissipated, although a touch of it remained here and there, reflected in the gold trim on the building’s façade. The cut glass doors of the magnificent auditorium swung grandly open waiting for the eager crowd.

Erinhue stepped back to survey the results and he smiled. Patting the little dragon on the head, the bard said, “Now the place looks to fit its name, Majestic, at least here on the outside”

Agarak’s jeweled red eyes glittered back its pleasure and a few sweet notes floated up from its strings.

“Don’t start the congratulations yet, old worm, I was only thinking about the outside and the building repairs in general. We still have work to do on the inside and we don’t have a lot of time to get finished either.

A few notes of complaint rang out from the harp as Erinhue picked it up again. The bard felt the harp’s scales warming in his hand. He ignored it, knowing Agarak would do him no real harm.

“Yes, I felt that, but it won’t do you any good.” Erinhue scolded, but he released the dragonharp. The instrument hovered in the air and then floated towards the open doors of the partially restored theater.

“Suit yourself, I don’t mind if you aren’t speaking to me.” The bard laughed at the harp’s irritation, and walked behind it, following the enchanted instrument inside. There was still work to be done.
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Postby erinhue » Thu Nov 18, 2004 5:53 pm

Once inside the building, Erinhue reached out for the harp but the indignant instrument jerked out of his hands and floated away just out of his reach. On his third attempt to grab the harp, it dodged his efforts and shot up to hover near the cracked ceiling.

“Everything will work much better if we work together, you know.” Erinhue’s warmed butter baritone slipped into a coaxing tone. “This can take as long as you want it to, Agarak. I have to finish this before I can get around to anything else, so if you want to show up at the award show all tarnished and out of tune, it’s fine with me.”

An annoyed buzzing came from the harp and its strings vibrated visibly for a moment, then it floated downward until it hovered at Erinhue’s eye level and offered no form of resistance when the bard took hold of it again.

This time he set his fingers nimbly dancing over the strings as he played the instrument in the normal fashion. The music was played in a noodling, contemplative manner as it transformed the vision in his minds eye into tangible reality. Narrow beams of glittery light splayed out from the glowing harp and transformed the dusty scene of dismal disrepair caught in its luminescence.

The walls of the huge lobby lost the dingy tinge of age and took on the intricately detailed art deco look of the outer façade. The lush red carpet aisle flowed in from the entrance doors and back to the auditorium’s seating area. The wall to wall carpeted floor that it ran across lost its worn out, threadbare appearance and took on the splattered hues of autumn so that the lobby floor looked as if it were as strewn with colored leaves as the floor of the nearby woods and fields.

Along the side walls were stately column defining arched niches where the concession stands could be set up. To the right of the entrance was large cloak room with long racks and waiting coat hangers, shelves for hats and cubbyholes for whatever other items the attendees might need to have stored away during the award ceremony.

To the left through ornate cut glass French doors was the Lounge. Staffed by the serving spirits from the Splintered ChamberPot, Plunge, Flush and Loo, the Lounge featured soft, smokey lighting, small groupings of plush comfy chairs placed in comradely assemblage and a refreshment bar stocked with all the ingredients for mixing up any sort of liquid refreshment a thirsty guest could desire. The wide bar ran the length of the room and held tray upon tray of tasty treats and elegantly displayed snacks to tempt any appetite.

Winged cherubs held the deep red velvet curtains at the colored glass windows. The high ceiling was cleverly painted to resemble the winter sky at night with all the stars and constellations formed by tiny twinkling lights. In the center of the grand lobby where the red carpet parted to flow around it, stood a huge ornate fountain, where mythic figures of carved of white marble were position beneath a frothy cascade and poured out vast urns of water into the octagonal pool.

As an afterthought Erinue continued playing and thought about the seating area of the auditorium and the stage itself. For the stage he drew upon his experience as a co-host of last years program. For the seats he called up seats with comfortable cushioning, soft arm rests that could hold a glass or mug and concealed a small shelf like table that could be unfolded to hold a basket of nacho chips or box of popcorn.

A few more touches came to mind such as a garage for valet parking and a stable that could accommodate all manner of mount. Erinhue played them into being and lastly, at Agarak’s prompting he included the nearly forgotten restroom and made sure to include twice as many for the women as there were made for the men.

“I think that covers everything, but just in case…….” Erinhue continued to pluck at the harpstrings for a few moments more. “There” he added with a note of finality in his voice, “I have included an open ended alteration spell. Now if I have forgotten something that someone should need, all they have to do is ask where it might be and Plunge, Flush or Loo will be able to show them where it is.”

Agarak sent up a few quick trilling notes.

“Yes, so am I.” Erinhue responded. “We’d best get a move on if we are going to get ready and still get back here in time to start the show.”

A note of agreement sounded and the bard and the dragonharp vanished from the lobby of the TORC Majestic.

In a second the two reappeared and the bard hurried outside again.

“I nearly forgot.” He said aloud as he swung the harp into playin position. A few bars of music later both he and the dragonharp disappeared again.

The theater marquee was ablaze with dazzeling lights forming letters that spelled out.

******** THE 2004 WHITE COUNCIL AWARD SHOW********
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Postby Beliran » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:13 pm

The trumpeting of silver horns rang out over the shore. Bright banner snapped in the autumn air, the blue field of the Prince’s standard stood out framed in white against Dol Amroth’s November blue sky. The horn blasts complimented the sound of mounted riders approaching the newly refurbuished ampitheater.

Riding in a triple row, silver horsetail plumed helmets shining in the sun, a full company of Swan Knights arrived making impressive show in their formal dress uniforms. By order of the Prince himself the Swan Knights had been assigned as security for the nights event.

The Captain slowly dismounted and nodded to his lieutenants to carry out the order of his lord. The Prince wanted no disturbance from outside forces to mar the much anticipated ceremonies. The Captain of the Swan Knights had sworn to his Prince that no such disturbance would occur in the shadow of the walls of Dol Amroth.

The Captain of the Swan Knights, Beliran ,son of Eliran, first-born son of the House of Elitan, was also brother to Erinhue, the host of the award show. Beliran had also sworn on his sword that the proceedings would be interrupted over his broken lance and defeated command. .
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Postby Thewhitetree » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:18 pm

The Limo white horses drawing a carrige long as the Tower in Minas Tirith pulled up below the glowing marquee announcing this year's WCA award show. The carrige came to a halt and out stepped (with much ceremony) TWT the reporter. :D

A reporter unrivaled in the kingdoms of men, TWT reputation precedes him wherever he goes. Currently working for the news stain with the highest repute CMN (they are still trying to figure out what it means). Dressed in a dashing brown pinstripe suit TWT steps onto the red carpet, beind him file out the camera crew. With his hand TWT pastes back his hair and looks around himself. Nothing. Empty.

