Maedhros and Tygarya Saga - Finally an Engagement!!!

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Maedhros and Tygarya Saga - Finally an Engagement!!!

Postby Tygarya » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:36 pm

Please check in to OOC thread first and make sure to read the recommended posts in MoME to get up to speed with what is going on

As the horses crossed the valley and came upon the tall foreboding structure of Minas Morgul, both brothers looked at each other apprehensively, Tyg turned in the saddle and looked at them both. ‘It’s ok, I’ve had the interior redesigned’
She turned back and started her horse towards the gates. The brothers looked sceptical but followed her through.
They walked their horses up to the broad steps leading into the main entrance way of the Tower, Maedhros looked up towards the heights of the dreary looking building, seeing faces and gargoyles in the stone staring back down at him. When one blinked, he looked away startled.
Several orcs ran out and took the reins of their horses as they dismounted. Tyg left instructions for them to take her things to her room and walked the brothers inside.

Once inside Tyg tentatively tried to make Maedhros and his brother Maglor comfortable. They were pleasantly surprised to find the interior of the Tower nothing like what they had imagined. It seemed light and airy, and inviting.
‘Tyg, it seems you have done wonders with this place’
‘Why thank you Maglor, it cost thousands in Interior designer fees, but I think they really worked their magic well’
‘Magic eh?’ Maedhros said looking around in awe ‘I though so’
‘Perhaps a servant can show you both to your rooms’ Tyg said indicating an orc standing waiting to be of help. He scurried over and took the two brothers bags, he walked off a couple of steps, turned back and grunted ‘Follow’ then walked off again, heading for a grand spiral staircase that seemed to wind up and up forever.
The brothers both looked at Tyg, who shrugged. ‘I didn’t say they were all perfect’ meaning the orcs. They looked at each other again, then followed after the orc.

Tyg finally let out a deep breath. Home at last, she stood there a moment, taking in the atmosphere that she had missed when in Rivendell, judging the MoME contest and seeking out Maedhros. She decided she would head for her rooms….on the top floor level 13….and have a much needed bath.
She waved another servant over and told him to tell the chef (who was not an orc, but actually a very good human chef) to start preparing something for dinner, and to let her and the brothers know when it would be ready.
‘Oh,’ Tyg turned at the foot of the stairs with an after thought ‘Make sure someone escorts the brothers to dinner, we wouldn’t want them to get lost, they may stumble upon things they may not be ready to see yet’ The servant bowed and grinned knowingly ‘Best to keep them escorted at all times for now’ Tyg finished her instructions then changing form into a black cat she ran at full speed and as light as a feather all the way up the stairs…..streaking past the brothers who were stopped at level 6 for a breather, Maedhros muttered the word ‘cheat’ as she ran by …….all the way to the top of the tower where her apartments were.

It was a couple of hours later when Tyg heard a knock at her door, suspecting it to be a servant orc telling her that dinner was ready, she went over and opened it. Maedhros was standing there, he peered over her shoulder into the wealth of her rooms, then said ‘I have come to escort you down to dinner my Lady’
Tyg glared at the Orc who had escorted Maedhros up to her rooms as he choked suppressing a laugh. He scurried away. Tyg took Maedhros’s proffered arm and lead the way down to where they would be dining. It was on level 10, over looking the Ephel Duath, the chef had set up a wonderful array of food and drink, as well as a lovely table for three on the balcony, where the moon shone to its full effect against the side of the tower.
All seemed to go well, everyone was over polite and a bit awkward until Maedhros asked forwardly, ‘So when do we do this thing?’
‘Thing? Maedhros?’ Tyg replied over the rim of her wine glass ‘What thing?
Maedhros, not for the first time, waved the stump of his right hand at her. ‘This is all very nice, but I want to see my hand’ Maedhros growled ‘I want my hand back!’
Tyg groaned inwardly Was it always going to be like this? She wondered, then stood up heading inside, grabbed a bottle of wine off the food table, then turned.
‘Well are you coming or not?’
She heard both brothers stand and come back inside, they followed her with tightly suppressed anticipation as she walked towards the stairs.
‘You should have got them to put in a lift’ Maglor groaned.
‘Then we would all get fat’ Tyg laughed as she started down the stair case, all the way down to the bottom where the entrance hall was. She turned then and walked into the darkness behind the staircase, where another stair case disappeared down into the very rocks of minas morgul itself, she grabbed a torch from a sconce at the doorway and started down into the darkness. The brothers hesitated slightly, then followed her.
It was pitch black and the brothers hurried to catch up to the torch light in the distance as it rounded a corner and disappeared. It was narrow and a long way down, the rocks started to get moist showing just how far under ground they were getting.
Finally after what seemed hours in the dark, but which was really only 20 minutes Tyg stopped, and muttered something under her breath, suddenly the brothers had to cover their eyes as a large room as suddenly lit up by the igniting of several torches around the room.
‘Magic again ‘Maedhros scowled, then lost his voice as he looked ahead into the room, his eyes finally adjusting, although he still thought they must be fooling him.
Across the vast room, all cut out of solid obsidian rock, was a wall that was perfectly smooth, looking like the gate to oblivion. Maedhros felt he could step right through into nothingness. Tyg walked off to one side where there was a table and grabbed some glasses that were on it, opening the bottle she had brought with her, she poured it out into the glasses. Grabbed hers and gulped it back, she stood watching the brothers reactions, especially Maedhros’s.
He had walked up to the wall, transfixed on the one small blemish right in the centre which seemed to be glowing, he stared at it unbelieving, Maglor paled and turned away. Imbedded into the very rock itself, but shining through the thin layer of rock over it, was the Silmaril, making the obsidian rock look almost transparent.
He turned to Tyg ‘What is this?’ he demanded ‘You said I could take up the stone, how can I do that if it’s stuck inside the rock?!’
‘I never said you could ‘take up’ the stone, I said you could weild it, but it couldn’t leave here, you understand now’
‘What are we looking at exactly’ Maglor asked.
‘A gateway, ready for Morgoth’s return’ Tyg said simply
Maglor paled further and stepped away from the wall looking like the hounds of hell themselves could jump through any minute.
‘Relax, it still needs the power of at least one more Silmaril for him to come across’
‘One more?’ Maedhros asked, ‘How do you intend to get one more?’
‘Well, it’s no small feat, I’ve been trying for a couple of hundred years now to find a balrog I can get to understand the word fetch’ Tyg smiled wanly.
Both brothers just stared at her.
Suddenly Maedhros went as pale as a ghost, his mouth dropping open, as he stared over Tyg’s shoulder to a jar sitting innocently on a shelf behind her.
Maglor followed his brother’s gaze and felt his knees go weak, he searched for something to sit down on, grabbing a nearby chair, he sank into it.
Tyg calmly turned and leaning across the table she reached up and took the jar in both hands. She carefully turned back and held it out to Maedhros.
‘Your right hand’ she said simply. Maedhros just stared at it, recoiling slightly from it as Tyg offered it to him.
‘Place it on the desk, I can’t touch it’ he said as he raked his left hand through his hair.
Tyg placed it carefully on the desk, took up two glasses and walked over to Maglor first, handing him one then Maedhros.
‘You see now why I brought the drink down, but you may need something stronger.’ Tyg said as both brothers emptied the glasses in one gulp.
‘I think you guys should get some rest, I’ve organised someone to show you both around tomorrow morning, a trip over to Cirith Ungol and up to see the ruins of Mordor’
Maglor looked gratefully at Tyg for giving them an out and stood up, he grabbed a torch, determined not to walk back up the stairs in darkness and hailed his brother to follow. Maedhros however stayed and walked up to Tyg, taking her in his arms, he embraced her warmly, Tyg was shocked, but returned the hug. When Maedhros stepped back, his hand remained on her shoulder.
‘Thank you, I know this is not easy for you to do’ Maedhros said kindly, he glanced at the smooth wall with the Sil in it. ‘I can feel Morgoth’s malevolence from here my self.’
Tyg looked into Maedhros’s eyes then and they shared a moment, a deep before untouched feeling sparked between them.
Maglor coughed delicately breaking the moment. He quietly said to Maedhros ‘Come on brother’ Maedhros turned and followed his brother out of the cavern.
Tyg wrapped her arms around herself suddenly cold, she stared at the wall, almost expecting Morgoth to appear herself, there would be no sleep for her tonight, sleep here with the brothers within these walls, she shivered at the thought of what nightmarish and painful dreams Morgoth would send to her if she even tried to sleep, she couldn’t let him discover in her mind that the brothers were there.
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Postby Tygarya » Tue Nov 06, 2007 2:32 pm