"It seems we're the first to arrive" said TWT to his crew. "A darn shame really, considering my excellent entrance. Not a lady in sight to impress."

"No sir not a one," replied the camera man.

"I do believe that I see two shapes inside the hall though. Indeed it appears that one is wearing an exceptionally large elved cape or cloak."

TWT makes his way forward down the neverending red carped til he comes to the revolving glass doors. Inside he sees master Erinhue.

"Well hello there master Erinhue." said the reporter with style.

"Welcome to the recarpet thread," said Erinhue "I'm afraid that you're the first to show up. I hope that others come momentarily."

"I too hope that people start coming forth. I have practically staked my esteemed reputaion on the ceremony. The boss at CMN didn't want to cover the show but I promised him that it would be magnificent and a show to remember and the rating would surely drop if we were not to cover this magnificent event."

"Well I'm quite pleased you came."

"I have to congratulate you Master Bard. It seems that you have organized a ball that will naught be forgotten for a century. The place is smashing and the decorations are magnificent!"

"Well I really must be going for I have to attend to some other things before more guests arrive. The refreshments and appetizers are by the far wall. I trust that you need no help setting up your equipment?"

"No. No. Don't bother yourself. My crew has it covered. A refreshment does sound good. The station in Minas Tirith refused me the use of an eagle to facilitate my transportation here and I am quite tired. You go do what you'll have to do and if the night permits, then we shall have to have a drink later on."

(OOC: In case you didn't know, my reporter character is a little different from the normal TWT. You see this one is much more handsome and quite full of himself. ;) :) :D )
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Postby Ladyofboxclocks » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:39 pm

A beautiful golden carriage drawn, or rather flown, by large ash-colored dragons toward the Theatre. The twently dragons, each about a hundred feet in length roared and breathed fire into the air as it swerved in front of the red carpet and the entrance.

A highly beautiful woman stepped down from the carriage once it landed and posed dramatically for the cameras. She paused a minute then looked around to see that only a few people had arrived and no cameras. She frowned and went to sooth her poor lovely dragons who seemed a little disappointed their show was not appreciated as it should have been. After dousing a tree nearby that had accidently caught on fire and sending her driver away, the woman walked gracefully up the carpet and saw a camera crew setting up. She waited impatiently, then posed for a picture. Her gorgeous red hair complimented her light pink gown with snow white flowing sleeves and very cute shoes.

Boxy, as she was called by all who knew her, saw a friend of hers standing inside talking to Master Erinhue who looked like he was trying to excuse himself. "It seems as if you got here first, Nicky," she told him, using her personal nickname for him as she let him kiss her hand.

"I am a reporter, of course I was to arrive somewhat early," he told her.

Boxy helped herself to a drink. "I'm willing to give an interview, you know."

"I am quite tired," Nicky told her pointedly.

"Well, I suppose I am too tired to do an interview too." She sighed wearily and sat down and waited for the excitement to begin.
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Postby Griffon64 » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:44 pm

Griffons don't need no chariots, carriages, or limos ;)

Griff lands lightly, trotting a few steps, and struts in. Feathers groomed, coat shining, claws clipped, pedicured and buffed. A golden chain about the neck. Very posh for a Griffon, really.

All righty. This looks like fun :)
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Postby crispycreme » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:47 pm

"It doesn't look right," said crispy as he looked in the mirror, tugging at his collar.

"It looks fine dear," said Arwen. "But it won't if you keep pulling it."

Crispy sighed and turned away from the dresser. It was about time to head on over to the Majestic and the pre-award festivities. This would be the first time he hadn't been in charge of the event, and he was feeling a bit nostalgic and melancholy.

"Will Erinhue and his staff be able to pull this off?" he asked.

"Crispy," replied Arwen, "you really can be silly sometimes, you know that?"

"I resent that!"

"Nevertheless, it's quite true. Now, let me get at that dresser so I can finish my things, and we'll be heading out. Do you have your notes with you?"

Crispy dug around in his pockets until he found some dog-eared note cards. He held them up in triumph. "No impromptu embarassments this year!" he promised.

Arwen nodded absently as she put her final touches on and collected her wrap. "Let's go dear."

"Can we stop at Benahir and Jerryolfin's Ice Cream on the way?..."
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Postby 10fttall » Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:11 pm

A black stretch carriage noisily made its way east into the setting sun. The rays reflected off the polished bridles of the 4 imposing horses, causing painful grimaces in bystanders as it passed. Seated inside were two noble looking figures, both giving the outward impression of being strong, silent types. One was clean shaven and short haired, in military dress uniform, polished and starched. The other had chiseled features with long, flowing brown hair, and not a bit of it out of place. He wore an outfit that was all black, save a scarlet X on his chest.

“….but I can honestly say, Altacian my friend, I did not even know that many types of conditioner existed, let alone try all the finer ones. And all those rings on your fingers! I had not thought you would be like this in person, I thought it was just part of my storyline for you.” 10fttall cracked a smile, and continued jokingly, “It’s almost too much, I wonder if I should go back in the storyline and give you a girlfriend earlier on, so there’s no confusion.”

Altacian wrinkled his nose and turned toward the window. “I will not dignify that disgraceful attempt at humor with a response. You may do as you wish, I am your figment, after all. And a bored one at that.”

“Oh come on, Al, cheer up, that’s why I’m bringing you to the WCA awards. Mrs 10fttall’s about to have a baby and she couldn’t make it. It’ll be past 3fttall’s bedtime…so, I knew you were bored, and needed something to do.”

Eyes rolling, Altacian responded, “Yes, about that, are you ever going to finish the next chapter? Or are you going to spare the world further humiliation? I know what the reviewers are saying. It seems like forever you’ve been keeping me at the Wincing Eunuch Inn with that damned schizophrenic horse. I am ready to move on, to be the hero I was born to be!”

10fttall pointed to his uniform and said, “See this? This means I have a real job and I’m busy. I had enough trouble asking my Chief for time off to go to an internet message board awards show with a character from a story I was writing. If I write at work they’ll think I’m just plain looney.”