Tyg spent all the next day in solitude while the brothers were out being shown around, reading and studying the archaic books and scrolls of dark magic that were stacked up in her libraries. She had to make sure this was all going to work and the first thing she had to do was restore Maedhros’s hand. She knew it would involve Maedhros having to relive the time he lost it, but she was sure he would still do it. If he for one second knew that she would have to live it also, taking all the pain and suffering into herself to be able to do what was required, she feared he would change his mind. He was a very genteel being under that rough exterior. She smiled as she thought back to last night, when he had hugged her and thanked her, she had felt something, but was still too raw concerning Gwaihir to want to pursue it.
It was late when an Orc silently entered and approached the desk she was sitting at pouring over several books at once and cross referencing things.
He handed her a note sealed with wax. Opening it she read the short hand written note.

My dearest new friend Tyg,

I am writing to wish you a safe journey home, and hope you write me and let me know how it goes with Maedhros. I hope you feel confidant enough in our newly formed friendship to confide in me, I can be discreet.
As soon as I have things settled back in Minas Tirith I would love to journey to see you, after hearing about your redesigning of Minas Ithil I am intrigued to see it.

Your friend,

Tyg quietly pondered the implications behind the letter, and felt mirth at Rwhen’s reference to Minas Morgul as Minas Ithil, its ancient name.
She went to grab a pen and paper from the desk to write a prompt reply, then noticed the servant was still standing there waiting.
‘Was there more?’ She asked
‘Mistress, your guests wish to see you’ the orc explained wringing his hands together, knowing Tyg disliked being disturbed when with the books. ‘I tried to tell them you were busy, but…’
‘It’s okay.’ Tyg interrupted his excuses, ‘I know what they are like, have they broken anything yet?’
The orc looked nervous. ‘Ah….Maedhros threw a wine bottle at the wall, and smashed a vase in the process’
‘Very well’ Tyg said standing up and stretching her cramped muscles. ‘Where are they?’
‘In their apartments, Mistress’ the orc bowed as Tyg swept passed him and made the long journey through the fortress to the main tower and up the stairs to where Maedhros and Melkor had been given the 10th floor to use as their own.

She entered without knocking, it was still her place after all, and found Maedhros pacing in front of the large fire place, Maglor was trying to calm him, as usual. Tyg was suddenly very grateful for Maglor coming along, he was indeed a great calming influence over the fiery temper of Maedhros.
‘What seems to be the problem?’ Tyg asked as she entered.
Maedhros stopped pacing and turned towards her.
‘Where have you been all day?’ Maedhros demanded ‘I want to get this over with, not spending the day galavanting across the valley looking at ruins’ he said , again waving the stump of his right wrist at her.
Annoyed Tyg rolled her eyes and sighed, she walked into the large anteroom that adjoined the brothers privates rooms. She walked over to where Maglor was sitting on a couch and sat down heavily next to him. She rub her tired eyes and looked up at Maedhros.
‘It’s not that easy, I have spent all day referencing the appropriate requirements, there are some things it is going to take a bit of time to organise’
‘Are you sleeping?’ Maglor asked, causing Maedhros to look at Tyg more closely. She looked withdrawn and very pale, dark circles were starting to show under her eyes. Tyg just smiled wanly at Maglor and shook her head, He would never understand, she thought.
Maedhros dropped to his knees in front of her, placing his hand over the top of one of hers as it rested on the arm of the couch.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked suddenly very concerned.
Tyg looked at him. ‘I’m fine’ she said flatly as she pushed away and stood up. ‘It’s just going to take some time, and I believe time is running out, this must be performed on a New Moon, and the next one is only in a few days and I can’t risk waiting till the next one’
Maedhros stood and walked to a window, looking out at the moon he noticed it was only a thin sickle shape.
‘I reckon 3 days, no more’
‘Thanks for that’ Tyg said sarcastically. ‘On that note, I better get back to it then’
‘Sorry, I didn’t mean…’ Maedhros tried to apologise, Tyg cut him off with a wave of her hand.
‘I know, I know’ she replied as she walked back to the door and opened it, ‘Just get some sleep….you are going out to meet some of the Generals tomorrow.’
‘What!’ Maedhros cried out
‘They want to meet you….its your chance to ‘inspire’ them’. Tyg said with a laugh and left closing the door behind her before Maedhros could refuse.
She could hear him yelling ‘Absolutely not!’ at his brother as she left.

Once back in the libraries, Tyg picked up the note from Rwhen and re-read it. She grinned then and penned a reply.

My friend Rwhen,

Once the dust settles in both our homes I would love for you to visit, it may be a good idea to bring your husband as I will need to be speaking to him, regarding what is going on here with Maedhros and why he has returned.
I fear whether it will all be good news for him, but I see this friendship of ours as a sign of what could hopefully be achieved between our two nations.
I shall make everything ready for your expected arrival in a week, come whenever you are able, we will be waiting.

Your friend always,

She had decided it would be much easy to tell Aragon what had happened concerning Morgoth and Maedhros after the fact, that way no one would be able in interfere in it and compromise her freedom. Once done it was just that, already done….she hoped Maedhros would be seen as a hero for potentially stopping another ultimate war, but knew she would have a lot of explaining to do.
Not to dwell on that now, she thought to herself, concentrate on making it actually happen first. She called for a servant, sealed the letter with her wax seal and gave it to him to send, she then returned to the large stack of books before her.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:29 pm

"I don't want to command an army of...of...those...creatures" Maedhros was sputtering.

"You have to be more patient with her," Maglor explained urgently. "How hard is it to do as she asks? You've lived with one hand for so long; a few more days won't hurt."

Maedhros just growled and continued pacing. "That isn't it," he waved at his brother dismissively. "I have here. Would you make this your home? Would you live in a place with a portal to the Everlasting Darkness in the cellar? Hmm?"

"I will remain here as long as you wish for my company," Maglor said quietly. "If this is to be your home, than it will be mine as well. No Oath nor ritual will bind me here...but I will not abandon you."

Maedhros sighed and raked his hand through his hair. He threw himself down on a chair and looked at his brother. "I cannot thank you enough for that. You truly are the best of Fëanor's sons. I don't deserve such a brother."

"Well, no one deserves Celegorm either, and yet we both got him." He grinned, and Maedhros laughed.

"And I suppose it is light and airy on the inside. If I pretend, I could almost imagine I am in the palace in's been so long, I might even believe it...."

"Maybe if...if we offered to help? Would that make the waiting easier?" Maglor asked tentatively.

"She's trying to reattach a long-dead hand. It's necromancy, it has to be. Do you want to be party to that?"

"You're taking part in it," Maglor shot back.

"I'm willing to go to many lengths to fulfill my Oath," Maedhros pointed out. "At least this way, nobody dies. But I was asking about you, little brother," he pointed out.

"There's no harm in reading up on something. I wasn't volunteering to...participate. I'd just feel better...knowing what we were getting into."

"Nothing good, I assure you."

But even so, he sat down and penned a quick note.

    Queen Tygarya,
    My brother and I can read, you know. If you'd like any help, just ask. If you don't want us in there, just send the book up here. You don't need to babysit us.

He paused before signing his name. "Your servant" sounded too trite, and didn't match the tone of the letter, so he left off any closing.

He opened the door, and the orc guards snapped to attention. They weren't allowed to wander anywhere in this place on their own. A bit suspicious, but he'd expected as much.

"Take this to your mistress."

One orc took the note and bowed, then scurried off. The other two looked slightly uncomfortable until Maedhros closed the door rather forcefully and retreated to his rooms.
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Postby rwhen » Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:47 pm

As Rwhen approached Minas Tirith, she could tell that Aragorn had gone to great pains to be sure she felt welcomed back to what would eventually become her city too. The white spires and fine craftsmanship of the city was something to behold and no matter how many times she arrived, each time was like the first. It took her breath away.


The cheering of the crowds was almost deafening as the coach pulled up to a stop. Aragorn opened the door and assisted Rwhen from her seat.

"My dear one, how long has it been?" he started.

Rwhen blushed as she always did, "Too long, my beloved. Thank you for such a grand reception. You have no idea how hard the judging was for this years MoME contest. I am just glad YOU were not a contestant." She smiled largely for her suitor.

"You must be exhausted. Allow me to show you to your suite and then why don't you meet me in the great hall for supper." Aragorn was every bit the gentleman. His grey eyes were sparkling in his excitement to see her.

"As you wish, My Lord."

"My Lord, My behind. Since when have I expected you to call me Lord." In a lowered voice intended for her delicately pointed ears only, "I thought we had an understanding."

Rwhen's laughter was music as it sang through the air. "Of course we do, I mean to hold you to it as well. Or will I have to get my scary father down here to hold a sword to your throat?"

The pair literally ran into the citidal and after much nodding and recognition finally made it to the proper suite. "I never get used to that," Aragorn huffed. "Do they have to bow all the time?"

"Yes dear heart, I am afraid so."

Aragorn took his ladies hand and kissed it lightly then pressed it to his manly chest. "Until supper." He turned on his heel and started off.

As she surveyed her suite, it was exactly as she had left it. She didn't have time to even sit down before stewards brought her trunks from MoME. She grimaced at the thought of unpacking and all she would have to stow. It would give her the chance to relive every moment of the pagent, however.

Humming softly, she took each treasure and made sure it had a special place. The gowns were stowed in her press, shoes in the wardrobe and perfumes to the dressing room. Wanting to bathe before supper, she ran the hot water, disrobed and settled in.


"What the he...." Rwhen grabbed up a large towel and ran to her anti-room. There was a dazed eagle with a carriers bag around her neck hanging onto the window sill.

"Silly bird." Rwhen soothed the eagle and coaxed her into giving over the packet. "Why not enjoy the warm water, it appears I am done for the evening."

"Thank you Lady," trilled the eagle, "this girl is one tired eagle and I could use a soak."

Rwhen took the note to her dressing table and read:

My friend Rwhen,

Once the dust settles in both our homes I would love for you to visit, it may be a good idea to bring your husband as I will need to be speaking to him, regarding what is going on here with Maedhros and why he has returned.
I fear whether it will all be good news for him, but I see this friendship of ours as a sign of what could hopefully be achieved between our two nations.
I shall make everything ready for your expected arrival in a week, come whenever you are able, we will be waiting.

Your friend always,

"Oh dear. Oh DEAR." She folded the note crisply and put it in one of her many jewel boxes. "Yes, I will speak with him after supper. I must not wait too long. Tyg will be expecting an answer directly."

"Were you speakin' to me, Lady," called the eagle.

Rwhen had forgotten that she was not alone. "Yes, would you stay for dinner and I will send you back with a note for the sender?"

Rwhen dressed in a stunning gown:


and went to meet with Aragorn.
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Postby Tygarya » Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:02 pm

As tyg wandered down the halls, she was faintly amused, she knew Maedhros would be surprised tomorrow to find out that most of her Generals were actually Men, orcs were soldiers not leaders, but she guessed he would learn that in time.
Once Tyg returned to the libraries, she had a puffing Orc run up behind her waving a note. She took it from him and read it. She smiled tightly, condescending so and so, she thought, well if he wants something to do, I'll give him something.
'Wait here, I have something for you to take back to his Lordship' Tyg says to the orc, she walks up to the desk and picks up a mountain of books and placing them into the orcs arms, he looks dispairingly at them because of the prospect of having to walk up all those flights of stairs with them.
Tyg pens a quick note back to Maedhros.
If you are truly sincere in wanting to help, here are some books that I need to go through to find any references to amputee reattachment. It unfortunately won't be an exciting task for you, but you did ask.
Thank you
Tyg xx

She read it, aware that it came across sarcastic, but didn't mind that, she handed the note to the orc and sent him on his way.

Maedhros was right though, she did need help. Oh, not from Maedhros and Maglor, no those books that nothing of the delicate information that she was trying to find out, and absolutely nothing about the ritual. She couldn't have Maedhros find out what was truly involved until the ritual actually began, by then it would be too late for him to back out. No, those books would keep them out of her hair, and no more.
She needed help of another kind, as much as she really didn't want to have to get help from this person, as he always came back wanting a return favour nothing came for free with him, she knew he ws the only one who could help her with the darker side of what was required...necromancy.

She turned from the libraries despite her better judgement and walked through the halls of the dark fortress, she made her way outside and walked across the valley, following a small winding path through boulders and rocks showing through the grasses, until she reached a small graveyard filled with only a few, but very grand, tombs. As she stepped onto the soil of the yard, through a little wrought iron gate, a fog instantly started to rise. She knew she didn't have to call for Baphomet, he already knew she was there.
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Postby Baphomet » Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:07 pm

The tendrils of fog reached out towards Tygarya's legs as she walked through the graveyard, moving up her laegs and wrapping around her, carressing her as she walked.
As she reached a particular tomb she stopped in front of it, lying across the roof of the tomb, with one leg dangling jauntly down the front, was a hooded figure. He appraised Tygarya fully, causing her to scowl at him. He laughed sardonically.

Mistress I live but to serve, what brings you to seek out my council?
I need your help, in matters of necromancy, of which you are famous for.
Tyg replied coolly, battering away tendrils of fog
Baphomet jumped down from the tomb roof and stood in front of her, the tendrils of fog dissipating

You have my curiousity Mistress, what could you possibly be up to that would require the help of the dead? he replied intrigued, in a conspirtoal tone, he thrived on intrigue
Accompany me back to my libraries, and I shall show you Tyg said turning and making her way from the graveyard. Baph jumped into line and followed like a puppy dog would follow his master
As you require Mistress
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Postby IVIaedhros » Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:27 pm

Maglor stood by the window, looking out over Imlad Morgul. They were high enough that the scents did not bother him, but the place did have an...unwholesome look. He imagined this would wear on the spirit, eventually. Did Maedhros really know what he was getting himself into?

A knock sounded on the door. Maedhros went to open it. He smirked. A huffing and puffing orc dropped a stack of books on the doorstep, and handed him Tyg's note. He read the note, and the smirk fell away. He pointed to the other two orcs, who had been lounging nearby watching all of this. "You there, pick up those books and put them on the table in here." He was very reluctant to invite the orc guards into his suite, but not as reluctant as he was to demonstrate just how awkwardly helpless he was with only one hand.

Maglor turned away from the window, and raised an eyebrow at the stack of books on the table. "She took you seriously."

Maedhros shook his head. "I doubt it. Find me one book in this lot that is on serious necromancy, and I'll...."