“I see,” said Altacian looking thoughtful “but you do intend to finish the story?”

“Yes, in time.”

“And why did you call it the LAST Great Quest? That means you can’t have another one, or if you do, it won’t be great. Not very imaginative if you ask me. And if you were a decent writer, we might be IN the WCA’s instead of watching.”

“Watch it pal, I wrote you into this world, and I can write you out too.” said 10fttall as he looked at Altacian and shook his head.

“HEY, why are you shaking my head?” demanded Altacian.

“Sorry, just a little frustrated.”

Altacian sensed that 10fttall was frustrated, and tried desperately to think of something to lighten the mood. “Listen, I feel kind of dumb calling you 10fttall all the time, I think it’s actually an adjective…maybe an adverb, and it’s pretty awkward. Why don’t I give you a nickname?”

10fttall quizzically looked around trying to calculate the metaphysical implications of his character making up something for him. “No, just call me Mike,” he finally decided. “It’ll make things a lot easier.”

The road wound round beside the bay, the theater came into view under the full glory of the midday sun. Out front were a collection of Dragons that made 10ft smile as he said to Altacian, “Look my friend Boxy is already here.”

“And she has cute shoes.” Altacian added.

“I see the cameras are setting up, looks like a major network is here. I can’t quite make it out, is it CMT…no, no it says CMN.

Altacian looked in amazement, “This is truly wonderous! You have written my character in a quasi-medieval timeframe, and I have never seen cameras before…but I think I like them,” he said as he patted his ample mane.

By the time the two had left the carriage and strolled in, Master Erinhue had left. They found Boxy and TWT looking tired, and were almost bowled over when Griff landed a moment later.

After the greetings and introductions, Altacian said in wonder, “This is almost too much for me, magical bards, dragons, and Griffons. I need a drink!”

“I’m right behind you buddy.” Said 10ft

As they were walking off the other guests heard the musings of Altacian, “Do you think anybody knows who I am, or do you think they’re all missing the joke? Or maybe they just don’t like me…….”
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Postby Cixi » Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:58 pm

The carriage was rather comfortable, velvet cushions bringing the noises of the street to a mere whisper; it would make the acclamation of the crowd when she got out of the carriage even nicer to live. She was so glad that all her writer's characters had refused to go for she had been given the chance to show her own hidden abilities; as this thought passed her mind, she graciously removed a strand of hair that had fallen in front of her eyes.

Finally the horses stopped and she witnessed the splendor of the theater where the Awards would take place; a splendor adapted to her own beauty she thought with a smile. Eventually the door was opened by the driver and the cheering of the crowd that had gathered around the building entered the private cushioned space, making the heart of the young woman beat faster. Here she was, finally under the spotlight, years after she had been created and left among not even IDed characters... It was her moment!!

A hand was presented in which she softly laid hers; gathering her light skirts she stepped out under the lights, flashing her most beautiful smile at the crowd and the camera - not so numerous but it was that already. She winked playfully at the man who had offered his hand squeezing it slightly before she let it go much slower than needed, teasing him a bit. Then she stepped onto the carpet, looking right and left to the crowd, sending kisses to unknown admirers (not that they were there for her, she was unknown to the TORC but pretending was rather fun), and waving her hand as the perfect model she wanted to be.

Stopping once in a while to take a pose in front of private cameras, shaking a few hands before she finally entered the place and looked around for any well known person who could introduce her into this world of strass and RP. And there were quite a few already; the beautiful Easterling thought for a second that had her sister come in her stead she would not have known what to do amongst such a famous crowd, but she would make the most of it and would manage to make herself a reputation. If she could make it there she would make it anywhere ;).
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Postby *Annatar* » Thu Nov 18, 2004 11:18 pm

*Annatar* put the final touch on his time portal spell. He was eager to check up on the future - his future - to see how the seeds of his plots had flourished.

He would go incognito, so as not to cause consternation among his minions. Naturally, by then, everyone would be his minion. He chose a simple tunic, breeches and cloak of charcoal gray trimmed in blood red. His hands, calloused from his work with the smithies of Eregion, he enclosed in glossy, scaly, black leather gloves that matched his impeccably clean boots.

What should he bring on his trip? *Annatar*, Lord of Gifts, and lover of lists, sat down to compose his thoughts.

1. Food? Lembas are so nasty tasting. Chocolate bars would be better, and can be used as gifts, too.
2. Money? A few gold pennies might be useful for unexpected travel expense.
3. Transportation? I won't be going far. I should be able to see what I need to see with a short walk around.
4. Spare clothing? This shouldn't take more than a day, so no need for spare clothing, not even hithlain pajamas.
5. Gifts? A few of those "practice rings" would be fine. They don't have much power, but even a simple magic ring seems to be greatly prized by simple-minded folk.
6. Map? No, Middle Earth will look exactly the same, and I know my way around it.
7. Minions? Yes, a half dozen minions would be handy to fetch and carry, but I don't want to bring attention to myself, as I will no doubt be easily recognized. So alone is better.
8. Weaponry? Yes, a few long swords and knives on the belt have a way of commanding instant respect. I don't think I'll bring chain mail, though. Too itchy. A helmet would be nice, to hide my face.
9. Spacetime? A nice even 5300 years would be about right. Someplace south and a bit warmer - perhaps near the Bay of Belfalas.

Popping the rings, chocolate and coins into his pocketses, *Annatar* straightened his shoulders resolutely, and strode into the magic portal.

He strode out of the portal, much to his astonishment, into deep seawater. Having the wisdom to immediately dropping his heavy weapons and boots, he found that he was able to keep his head above water. The shore was visible in the distance, just a short, but rather cold swim. Bedraggled and barefoot, he crawled up onto the beach. This was not turning out as expected.
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Postby Ilyda » Thu Nov 18, 2004 11:46 pm

Ilyda could smell the ocean. She stopped for a moment to savor the sweet, salty air. It reminded her of home. Suddenly, she remembered the real purpose of her journey to Dol Amroth, her first. The WCAs were approaching. It was the most important thing to happen in a long time. No doubt many people would be there.

She arrived in front of the Majestic. It was beautiful and excessive. Two men and a couple of beautiful and beautifully-dressed ladies were on the red carpet. She could not understand all the desire for glamour. Several limousines and a carriage drawn by 20 dragons were being led off toward a garage nearby. In front of the doors to the theater, she reined in Foy, her roan, and dismounted. A young man came up to her. Speaking very firmly, she said, “Put her as far as you can from those.” Ilyda pointed at the dragons.