"Yes?" Maglor asked, his eyes sparkling.

"I ran out of ideas. I'm not in the mood to volunteer eating something disgusting, and I'm not in a position to give up authority."

"True. I might think of something, though," Maglor murmured. He picked up the books one at a time, glancing at their titles or flipping through them. "There are a few that are strictly historical records..."

"Yes, and a few on alchemy, which should sound promising."

"How about battlefield surgery?"

"Only useful if we'd want to recreate the scenario in which I lost the hand," Maedhros scowled. "But go ahead....find a book on necromancy."

"Herbs....Astronomical charts and phases of the moon....a character sketch on Morgoth?" Maglor looked up. "What in Middle Earth is that for?"

"And who wrote it?" Maedhros wanted to know. "Hand me that one, I'll start there...."

The brothers spent the rest of the evening pouring through the books, and dutifully slipped a piece of paper into each page that contained any information about amputations. They'd only made it through a third of the stack, though, when they decided to call it a night.

"We can't have you looking under the weather if you're meeting military types," Maglor pointed out.

Maedhros just groaned. "Don't remind me. I can pretend I'm sleeping in Himring if I don't listen to the fell beasts flying overhead....."
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Postby Tygarya » Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:42 pm

Returning to the libraries Tyg told Baph what she had planned. He nodded and blinked and looked at the books when she showed him a particular phrase or requirement. When she finished she looked at him, waiting for him to say something.
Baph looked at her a moment, gathering his thoughts, then simply said ‘Your mad’ as he sat down on the corner of the desk she had piled the relevant books on, grabbed one and started skimming through it.
‘What?’ Tyg said, not sure she heard him right.
He looked up at her, slammed the book closed with one hand and threw it back on the pile. ‘Your mad’ he said again.
‘So you don’t think it can work?’
‘Oh, it can work alright’ Baph confirmed, making Tyg look at him perplexed. ‘But at what point do you think Morgoth is going to realise what your doing? And at what point do you think he will try absolutely anything to stop you doing it?’
Tyg looked chagrined but said nothing.
Baph got up from the desk and started pacing the room ‘Well I’ll tell you exactly when he will realise what your up to’ he stopped and peered at her playfully ‘Do you really want to know, or would it be more exciting to find out at the time?’
Tyg looked at him with one eyebrow raised ‘What do you think?’
‘Ah, ok’ Baph said simply and wandered back to the table to sit down again, he stretched his long legs out in front of himself and folded his arms. ‘He will know the minute you utter the first word’
He watched Tyg’s reaction, which was to sink into the chair behind the desk and put her head in her hands, her elbows on the table.
‘I had hoped we would be able to at least get through the attachment of Maedhros’s hand before I had to deal with Melkor’
‘Well there is possibly a way you can do that, without Morgoth getting a whiff that anything is up’ Baph said smugly studying a fingernail.
Tyg looked up from her hands, a glint in her eye.
‘What is it? Tell me…or I swear….’
‘There, there..’ Baph patted Tyg on the head, causing her to stand up and grab him around the throat with lightening speed. Baph however turned to fog in her hands and reappeared behind her. She spun round as he grabbed her, he stopped and grinned wickedly, then looked down. Tyg had a dagger pressed against his belly. Baph laughed and stepped away. He bowed to Tyg.
‘I haven’t got time for these games of yours Baph’
He straightened and looked at her suddenly serious. ‘Very well, but you are not going to like what I have to say…and neither will your new pet Maedhros.’
‘He is not my pet Baph’ Tyg said shaking her head.
‘A point yet to be proven, however, to continue what I was saying’ He moved on quickly to avoid her being able to say anything more on that subject. ‘You almost had it right where you say he will have to relive the moment he lost his hand, but not just in his mind, dearest one….he will have to enter the spirit world and actually return and relive it like it is happening, with you beside him, reliving it also.’
Tyg looked at him stunned
‘You can make that happen?’
‘Of course’ Baph replied confidently, he leaned in close to her face and breathed ‘Anything for you, my Mistress’ He straightened up and looked at her with that mischievious look again ‘You’ll owe me one though, big time’
Tyg rolled her eyes ‘I didn’t think things would be any different, Baph’
‘Excellent, it’s nice to know we are on the same page, so to speak’ he replied with a laugh. ‘But I can’t do anything on an empty stomach, come let us get something to eat, I feel the sun is waking’
He offered her arm, which she took somewhat reluctantly, looking at the books, and he lead her out and towards the kitchens.
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Postby rwhen » Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:47 pm

Rwhen quieted her racing heart and mind. It would not do well for her to lose her composure when speaking with Aragorn. When she arrived at the banquet hall, the table was spread with enough variety of savory dishes to satisfy any hunger.


"Good evening, My Lord," she smiled at Aragorn.

"I thought we already got that my Lord cleared up," he answered in a bit of a snit.

"Shall I call you Ari baby then?"

That broke them both up. He sat her at his right side and indicated that all should begin the feast. The noise level in the hall was quite loud making it almost impossible to have any descent conversation. Instead Rwhen kept making eye contact with Aragorn with a hint of what was to come playing about her lips and in her gaze.

When the desserts were brought around, a troop of muscians set up and began playing for their delight and amusement.

"Shall we dance," Aragorn held out his hand to his Lady.

"Indeed, it would be my pleasure." The couple twirled around the room in perfect timing with the music.

"So tell me about MoME, my dear. I want all the news and updates from Imladris. How is your father? Who won anyway?"

Rwhen laughed as they started a slower dance. "So many questions. Can't an elvish princess enjoy a moment of quiet dancing?" She was not yet prepared to speak of MoME.

"Really? I sould think you would be chattering like a magpie," Aragorn retorted.

Rwhen stopped the dance and musicians with a wave of her hand. "Sir, certainly you are not referring to me as a magpie?"

Aragorn recognized that tone and took a different tack. "Maybe we should have an after dinner drink in my study. You can relax and if you feel like talking, I shall be all ears."

Before she could reply, he was sweeping her from the room and down the hall. "What was that all about? You are keeping something from me, I know you too well. I was merely making polite conversation and you took my head off."

"Your head seems to be attached to me," Rwhen ducked conversation yet again.

He arrived at his personal apartments and opened the door for her. He followed in and poured them each a creamy whiskey drink. "Alright, Rwhen, out with it. I am a patient man, but your temper after having been gone so long is not appropriate, what is on your mind."

She contemplated stalling further, but was certain he would see through that as well. Sipping her drink for strength she began. "I will start with MoME. You know how it is. How crazy and mixed up things get. Relationships get started with the most unlikely pairings."

Aragorn jumped to his feet. "Who is it? Who do I have to kill now to gain your hand?"

"Not me silly, sit down and let me finish." Aragorn sat uneasily, watching Rwhen closely. "So as I was saying, strange things happen at MoME. When I got there I didn't know who the other judges would be, but soon learned that Tygarya was to be one of the judges."

Aragorn shook his head knowingly. "Yes, the Queen of Minas Morgul. Did she cause trouble for you?"

"No, actually we got along famously. One could say, we became friends. I think even good friends if allowed to have the time to grow the friendship."

"You certainly must be joking. You do realize that she is in league with the other side?" Aragorn countered.

"Do I sound as if I am making jest? My love, the war is over, isn't it time to start thinking about what the future could be? Peace breaking out all over Middle Earth? Isn't that something that you would desire?"

"Yes, but I don't trust her."

"Do you even KNOW her?" Rwhen asked quietly, but intently.

Aragorn considered the question carefully. "No, not really. But what I have heard is NOT promising." He rubbed a hand over his furled forehead. "Okay, so you made friends with Tygarya. What else happened?" He was making an effort to have a pleasant conversation.