Before she headed inside, the Ranger checked to make sure her new clothes were still presentable. Her rust-colored shirt and her trousers, brown like tree bark, seemed to have survived the trip to Dol Amroth fairly well. Her matching jacket had also. She had not been able to get new boots in time, so she was still wearing her worn and scuffed-up ones. They were good enough. As she turned around, her short hair fell in front of her eyes a little. She ran a hand through it and prepared herself for the walk inside, hoping the press might be late

Looking down the long carpet, she saw they were not. The Ranger tensed, suddenly self-conscious. She had arrived early for the sole purpose of avoiding the glitz, glamour, and horrible excess that would inevitably come with arriving to a “red-carpet welcome.” It appeared that she had not arrived early enough. A line of photographers had already set up along the ropes, and another was preparing behind them. She hated this, being scrutinized by people who did not know her. They would take her picture, then comment on her clothes and her demeanor, as if it mattered in the end.

Trying to lessen her time on film, she walked inside very quickly. She headed right and left her old cloak to the attendant. As she headed toward the other side of the lobby, she noticed the carpet looked like fallen leaves. She smiled. Hue must have had a hand in the decorating. Ilyda walked across the lobby into the lounge. A drink was tempting. She gave in easily.

With an ale in hand, she looked around for the MC. As expected, he was not there. She knew there must be a lot to get ready. Not yet seeing any other familiar faces, Ilyda found a seat in a corner. All of a sudden, a pompous-looking reporter came up to her. The Ranger sighed. Without asking permission, he sat down next to her and introduced himself as “TWT.” Then he began asking questions, with seemingly no chance to answer. She had not known that trying to avoid the publicity would only get her more of it. She would not need that lesson again.
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Postby nienor-niniel » Fri Nov 19, 2004 3:10 am

Let’s hope all the links work (there are seven, don't forget to have a look ;) )… and have fun at the party.

Nin was licking one last drop of liquid chocolate off her long, thin fingers. Unlike others, she did not wear a fancy dress, her hair was attached in some neglected way and a sport of flour was on her cheek. She wanted to be ready….

Of course, there was no way whatsoever for her to be at the WCA, but fulfilling her usual task, she had tried to provide at least some of the expected guests with something she had prepared herself. Of course, Agarak had been the first in her thoughts, the dragon harp would after all entertain them all and deserved all attention.

Someone knocked at the door. With her ellbow, Nin opened the kitchen door and stood in front of a beaming hobbit. Tibodom had arrived to ensure the delivery. He stared at the cake standing right in front of him… after all he loved strawberries.

“No, Tibo – this one is for Eruname and Iavas Saar.

“But you don’t even know if they will come….”

“Until then, you don’t touch any of those cakes!” Nin said in a stern voice. “Look at this one: It’s for Master Arunakhôr so that he can pick it up when he’ll get his award, or throw it at someone if he fails.”

Tibo nodded impatiently, wondering if Nienor also had prepared a cake for him – in case he got an award, but she turned to the next one already.

“Look, I have prepared something for unexpected guests from parallel universes. And of course, I could not let Dindraug Master of the Bonsaï Ents without a personal choice.”

Seeing Tibo’s disappointed face, Nin smiled… “Just look at this little hobbit, there should be something for everybody.
I just have to finish the last piece – a bit of Innocent Evil.

She turned back to her work, regretting she would not be there, but then she did not have the dress or the features to walk among the bold and the beautiful and her dream to hear that just her scent of sugar and cinnamon made her fair enough, even with traces of flour, would wait for another year.

“Tibo…. You can go now and deliver it all.”
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Postby Lady_Galadriel786 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 4:05 am

Elena was nervous.

She clasped her hands tightly together, trying to prevent them from shaking. Looking out of the carriage, she could see the fortress of Dol Amroth fast approaching. Beside it, stood the majestic ampitheatre, its golden tirmming twinkling in the sunlight.

"I'm nervous," she said aloud to her companion, who merely smiled and shook his head indulgently. "No, I mean it," she said, raising a trembling hand to her brow. "I'm not just nervous... I'm petrified!"

"Why?" asked Eric, her date for the night. He moved over to sit beside her, and took her hand in his. Squeezing it reassuringly, he continued, "Elena, you have nothing to be scared of! You'll do fine. Everyone will love you."

"Huh, I'm sure," she replied, making a face. "And what if I forget what I'm supposed to say? What if I trip on the hem of this dress and fall? What if -" Eric burst out laughing and gave her a quick hug. "Stop worrying, will you? Everything will be all right. Just relax."

"Easy for you to say; you've been to things like this before." said Elena, smoothing back an invisible crease on her dress. "And that is why I am telling you that you have no need to be scared. Once you reach the carpet, just smile and wave at the crowd," He paused and grinned mischievously at her. "They'll be so awed they'll never notice anything else."

Elena rolled her eyes and said nothing, but a smile tugged at her lips and she felt some of her nervousness slip away. As the carriage came to a halt, Elena took a deep breath, and forced herself to assume a semblance of cool composure. Eric took her hand as the valet.footman opened the carriage door, and together they stepped out and onto the red carpet.
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Postby Harvestar » Fri Nov 19, 2004 6:23 am

(ok, so I have a link too. ;) )

Harvi looked out over the sea as the carriage pulled to a stop, always hungry for a glimpse of an expanse of water. She then noticed the fortress and commented to Glorfie sitting next to her, "I like the improvements Master Erinhue has made." He nodded in reply, still nervous from the expectation of the crowd. Harvi reached over to squeeze his hand in comfort.

Getting out of the carriage, a soft breeze swirled their cloaks, the green and black dancing together on the wind. Glorfie offered his arm and they walked along the red carpet. Harvi's thoughts harkened back to the first WCAs, where she was accompanied by her knight, Speaker, and was honored to be awarded TORC Teddy Bear. She sighed thinking of friends who had moved on, and smiled thinking ahead to the coming show.

But then something ahead caught her eye.

"Ooooh, is that really Eric Bana?" she said to Glorfie, a bit over enthusiastically.

"Certainly looks like it. Do you think anyone brought Keira Knightly as a date?" he teased.

Harvi poked him in the ribs as he laughed.

"I also see that Boxy and Griff are here too."
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Postby Griffon64 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 8:22 am

Griff looks up from where she's been reclining on a coach, and flicked her tail.

"Harvestar! Good to see you could make it - could come down from all that star gazing to come gaze at TORC stars! Those cloaks are very fetching indeed, as I'm sure you know. You two look stunning!"

Griff, as allways, was relaxed. What happens, happens. She traversed the red carpet flawlessly allready, and that was something. ( Of course it helps to have your claws clipped neatly and thus avoid the embarassment of tearing up the carpet! )

She was looking forward to the ceremony and to cheering on her friends. There was one friend in particular she really hoped would win ...
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Postby Cerridwen » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:21 am

Cerri eyed her reflection in the mirror, but spoke to someone else.
"Perhaps, this once... no, I don't suppose there could be any harm in it. I know it's out of character. That's the point... If you want to, I don't see anything wrong with it."
A pause.
"I agree that you should be able to stretch your wings a little... Yes, apart from me." She smiled as she continued to listen. "Of course you've got ulterior motives. I have never said otherwise. I am not a fool."
Another pause, and Cerri's expression changed from amusement to censure. "You mind your tongue, or I'll throttle your long little neck and fish it out of you myself. No, I don't think it was nice of you to say that. You're admitting to ulterior motives. I am only admitting to a particularly bad case of admiration. I don't intend to go prowling, like you have."
An internal, opinionated snort...
"How long will this take, exactly?"
Cerri found herself staring, not at her own reflection, but at a small red dragon with iridescent red scales and flashing golden eyes. "No time at all, if that's how you want it," the little dragon said. She sat primly at the vanity, between Cerri and the mirror, her tail curled around her feet. "Recall, silly, we are out of character now."
Cerri blinked. "I... see."
"I do too," came the habitually snappish reply. "The question now is only whether I'll carry you on my shoulder or whether you'll carry me on yours."
Cerri snorted. "Use your own wings, and welcome. If you care to sit on my shoulder, you'll acquire a sweeter temper first. I'm amazed you didn't pull the old fool's eyes out when he made you do it."
Chime hissed, and her eyes shaded from yellow to orange. "Didn't I tell you once that 'Chime' was his rendering of 'Chimera'?"
Cerri shook her head. "Shame upon him, robbing you of a proper name."
"Indeed. You're going like that?"
Cerri gazed down at herself. Her simple, comfortable clothing would suit her just find, she thought. She had dressed outlandishly once. She did not intend to do so again. She wore soft, buff-colored trousers under an ankle-length tunic that was slit to her waist. Over the tunic she wore a long, hooded cloak.
"If I'm lucky, they'll take me for a traveling healer, or a wizard, or somesuch other thing."
"You're not going as a gypsy?" the little dragon complained.
"Anything more elaborate than this would be overdoing it, dear heart, as I will be arriving with you."
Chime seemed to consider it, then flicked her ear tufts in acquiescence. "How far is Belfalas?"
Cerri frowned slightly as she hefted her pack on over the hooded robe. "I should think you could magic us there. I only need my personal effects for me. I'd hoped..." her reply trailed off in the face of the little dragon's incendiary, scarlet glare.
"You're correct, human, but you'll kindly not presume." It was a sore spot with her that would not soon go away, since that wizard's misuse of her magic. Cerri mumbled a contrite apology, and the little dragon's neck spines came out of half-battle posture, her eyes shading toward yellow-gold again.
"Nothing personal," she offered, sniffing. She pointed her nose toward the corner of the room where the washbasin sat. "That way, I think. Perhaps more towards the lantern than the bed. The left post would be too far."
Cerri shook her head at the little creature, amazed that she could construe it so precisely.
"So, what..."
There was a whooshing, as with air, the scenery shifted and became somewhat muddled, and then resolved itself into the dimly-lit insides of a closet.
Cerri whirled around, knocking over several brooms and a few scores of moths. Chime flapped at them and hissed irritably, kicking up more and more dust.
"Blast you, you've put us in a closet!"
Chime continued to hiss and the moths continued to flutter wildly about. Up in the rafters, a flock of pidgeons trilled and flew away.
One of them finally found the door. Out they tumbled, getting tangled in ropes and pulleys and all manner of backstage paraphernalia. Cerri barely restrained the urge to kick the little dragon. It would not have done to have a foot taken off.
"Where is everybody?" the creature asked.
"I have no idea," the now-dusty gypsy replied. "I am just thankful, for the moment, that they aren't right here."
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Postby Galadriel_elanor » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:36 am

G_e gracefully flutters into the ballroom with it's many tables and spots one out. Tightly holding onto her BF's hand, she uses the other to delicately hold up one end of her beautiful scarlet gown. They enter and look around at the sparsness of TORCers in the room.

"Where is everyone?" she whispers to her partner.

"I don't know," he replies in a low tone.

G_E gives a small "hello" wave to everyone already in the room, and she and her BF choose a table and sit for a few moments before she decides to mingle. Lifting up her many layers of crimson skirt, she glides over to her fellow posters and begins to chat about the awards, their attire and of course their partners. ;)
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Postby Gwenneth_Eruwen » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:49 am

Gwenny tied her long black hair in a knot away from her face and mounted her snow white mare Veana. " Come on girl. This is our last day of travling." Gwenny told her horse. Veana nickered and set off at a trot wich quickened into a gallop. Gwenny breathed the salty sea air with happiness . She was happy that the WCA's were starting soon.

Veana came to a smooth stop at the enterance of the theater. Gwenny saw a small group of peope standing and talking. She reconized, Boxy, Griff, Harvi, Lady_G, and TWT. She waved to them as she swung off of Veana. Then she saw Boxy's dragons. Her first impulse was to run up and inspect the dragons but she wasn't sure if Boxy would like someone else near her dragons and Gwenny dicided to ask before she did. To the groom that had come up to take Veana Gwenny said, " Put Veana as clost to the dragons as you can. She'll be easyer to handle if you do." Smiling Gwenny walked up to join her friends not bothered in the least by most of the facy clothing compared to her brown traval stanied pants and shirt.
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Postby Pippin4242 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:57 am

Pips drew in her reins and dismounted wearily. It had been a long ride over from the Bird and the Baby. The little hobbit patted her pony fondly and lead him off in search of an empty stall. To her relief there was a man there who was happy to help her untack and rub down, for she felt ready to collapse with fatigue.