"MoME was great fun. All the sponsors and contestants did marvelous. It was actually very hard to judge but in the end, Bard won the contest."

"That's it?" he smiled. "I thought you were setting me up for something terrible, like I was going to have to go and slay Sauron or Smaug." He took a deep breath.

"Well, there IS one other little piece of news that you should know about." She came up behind him and began rubbing his shoulders.

"That feels good. Lay it on me."

"Maedhros accompanied Tygarya back to Minas Morgul."

"HE WHAT???? Damn those Fëanoreans!!"

"Why does everyone say that." It was not a question. "Before you get yourself worked up again, please hear me out, I will be brief." Aragorn brought her around to sit facing him, knee to knee and waited patiently. "I do not know the reason he went with her. I do not know if the whole family also went. I do not know if he plans to stay. So questioning me about it is futile. I DO know that I have come to have a certain trust in Tyg, that is the name that I like to call her." Rwhen stopped and smiled with memories of MoME and then continued. "Please trust me on this. In fact, I would think that you would want to meet Tyg and get your own answers."

Baited, "and I intend to do just that. I can not leave this week, but we could travel next week. Would that please you?"

"I will dispatch a letter to Tyg this very evening. Thank you my Love, this means more to me than you know."

"And you mean more to me than YOU know." A tender kiss stopped all conversation as the moon set in the night sky.
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Postby Tygarya » Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:03 pm

As Baphomet led Tyg to the kitchens for something to eat, the day was dawning. Tyg looked out the windows as they past, the sky looked like it was bleeding, a deep red burst forth from the horizon and smeared across the sky. How appropriate, she thought to herself.

When they walked into the kitchens, Maedhros and Maglor were there chomping down on fresh bread with some cheese, while the cooks were quickly making them some bacon and eggs.
Maedhros's face went dark when he saw Baphomet lead Tyg into the kitchens, holding hands. He looked at the roguishly handsome young man, his black hair short on the sides and back, but long on top causing it to flop into his swirling grey and black eyes.
Baphomet grinned mischieveously when he caught the look, but Tyg dropped his hand.
Tyg was surprised to see the brothers up so early, but guessed they just wanted to make a good impression on the Generals they would be meeting today. Tyg said conversationally as she picked up a piece of cheese.
'Looks like its going to rain this afternoon, judging by the sky'
'Really, I though maybe you had a preference for blood red skies and decided to change it' Maedhros said casually turning away and looking out a small window above the cooking benches, so he didn't see Tyg raise an eyebrow at him in shock.
He turned back then and looked again at Baphomet.
'And this is?' he said pointedly.
Before Tyg could answer Baphomet had swept round the table between them and grabbed Maedhros's hand in his and was shaking it.
'I'm Baphomet, Tyg's favourite assistant in the ways of the spirit world.'
He was still shaking Maedhros's hand insistently, as Maedhros looking into his eyes realised he was a Necromancer, Maedhros pulled his hand back annoyed by the shaking. He turned to Maglor, who was now shaking Baph's hand.
'A necromancer' he said rolling his eyes. 'I told you'
Tyg stood watching, looking slightly annoyed at Baph, he was so cocky. She decided then to ignore Maedhros for the moment, knowing he would hate that, he could be so vain...after all he had been known as 'Matimo', that sort of thing would always make a man vain. She turned to Maglor.
'Well while your here...did you get a chance to look into the books a sent you?'
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Postby Baphomet » Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:06 pm

Maglor looked at Tyg and said simply ‘We have looked at them yes, there was a couple of things, but nothing that you could really use I don’t think.’
Maedhros interrupted then ‘But, you knew that didn’t you, when you gave us those books’
Tyg glanced over at Maedhros, folding her arms and with an amused smile on her face. ‘What do you mean Maedhros?’
‘You just gave us those books to keep us out of your hair’ he exclaims seeing her smug smile ‘Admit it’
‘I admit nothing, Sloiugash’ Tyg said back getting annoyed. Baphomet spat out some bread crumbs and snuffled in suppressed laughter at the name (which means simply Accusing one, in Black Speech) causing Maedhros to scowl even deeper at not understanding, but Tyg purposely doesn’t expand on it. ‘Your suspicions are starting to annoy me’ She said as she motioned for Baph to leave ‘However I am far too busy to worry about that now. Enjoy your day with Generals Barrock and Kador, try not to upset them too much…or they may decide to try and kill you’ Tyg turned and left the kitchen with Baph in tow, he turned and grinned at Maedhros, who was muttering under his breath, and Maglor, who was shaking his head in disbelief at the performances going on. Baph grabbed a slab of bread and a hunk of cheese.
‘Yes, enjoy your day while I’m cooped up with Tyg all day’ he said with a grin and quickly left the room as Maedhros picked up a loaf of bread and threw it at him. It hit the door frame, just as Baph darted through it.

As Baph caught up with Tyg, she was striding through the fortress also muttering under her breath.

‘What is it about him that upsets you so, Mistress?’ Baph asked cautiously, he knew she could be dangerous in this sort of mood
She spun on him, her eyes blazing.
‘Nothing!’ she hissed, ‘He’s just so damned untrusting and suspicious all the time’ she turned and headed down the halls again, still muttering. Baph scowled slightly, feeling a tad jealous at the attention she gave Maedhros, deciding he didn’t like him at all. He chewed thoughtfully on his bread and cheese as he followed Tyg back to the libraries. He decided that perhaps he should tell Maedhros what was actually going on, and what was involved, since Tyg seemed to desperately be trying to keep him in the dark.
‘Yes,’he said to himself ’Lets see how he reacts to that news’.
With that decided he almost skipped down the halls towards the libraries, feeling very happy with himself
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Postby IVIaedhros » Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:51 pm

Maglor cuffed his brother on the back of the head - an action made easier since he was sitting down. "What'd you have to go and do that for? Are you trying to make trouble here?"

"I don't like that necromancer," Maedhros muttered.

"Well, tough. If you are going to cooperate with Tyg and her plan, you're going to have to learn to work with him."

"Remember to call her 'Queen Tygarya' in front of the soldiers," Maedhros corrected absently, still staring at the doorway where Baph and Tyg had left. He made no indication that he had heard the rest of what Maglor was telling him.

Maglor threw his hands up in the air. "You're hopeless! Are you at least finished eating?"

"I seem to have misplaced the rest of my bread....but yes. At least the cooks here are good. I was afraid I'd have to miss Celebrimbor's cooking on top of everything else."

Maglor looked over at the cooks; they had heard the compliment, and seemed a bit surprised.

"If you get homesick, I'm sure they'll let me whip up a family recipe..."

"No more of your...herbal remedies. At least not for awhile. I still can't remember what happened the last time I took one..."

"That's probably for the best," Maglor muttered. "Now, about these generals..."

Maedhros stood, and squared his shoulders. "Let's see what they're made of here."

*** *** ***

The meeting with Barrock and Kador turned out to be not nearly as bad as Maedhros had been dreading. They were, of course, hesitant to tell the elven brothers anything that could possibly be used against the forces of Minas Morgul. So there was not any real discussion of the strength of the defenses or how long it would take to call up the reserve forces from the Tower across the pass of Cirith Ungol. But that didn't stop them from engaging in debates about tactics and reminising about previous campaigns. Luckily, they were mortal, so they hadn't actually fought in Beleriand. It would have been awkward if they'd actually been on opposite sides. They never broke from their reserved demeanor, but they were very polite when Maedhros began to describe Angband...from the inside. Maglor was impressed - he'd forgotten how diplomatic his brother could be, when he tried. Now why couldn't he just behave around Tygarya, the one they really needed to keep on their good side?

Maedhros came away from the meeting very pleased with himself, and less gloomy than he had been since agreeing to come here in the first place. "I think I could work with them," he announced on their way to lunch. "What do you think?"