With Blackberry stabled and watered she could finaly begin to pay attention to her own appearance. She stood for a moment, a perplexed look crossing her freckled features.

'Coffee!' she squeaked suddenly, and began to rifle through her saddlebags. Pips drew out a large flask and cheerfully drained it. Then she sat and brushed the knots from her hair. She took a piece of cheese from her pocket and to the horror of the stable hand, dunked it in the dregs and began to chew contentedly.

Pips opened her pack and brought out her best waistcoat, carefully folded. It was a deep green and it matched her cloak beautifuly. She drew it about herself and buttoned it up tightly. The red-haired hobbit shook out her long mane and slid a silver clasp into it. Then she stood, and brushed the straw from her trousers. 'Will I do?' she asked Blackberry nervously. The pony snorted his approval (or perhaps his derison... it was always so hard to tell with ponies, thought Pips).

She strode purposfuly to the front of the huge edifice, looking about hopefully for her friends. There didn't seem to be anybody she knew well in the auditorium yet, so she went to order a drink.
'Are you of age yet?' asked the bartender with a knowing look. Pips sighed and settled for a lemonade.

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Postby GwenElf » Fri Nov 19, 2004 11:06 am

(I have a link too!!! :))

“I still don’t know why I agreed to come with you,” Aramir grumbled as their carriage rolled along the smooth path toward the Majestic.

Isilmë shot her date a grin. “Because you love me.”

“Alright, I certainly won’t deny that, but do you remember what happened last year? With Kell? And the Mt. Dew?”

The dark-haired Elven woman burst into peals of laughter at the horrified look on Aramir’s face. Aye, she remembered. Perhaps a bit too well; in fact, she wasn’t even sure that she had been entirely successful in washing all of the sticky liquid from last year’s gown… and from herself, come to think of it. “That was last year, and it was at the post-awards party, not the actual show,” she reminded him. “Nothing will go wrong unless you start it.”

He grinned mischievously.

In the air was the scent of the sea, carried on the gentle breeze into the windows of their carriage. Isilmë took a deep breath to calm her flustered nerves. It was not her first ceremony, but it was her first time on the committee, her first time on stage, giving speeches. She hated speeches. So many people staring at her, waiting for her to say something wrong… In her pouch she had several sheets of parchment with all of her presentation speeches written on them. And, in another pocket, an acceptance speech. She wondered if it would even be taken out of that pocket. Her pessimism was shouting a resounding NO!

“You’re going to pass out if you keep on like this,” Aramir commented, arching an eyebrow. At her questioning stare, he smiled. “You have “Why did I agree to this?” written all over your face, Sil. Take a deep breath. Relax. You’ll be fine.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze.

The carriage rolled to a stop in front of the Majestic and Isilmë let out an exclamation of delight. The site of the White Council Awards was absolutely beautiful. A few people were milling about, watching the each new arrival. Isilmë saw a news crew and reporter, an array of amazing carriages, and the dazzling lights on the front of the building, which read


The carriage door was opened and Aramir stepped out, took her hand, and helped her out after him. She grinned at his courtly manner and nodded to the driver, who pulled away promptly. Isilmë adjusted the hood of her deep purple cloak and smiled at Aramir just as someone caught her eye.

“Oh, Elena is here!” she exclaimed excitedly. “Come on!” She dashed over to her friend, dragging the helpless Aramir along behind her.
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Postby Shieldmaiden_pippin » Fri Nov 19, 2004 11:30 am

Pippy smoothed down her dress as she stepped out of the plain, ordinary carriage. "Oh...come on Maggots, stop being such a wuss. I don't like public events either, but you're coming with me whether you like it or not."

A snarl erupted from the carriage, and a hiss followed.

"You don't look stupid! I promise!"

Another snarl, but this time softer...almost pathetic.

"Maggots, I'm going to count to three, and if you don't come out like a good boy, I'm gonna drag you out and throw you in a fountain...and then you will look stupid."

Something inside the carriage whimpered, and then a a firey horned creature poked it's head out, and then jumped down next to Pippy. The Mini Balrog had on a fire proof black tuxedo and a lovely black bow tie around his neck.

"You look adorable, Maggots...stop being so underconfidant." The Mini growled again and took Pippy's hand. "Just remember not to touch anyone, k? And be on your best behavoir...and no antics, got it?" The mini nodded and shrunk behind Pip's skirts. The girl waved as she saw Pips, Isilme, Elena, Gwenny, and others that she knew. She went up to a drink stand...thing... and ordered herself a Dr. Pepper...and a glass of water for Maggots. "I think we're a tad early, boy..."
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Postby Hobbituk » Fri Nov 19, 2004 11:34 am

"Why am I here?" murmured Hobbi with a shake of the head. He was stood stock still at one end of the red carpet eyeing the long stretch of walkway and the parade of early arrivals as they marched down it, flirting with the media and twirling in their all very new and modern outfits.
You know why he told himself to make up for last year!

Images of last year's event came flooding back. The disastrous entrance, the pink frilly shirt, getting covered in beer, vomit and popcorn...a good night out really.
You won an award! his inner-hobbit reminded him, everyone was very pleased for you!
That was true. One of the nicest moments of his life for sure. He still remembered the moment when he had sat there expecting ThreadStalker to call out Erinhue's name and yet when his name was called he was stunned and his heart leapt into his mouth.
Get moving Hobbi, people are waiting for you

And with that he took the first step on the crimson road to the bright lights, big sounds and crazy hair-do's of the White Council Awards 2005.
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Postby Jaeniver » Fri Nov 19, 2004 1:38 pm

OOC-I may have over done it a little :shock:

Apart from the rather annoying cheering background music that filled the car the passengers sat in quiet pondering. After what seemed like hours of slow moving through traffic a choked cough broke the silence.

"Are we there yet?" Bréhon asked as twiddled his tumbs. "No, can't you find something to keep you busy in the mean while?" Jae retorded as she desperately tried to push the last strands of rebellous hair out of her eyes. Bréhon, after a few moments of silence, started smacking his lips. After a third time Jae cringed and shot him a venomous look.
After a while Bré dared to ask again: “Are we there yet?” He mumbled as he fiddled with buttons of his shirt eyeing the elf cautiously. Jae had been going into hissy fits about the smallest of things all morning. Wrong tie, a tiny stain on his shirt, wrinkled dress ,a run in her hose when she had a dozen others anyway. Everything was wrong according to her that morning. “So much for a relax breakfast” he thought as he looked out of the shaded window where a long row of cars were blocking their way. He never had imaged so many people to go to an award show.