"They were very professional. It's hard to tell what they were really thinking. And speaking of you think you could try that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Quit baiting Tyg. It will get you nowhere, and she's already stressed to the breaking point without you snarling at her."

"I did not snarl!"

"If she wants to keep us out of the way, let her. It's not like we need to know what is involved anyway - as long as she knows how it works, that's good enough."

"I am not as trusting as you. I do not like being kept in the dark. It makes me suspicious of what else I don't know...."
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Postby Baphomet » Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:33 pm

Maedhros and Maglor made their way to their rooms after a day out with Tyg’s army. As they reached the level of the tower that their rooms were on they noticed a strange fog drifting and floating just above the floor. Maedhros looked at it suspiciously What is that? he asked. Then as if in answer it moved and swirled up into a funnel, then disappeared to show the figure of Baph standing there, he was leaning casually against the railing. Maedhros scowled and muttered something about dark magic, Maglor stepped back surprised.
I have something to tell you, something I think you will find very interesting Baph said with a sly grin as he stepped towards the brothers and the door to their rooms.
What sort of something? Maglor enquired
Well I realise that her loveliness Tygarya has been keeping you both in the dark about what is going to happen tomorrow, I think you should be told, so here I am’ Baph gave a flamboyant bow which just made Maedhros scowl even harder.
Why should I..we trust you? Maedhros asked in a non friendly tone. Baph looked at him in surprise
I said nothing of trusting me, my Lord, but I feel only that you should be told what you can expect to have to do during the reattachment rites Baph looked at Maedhros seriously You do want to know, don’t you?
Of course I want to know Maedhros said and then turned and entered their rooms, followed by Maglor, Baph smiled a sly little grin to himself and followed the brothers in.
Once in side Maglor sat down, but Maedhros couldn’t and paced in front of the fire. Baph sat down on a soft divan and put his feet up.

Get on with it! Maedhros said then, looking at the cocky young man.
Baph cleared his throat then began. He told Maedhros that he would be required to mentally go back in time, with the aid of Tyg, to when he lost his hand and through the reliving of it, they could change certain aspects and hopefully change the outcome, leaving his hand intact. In which at the same time Baph would be there to do the ‘magic’ part of reattaching the real hand at the same moment. It had the desired affect, although even Baph left some of the major details out, he knew it was enough to get Maedhros doubting. He was very pleased with himself and while the brothers were quietly discussing the implications, with Maedhros looking very distraught, and surprisingly very quiet, Baph turned to mist and disappeared.
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Postby Tygarya » Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:05 pm

Tyg was starting to get a headache, she had already sent Baph away as he was starting to annoy her. Now, as she sat at her desk in the libraries she felt tired and drained. She had done all she could for the upcoming rites that were now only just over a day away. She had received information that her generals were demanding to see her. She just wondered what Maedhros had done.
‘Blast that Noldor Elf and his high and mighty ways’ she muttered to herself. She decided, since it was now dusk, to wait talking to Kador and Barrock until morning. She hoped she could smooth over their egos enough to then be able to concentrate on Maedhros and preparing herself and him for what was to come tomorrow night.
That was the hard part, how was she going to truly prepare him when she knew he couldn’t know the full truth of what he was going to be faced with and go through during the attachment of his hand.
She still didn’t even know for sure if it was going to work, or if the Silmaril would even accept him after that. If Maedhros found that out he would be sure to have second thoughts, although she knew the obsession of the Sil was what dragged him on.
She rubbed her eyes irritated. ‘Why do I constantly think of him’ she cursed herself and standing decided she needed to get some fresh air, which meant a sojourn away from the fortress.
As she walked through the halls, making her way to a little known exit where she could slip out unnoticed, she stopped to pick up a cat and pet it lovingly for a moment. There were lots of cats around here, no surprise, and no one dared harm them, so they were all quite spoilt. The cat started to purr and when she placed him gently down on the ground to continue on her way, he decided to walk with her, occasionally meowing at her. She smiled and talked back, he wanted to tell her about the rats he had caught, she told him she was proud.
As she reached the small door leading out into a garden seldom used, the cat still followed. She opened it and walked through, the cat running through at the last minute before Tyg closed it again. She walked over to the far wall and to the delight of the cat she changed form to a cat herself and jumped onto the wall then down the other side and was away, running through the grasses, the cat still in tow.
She enjoyed her time with the cat, playing and tumbling around in the fields of the valley under the moonlight, it took her mind off everything for awhile. Too short it was though and she begrudgingly returned to the fortress a couple of hours later, the cat stopped on the wall to the garden and watched her leave, and enter the fortress once again.
She walked to the kitchens and found them empty, she grabbed some cheese and an apple and then made her way up the long flight of stairs heading for her room. As she passed the level the brothers were staying on she almost got past getting two steps up from the landing before suddenly Maedhros opened the door from their rooms.
‘Oh no you don’t, you get back here!’ Maedhros shouted at her demandingly ‘You’ve got some explaining to do!’
Tyg froze on the steps and slowly turned around her eyes flashing dangerously.
‘That’s it’ she said through gritted teeth as she stepped back down the couple of steps back onto the landing, she walked up to Maedhros and stood face to face with him. ‘How dare you think you can order me to do anything, especially in my own realm’ she hissed at him, poking him in the chest.
Just then Maglor dived through the door and pulled Maedhros back, standing between the two of them, as they scowled at each other across his shoulders.
‘Now, Tygarya, I’m sure Maedhros didn’t mean to order you’ Maglor tried to explain ‘Did you Maedhros?’ Maglor looked at him over his shoulder. Maedhros was just scowling. Maglor repeated himself more forcibly ‘Did you Maedhros?!’
‘I suppose not, but…’ Maedhros said finally, Maglor cutting him off before he could say any more.
‘It’s just that he’s a little upset’ Maglor continued
‘A little!’ Maedhros yelled as he pushed his brother aside and stood in front of Tyg again. ‘I’ve just had a visit from that Necromancer, filled me in on a few things’
Tyg closed her eyes and groaned, she cursed Baphomet’s name. She opened her eyes again and looked at Maglor, brushing Maedhros off.
‘Still, I refuse to be spoken to like that, and I will not talk until he…’Tyg pointed to Maedhros contemptuously ‘…has calmed down’
Maglor grabbed Maedhros’s arm and stopped him from saying anything by elbowing him in the ribs. ‘Of course, Tygarya, you are Queen here’
‘Yes, I am, someone else should be reminded of that fact before he gets himself into serious trouble’ Tyg said calmly, but deadly.
Maglor elbowed Maedhros again to again keep him from saying anything and inclined his head to Tyg.
With that she turned and marched up the stairs, saying over her shoulder.
‘When the ‘Sharku’ (old man) has calmed down enough, bring him to my rooms’
Maglor then pushed and shoved Maedhros back inside their rooms, admidst mutterings from Maedhros of ‘cursed Black Speech’ and firmly closed the door.