“Soon I hope before the seat leaves wrinkles in this dress.” Jae sighed as she smoothened her soft red dress. The fabric was so touchy! “Don’t fuss with those buttons! Before you know it one comes off. And she grabbed his hand away from his collar. “Don’t worry I won’t explode.” She winked and saw the rider relaxed obviously. “Thanks. Not sure any more what I can or can’t say with you being in this award frenzy. It has your mood….swinging really….ehm pumpkin , my needs blood….you’re…squeezing…too…arrghh..hard!” The last words were not much audible while the Rohirrim wrestled his hand free out of the thightening grip of the elf. Jae shot him a look with mixed emotions “Well that was the wrong thing.” she hissed before she bit her lip and looked at him apologetically. “I’m sorry, I am...just nervous. Again.” And she rolled her eyes. It wasn’t her first show she knew but still.What if the heel of her shoe broke off, what if her dress tore. Such nightmares were too catastophic to even think of them!

A loud shriek cut through her thoughts sending both Jae and Bré hovering in midair for a moment.

“What was *that*?!” Bréhon managed to utter after both hearts had restarted. “That…” gasped Jae, who threw a furious look in the trunk, “Was a present that Dindraug send me.”

“A noise-making present?” Bréhon looked at her not understanding and nearly became to believe his dear elf had lost all common sense now ‘Award frenzy must have gone to her head.’ He thought as he followed her look to the trunk.

What he saw there made his eyes widen with confusement. “That’s the present.” Jae mumbled pointing at a small potted tree, a card hanging from one of his branches staring back at Jae with the same furious look. “Din was nice enough to send me a mascot for the awards.”

“Yes, but what is it?” Bré asked, quickly pulling his hand back after the little tree took a snap at it clearly mistaking the hand for food. So much for vegiterian trees.”It’s one of his Bonzai Ents.” Jae sighed turning away from the overgrown flower. “We were late already so I didn’t have time to put it in the garden, I threw it in the trunk instead. It’s clearly mad for not being watered for the last few hours.” And the elf shrugged, “We’re all dying for a drink pal!” She said to the mini Ent who was again crying for attention.

As noise and lights drew closer the couple sighed relieved knowing that they could get the much needed drink soon. ‘After the carpet hell is over.’ Bré thought remebering last time. He had cramp in his jaw for days. “One, thing, I am not smiling for any of the Chants and Hoax magazine pictures. “ But Jae already wavered his comment away when the car came to a stop and the doors got opened by one of the many security men.

“Madam, good to see you have arrived. The car will be parked somewhere safe. Enjoy the show!”

Granting the man a feeble smile Jae reached for Bré’s arm who patted her hand gently. “Just walk and breathe, walk and breathe.”

Yes, walk and breathe. And thus Jae made her first, no second steps on the red carpet that seemed to go on for miles. flashes went off and and various candidats of the evening were pulled aside to give statements about their opponents or their thoughts on the evening while they tried not to get into close range of the fans who stood screaming for autographes and well wishes.

“So the White Council Awards really begin once again.” Jae smiled, her fear for any broken shoe gone as she marveled at the splendour that master Erinhue with his teammates had accomplished.
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Postby Lady_Galadriel786 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 1:40 pm


Elena turned to see Sil, dragging a reluctant Aramir along, rushing up to her, her face wreathed in smiles. "Mae govannen, mellonamin!" exclaimed Elena, hugging her friend warmly and accepting Ar's kiss on her cheek. "Oh, you look splendid!" "So do you," laughed Sil, and then stopped, as she noticed Elena's date for the first time.

"Hail and well met," she said, as Aramir merely nodded, not looking entirely too happy with Sil sudden interest in Elena's date. Elena swallowed a smile and made the introduction. "Eric, I'd like you to meet two of my close friends - Sil and Aramir. Guys, this is Eric." "Nice to meet -" beganEric, when Gwenny, and Pippy joined them.

Greetings and introductions rang out, and a lot of handshaking and air-kissing as well, although most of the friends politely avoided mentioning anything about Pippy's mini Balrog. Together they walked into the auditorium, and found Pips at the bar, talking to the barman and drinking lemonade.

"Where's Luthy?"" Elena managed to whisper to Sil as they started to walk towards the seating area.
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Postby Aralana_Greenleaf » Fri Nov 19, 2004 1:59 pm

Princess Aralana stepped out of her silver limo; her pink dress shimmered in the glow of the floor lights. She wore her tiara set with pink gems to match her dress. Reporters and cameras swarmed her, asking her about the recent Haldir 'incident'.

"No comment! No comment!" she told all of them as her bodyguards rushed her inside, to her balcony seat.
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Postby balrogthane » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:03 pm

Huinar made his solitary and somewhat-nervous way up to the beginning of the looong red carpet, which ended at that looming threatening theatre; never before had he dared to mingle with such elite. He glanced around, hoping to see someone he recognized, but didn't know anyone-- nor, it seemed, did anyone know him. There were steeds, servants, fellow attenders, entertainers, reporters, cameramen... Huinar took a deep breath and stepped out onto the carpet.

He reflected that he had made a good choice in wearing his best suit. Perhaps it was not in the current style, but he honestly didn't have anything more recent than late First Age. He managed to convince himself that not all the stares were in horror at his attire, but rather at his simply being a Balrog.

The walk down the carpet seemed interminable, but after getting a flash right in the eyes, he kept his gaze firmly straight ahead and concentrated on just reaching the theatre steps. All around him the gathered crowd whispered, laughed, muttered, chattered, and, most of all, looked. He just tried not to walk too fast or too slow.

Finally he was there-- on the bottom step of the theatre. Now that he gave himself a moment to look around, he saw several people he recognized, even if he only knew them in passing; Jae, Griff, and a few others. But no-one he could call a friend-

"BT!" He turned, surprised to hear that name here, to see

"Sil! Elena! Pip!" he cried out in happy surprise. "Well-met! I was so worried-"

"You look like it," Pip scolded, pulling him over to the bar with them. Maggots, her little Balrog, snickered in a growling way at Huinar.

"Hush, you, you're only 56," Huinar muttered at him. Maggots let a wisp of smoke out of his mouth.

"No hello for me?" put in Gwenny from behind.

"Or me?" asked a handsome fellow with a laughing face.

"Me? Come now, you know me!" Pips piped up from a barstool.

"Sil hasn't introduced me yet, so I'll hold off on demanding a greeting," added the man holding Sil's arm, with a wink to the flustered Balrog.

"Um, hello to all," Huinar answered, feeling-- of all things!-- shy.

"Come on," Pips instructed him, "have a drink, you look like you need it. Haven't you ever been to one of these things before?"

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Postby Evenstar_of_Imladris » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:14 pm

Eve trotted over to where the red carpet lay on the ground in all of its awardly glory. She checked the white horse gently and dropped nimbly to the ground from the ornate leather saddle. She handed the reigns to a random person walking by, smoothed her dress out and made her way towards the flashing lights and cheering crowd. Eve spotted Elena, Pippy and Sil and meandered her way through the crowd to get to them. After exchanging polite greetings and hugs Eve looked around the crowd looking distraught.

"Has anyone seen Luthy?" she asked. "She's my date!"

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Postby *Annatar* » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:42 pm

*Annatar* made his way up the beach towards the city. A large, brightly lit building, just outside the walls, caught his eye. Carriage after carriage rolled down the main highway towards it. The stables and surrounding grounds were teeming with horses, dragons, wargs, and even a mumakil. He could just barely see, at this distance, men, women, elves, and other folk he did not recognize walking down a well-lit gauntlet, attacked by swarms of screaming, frenzied men and women, some of whom emitted painfully bright flashes of light.

He ran up to the nearest passing carriage, hoping to flag it down for a ride to the intriguing building, but the driver, with one frightened look in his direction, yelled to his horses to increase their speed. *Annatar* looked down at himself. What was the driver so frightened about? He was an impeccably dressed Maia ... well ... maybe not. Maybe it was the sopping wet clothing ... or the seaweed entwined cloak ... or the bare, sandy feet ... or the lack of weaponry ... or the helmet-head hair ... or the gathering flies ..... or ...
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Postby Pippin4242 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:47 pm

'Hiya EOI!' called out Pips. It was nice to see so many familiar faces.
'EOI?' asked Huinar.
'I keep forgetting,' mumbled Pips. 'She goes by a different name now.'
The young hobbit looked worried all of a sudden. 'I'm going to get it all wrong!' she whispered into the rounded ear of her 'twin', Pippy. 'I'm going to get people's names wrong and I won't recognise them and someone will say "What award are you up for, little girl?" and I shall have to admit that the only award I got nominated for was more, more of an insult than an award! Who the hell wants to be the Smiley Bandit anyway?'
'I seem to recall you did,' said Pippy with a frown.
'Yes,' admitted Pips, 'but that was before it all mattered. Don't you see? The gold, the velvet, the- the everything! This isn't Tom's House! You can't go up for a silly award here! And if I win they'll say "Why did you campaign?" and if I don't they'll say "You couldn't even win Smiley Bandit..." Pippy, I want to go home!'
'No!' said Pippy sternly. 'No, you don't. It took you three days ride to get here and Blackberry needs his rest. Look at you, in your finery! You can't come all the way here and then turn back! Besides,' she added, lowering her voice again, 'some people here think you're old. What'll it look like to them if you turn back now? What will people say? They're not talking about you behind your back yet, but they will if you spoil the fun for the noobs.' Pips blew her nose. 'Just don't panic. The awards are only a bit of fun, after all.'
'But, but-' stuttered Pips. 'I feel so out of place! Look at you in that fantastic dress! You look goregous! And just look at me. Naught but my old waistcoat and breeches! My feet are muddy! There's-' she reached up, 'straw in my hair! I look stupid. And to cap it all, I'm half the size of the smallest Elf here.'
'Size isn't everything,' volunteered Huinar.
'Yes, but people always snigger when they say that.' said Pips. 'Oh, you're right Pippy. I'm sorry I got worked up. It's just everything is so... huge! And I'm not.' She hugged Pippy around the waist. Pippy held on for a long time. She let go at last. 'Better now?'
'Yes,' said Pips with a grin. 'Let's go show these people the meaning of fun!'

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Postby Elladan_Elfhelm » Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:48 pm

Elladan reigned in his horse as he and his eored of Rohirrim Riders rode up to the stables of the TORC Majestic. The Majestic had been beautifully restored, and Elladan was reminded of the tales that he had heard about the old theater. He dismounted his horse and offered the reins to one of his fellow Riders. His eored had made the journey with him from Rohan, and they were going to be taking a much needed vacation by the ocean around the Bay of Belfalas.

Elladan dusted off his leather riding boots, and then smoothed out his brown tunic. He donned his green Rohirrim cloak, and then brushed through his medium length blond hair. There was a twinkle in his blue eyes as he spotted a bunch of his friends that had already arrived for the ceremony. He hurried up to the entrance of the theater, and made his way over to where some of his friends were located.

“Pips, Pippy, and TWT, so I’m not the only one taking a break from the Donut war am I?” Elladan gave Pips and Pippy both a hug, but he only shook TWT hand. (TWT is on the wrong side of the Donut War, for those who don’t know).

“Dan, its great to see you here.” Pippy exclaimed as she downed her glass of Dr. Pepper. Dan ordered a Mountain Dew Code Red and the four talked for sometime as they watched more celebrities from TORC arrive at the theater. Dan bowed to the Master Bard Erinhue as the famous walked by greeting some of the newcomers. After Erinhue passed Dan spotted more of his TORC family seated inside the theater. He finished off his Mt Dew, and then hurried inside.

“Harvi, Glorfie, Gwenny, and Griff. What a blessed sight that you all are.” Dan quickly caught up on some the happenings in their lives, and shared with all of them more pics of Hannah. “Some people have a lot of credit cards in their wallets, well I have a lot of pics of the most beautiful daughter in all of Middle Earth.”

Dan’s attention was then drawn to a young lady dressed in a pink dress that was seated not far from them. It was one of his new friends Boxy. She looked exhausted, but Dan could tell that she was still ready for the show to begin. “Hey Sis, how you doing? That’s a nice dress. Do you want to see some pics of Hannah?” :D He asked as he plopped into the seat next to her.

ooc: Man a lot of people jumped in while I was typing this. Sorry for not including everyone I know. I still love you too. :P
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