Tyg, her headache suddenly back, arrived at her rooms in a fury. She picked up a vase from near the door and hurled it across the room where it smashed into a million pieces on the far wall. She then yelled ‘Baphomet!’ and waited.
It wasn’t long before a thin tendril of fog appeared over the balcony railings and in under the closed door, it solidified into Baph, who promptly sat down on a couch and put his feet up.
‘You called Mistress’ he said casually.
Tyg launched herself at him, her hands extended to wrap around his throat. She jumped onto the couch and encounted nothing. She whirled round to find Baph standing behind her, she swept her leg out and behind his tripping him up. He fell to the ground, and instantly disappeared into fog. Tyg was ready, as soon as she saw him turn to fog she turned again away from where he was and grabbed out at thin air.
Tyg suddenly had hold of Baph’s throat as he appeared right where she had predicted. He tried to speak, but Tyg’s immense strength shut off his ability to do so. She held him in that vice for a moment while he struggled to free himself, but she had cut off his ability to do that as well. She then picked him up by his throat and hurled him back into the couch he had been sitting on to start with.
‘How dare you speak to the Noldor without my permission’ she screamed at him as he looked at her with real fear, his usual cockiness gone. ‘I will have your head for what you have done!’
‘Mistress please, let me explain’
Tyg placed a knee on the couch and leaned in towards Baph, grabbing his chin in her hand. ‘Oh you will explain alright, don’t worry about that’
She released him and turned away, she stalked over to the windows and glanced out them briefly then turned back, a bit of composure returning.
‘Tell me exactly what you decided the brothers had to know’
‘I just told them that Maedhros was going to have to cope with remembering back to the time he was imprisoned by Morgoth, I told him because he has to be prepared, he has to know’ Baph spoke quickly
‘Why exactly does he have to know, in your opinion?’ Tyg asked sarcastically standing over him once again.
‘If he doesn’t come to terms with having to remember those times and you surprised him with it at the time of the rite, it could throw the whole thing into jeopardy, if he panics or fights it he could end up ruining everything’ Baph explained as Tyg realising he was right slumped down onto the couch beside him. ‘He had to be told to at least expect that’
Tyg rubbed her weary eyes again and waved her hand at Baph in a dismissing way.
‘You should have told me, I would have told them myself. I will not forget this Baphomet. Go away’
Baph inclined his head and disappeared into fog. Tyg watched as it disappeared out the way it had come.
She stood up then and went to her liquor cabinet, opening it she grabbed a decanter full of a nasty black substance and poured the thick liquid into a glass. She took a large sip of it and sat back down. Her eyes glazed slightly, momentairily, as she thought about what she was going to say to Maedhros.
She really didn’t need this right now.

About half an hour later she heard a soft knock at her door. She turned and it opened of its own accord. Maedhros walked in alone.
‘Where is Maglor?’ Tyg asked apprehensively
‘He decided we needed to talk alone’ Maedhros said quietly, he had indeed calmed down, but Tyg could see it wouldn’t take much for him to flare up again.
She rubbed her eyes again ‘Great’ she muttered sarcastically, she could have done with Maglor there. Tonight was definitely not her most enjoyable night.
Maedhros had walked into the room, closing the door.
‘Why did you not tell me?’ he asked, still quietly
Tyg looked up at him imploringly ‘Believe me when I say I didn’t tell you cause I thought I was doing the right thing for you’
‘You think I can’t handle it?’
‘Can you?’ Tyg asked of him.
Maedhros raked his hand through his hair and sat down in a chair beside the couch she was sitting on. ‘To be honest, I don’t know’ he confessed ‘But, I will have to try, at least now I know, I can try and prepare myself for it’
Tyg still looking at him said simply ‘I’m sorry, I should have told you’
They both fell silent for a moment, neither one knowing what to say.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:30 pm

Maedhros steeled himself and broke the growing silence. "Do you think it will work?" he asked.

"We wouldn't be trying if I thought this was all doomed to failure!" Tygarya exclaimed, exasperated. Now was not the time to get doubts, there simply was nothing more she could do....

"If I just knew a little more..."

"Maedhros, what do you know of necromancy?"

"It's the knitting together of dissimilar fëar and hroar, to create a new, chimeral creature...."

"I wasn't asking for the textbook definition," she said, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. She truly was amused by his...innocence? It didn't seem the right word for him, but then, she was going to see him very vulnerable the next day. Maybe that's why she'd been thinking of him so much - just being protective. That's all.

"Oh." He smiled apologetically. "Most of my knowledge is...theoretical. I know about it, but I've never tried it myself, obviously. I've seen the effects, but never actually seen it done."

"Now do you understand why I am not talking to you about this? It's complicated, a very advanced project. The details aren't likely to make much sense. And quite frankly, we don't have time for me to teach you everything you'd need to know before tomorrow night...."

"Can you at least...tell me the risks? Honestly? I'm going to go through with it anyway," he said quickly. "I have no choice. But...I like to have my eyes open when I step off the cliff."

She grimaced. "Lovely imagery. Yes, there are risks. But necromancy isn't like those healing arts your brother dabbles in. I can't give you a worst case scenario, because we are stepping out into the unknown to do this. Now are you able to do that or not?"

He did not look at her. He clenched his left hand into a fist and stared fixedly at the stump of his right arm. Finally, he said thickly. "I can do it. I must."

"Good. Then there will be no more harrassing me as if I were the hired help in my own fortress?"

"Er...sorry about that." He ran his hand through his hair again, and looked a bit uncomfortable. "Maglor says I'm too intense, but I don't know what he means...." He tried his best innocent look on her, but it came out more as a lopsided grin.

She hid her smile by picking up her drink. She was annoyed with him, and not about to let him off the hook.

"What is that stuff?" he asked curiously.

"You don't want to know," she said without thinking.

"I wouldn't have asked if I weren't interested," he retorted.

"Fine. Have a taste. Be my guest." She gestured to the decanter by the liquor cabinet, but made no move to serve him. He stood up, and deftly uncorked it and poured in a single gesture. He was certainly used to doing that one-handed, she observed. She smirked. He'd poured himself half a glass. If he drank all of that, he'd still be plastered tomorrow night. Suddenly, that wasn't funny. "Hey, I said a taste, not to empty half the bottle. This stuff is plenty strong."

He shrugged and sat back down. He sniffed it first, and then took a sip. He blinked, and put the glass down. "You're right," he said, after he'd managed to swallow it. He blinked a few more times.

"Of course I'm right," she snapped. "It's MY stuff. Don't you ever trust anyone?"

"I learned not to," he said, inspecting his left hand closely.

"You trust Maglor," she pointed out.

He looked at her quickly, meeting her gaze without hesitation. "Maglor has earned my trust many times over. He is here, now, solely out of loyalty to me. The same cannot be said for..." he stopped. "I'm not helping matters, am I?"

"No," she agreed.

"I'll...I'll leave you to your rest," he said awkwardly, standing. "I need it. I..."

She stood also, and put her hand on his arm. "It will be easier to play by my rules if you stop fighting me, you know. Easier on both of us."

He nodded. "That's what Maglor has been trying to tell me since we got here," Maedhros admitted. "If...if there's anything I can do to be useful, or to get ready, please...let me know. Idle waiting is not something I handle well."

She saw him to the door, and as it closed behind him, she sighed. "Why must it all be about you?" She sat down to finish her drink. Strangely, the headache was gone. Tomorrow would come when it did; for now, she did not have to deal with the proud Noldo or the irate generals or even that slippery necromancer.
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:06 pm

A few moments after Tyg had gotten comfortable, there came a strong and quick knock on her door. "Can there be no peace in this castle?" she asked herself, somewhat annoyed. She stalked across the room and wrenched open the door to scream at the discourteous person for interrupting her. "What is it now?" she said loudly, her voice echoing down the long halls.

She had come face to chest with a large man, clad in a deep sea-blue cloak and robe, and a hood covering his face. He had a long white beard and a slightly bent nose. He was carrying a long wooden staff, and on his belt was a sword. He was old, but gave the impression that time did not weary him.

His voice was deep and rough, "Am I intruding, young mistress? Or shall I be welcomed as I was at your doors not a moment ago?" he asked.

Before she even had time to speak, he walked past her at took up a chair near the window. "Who exactly are you? Any why do you barge in here, uninvited, to my realm and sit in my best chair?" she demanded. He looked at her puzzled, "I would have thought that someone as knowing as yourself would recognise an Istari when she saw one. But I fear I have been too long absent from the western lands for you to know my name. I am Alatar, one of the Ithryn Luin or Blue Wizards as we are more widely known."

Tyg stood at the door way, her memory was a haze when The Five were concerned. All she knew of the Blue Wizards, was they went further east than all of the Istari and tarried long in those lands. Tyg said softly, "Forgive me, I've had a tiring day and haven't had long to rest. Why have you come to Minas Mor- Ithil?" The wizard waved his hand "Think nothing of it my dear. I've been greeted worse than this in my times past the Sea of Rhun. I have come because word has reached my ears that you have given abode to Maedhros and one of his brothers. Is this true?"

Surprised, Tyg answered truthfully. "Yes, that's right. How do you know this?" Alatar smiled softly, "A little bird told me. Also, this "little bird" said that you've been dealing with one known as Baphomet. I come to give counsel and, if it is needed, help where and when I may. If you will allow."
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Postby Tygarya » Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:44 pm

Tyg regarded the wizard a moment, many questions running through her head. ‘Why had he turned up?’ ‘Why now, when they were doing the rites tomorrow?’ ‘How did he know that scoundrel Baph?’ ‘How did he know about Maedhros?’ ‘Did he know what she had planned for him?’ ‘Would he try to stop her?’ ‘Why turn up now and not when she was looking for him and the other one months ago when she took the East into her rule?’
So many questions, not enough time.
‘I am pleased you have decided to show yourself Alatar, you would obviously know I have spent some time looking for you and your Brother wizard’ Tyg said graciously enough, then added with a sly grin ‘No doubt a ‘little bird’ told you’
This made Alatar laugh, a great booming laugh it was and Tyg smiled, she didn’t hint any malice in him, and from what she knew he certainly wouldn’t be fond of Melkor, still it begged the question that needed an answer.
‘So why have you decided to appear before me now, Alatar?’ Tyg asked as she decided to sit down opposite him. ‘I had assumed that since I couldn’t find you, you did not want to align yourself with me and Minas Morgul.’
Alatar cleared his throat. ‘I have been aware of your enquiries of me, and I have been watching and finding out about you also. I have decided to finally come forth because I feel something is afoot, something evil breathes deep within these walls once again….and I know it is not you’
Tyg grabbed her glass and took a sip, taking the time to studying the wizard over the rim of her glass. She put it down on the table a decision made.
‘Very well Alatar, tomorrow morning I will meet with you to discuss this further.’ She got up and went over to a bell pull to summon a servant. One appeared almost instantly. ‘Show this gentleman to a room for the night’ The orc bowed as Alatar stood up and inclined his head to Tyg.
‘Till the morning then Queen Tygarya’ he turned and followed the orc out as Tyg said to him.
‘I will send an orc to retrieve you for breakfast at dawn’
Alatar turned in the doorway. ‘That’s only a couple of hours away now’
Tyg looked at him, an eyebrow arched in question, but didn’t say anything. Alatar inclined his head in deference to her again ‘Breakfast then’ he said and left the room, closing the door behind him.
Tyg walked over to the table and grabbed up her glass and then walked over to the balcony doors, they swung open on their own and she stepped through into the night air.
She stood out there, her mind a turmoil, until the first few greying tinges of an approaching dawn could be seen.
She turned and went back inside with a deep breath, today was going to be a very busy day.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:49 pm

Maglor was waiting in their suite, sprawled out on a couch reading, when his brother returned. Maedhros opened the door quietly, and trudged in. He slumped down in a chair, and did not speak.

" did it go?" Maglor asked lightly, trying to conceal his concern with a light voice. He looked up from his book and studied his brother's face.

"Don't ask."

"That well, huh?"

"It would have gone better if you were there. You always know what to say. Your voice could soothe anyone...."

Maglor smiled. "If you flatter Tyg like that, it will go better for you."

Maedhros shot his brother a haunted look. "Don't. I...I don't want to talk about it."

Maglor put down his book and sat up. "What is it?" he asked quietly.

Maedhros squeezed his eyes shut. "I don't know. I need her, and what she's going to do...but that means I have to trust her. And not just with my life..." he looked up again, and stopped. "Maglor, will the Oath cost me my soul?"

Maglor looked away. He did not answer for a long time. "Brother...has it not done that already? Alqualonde...Doriath...the Havens..."

"...Eonwë's camp, I know." He slammed his fist onto the arm of the chair. "But this is...different. Necromancy is Morgoth's realm, Sauron's realm....what if...."

"Brother. I trust you." Maglor stood up, and walked over to Maedhros' chair. "You would not betray me. You would never become his creature. Never."

Maedhros looked up. He could not share his thoughts with his brother. Tygarya was Morgoth's creature. He wanted to free her, but what if she ensnared him instead? There were no guarantees.... "Do not abandon me, Maglor. No matter what happens. I...I need you."

"I will be here," Maglor answered carefully. "Try to get some rest," he urged his older brother gently.
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Postby Tygarya » Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:03 pm

The day was here, Tyg prepared herself by setting herself in a brooding quiet mood, she decided she needed to look that way too to hopefully keep herself a bit distant from anyone. So, she walked to the mirror and looking into it she cast her hair to a deep raven black, her eyes she let slip back to normal, sparkling emerald green cats eyes. She dressed in black leather pants and jerkin, but didn’t wear any weapons. She didn’t really need them here in Minas Morgul the hub of all her power.
She walked across the room to the door and went out onto the landing. She walked slowly down the staircase until she reached the brothers rooms and politely knocked on the door.
Maglor opened it and started with fright a moment.
‘Oh, it’s you, Tygarya’ he exclaimed ‘Sorry, I didn’t expect…’
Maedhros looked out over his shoulder then, his mouth dropping open at the change. Tyg decided to move things along.
‘I wish for you both to join me for breakfast, I had an unexpected visitor last night..’ she looked at Maedhros ‘…and since we are trying to keep everything on the table with whats going on, I wish you to be there with me and give your opinion, if you will’
‘Who is it?’ Maedhros asked stepping out onto the landing.
‘His name is Alatar, he is one of the Istari that travelled to Middle Earth when Saruman and Gandalf came, he disappeared into the East with Pallando and no one has been able to find out what happened to them. I tried to find them months ago when I took the East but couldn’t find them, now he turns up here, offering his services’
‘Strange’ Maglor said as Maedhros raked his hand through his hair in thought.
‘Why does he show up now, knowing what today is?’ Maedhros said sounding a little worried.
Tyg smiled and went to step down the stair case. ‘That’s what I hope we will find out, he may be Maiar, but you both are direct descendants of Finwe and I hold the power of the Valar, we should be fine’ She laughed as she turned her back and headed down the stairs, she didn’t see the look the brothers gave each other before they followed.
Maedhros caught up to her and said with a tone of authority. ‘Since we are being open with each other about things, I think you are going to have to explain at some point very soon, just how much of Morgoth’s power you are infused with?’
Tyg turned to regard him a moment then nodded ‘Yes, soon’ she then carried on down the stairs until she reached the level where they had gathered for their first feast at Minas Morgul three days ago.

As they entered the large hall, they all saw the tall Maiar waiting by the windows looking out over the valley, wearing his distinctive blue robes. He turned when he heard them and studied each one as they approached him. He looked carefully at Tyg, noticing the change in appearance, then regarded the brothers. He had heard of the Noldor and was apprehensive about meeting them. He wondered why Tyg had decided to bring them with her to this meeting. He realised they must all be closer than he had at first suspected.
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Postby rwhen » Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:04 pm

A few days had passed and Rwhen had not heard again from her friend Tyg. She sat at her mirrored dressing table and penned a note:

Dear friend Tyg:

My Lord and I will be traveling to Minas Morgal in two days time. I have tried to soften him up and get him to see that not all things that glitter are gold, if you get my meaning. I hope things with you and Maedhros are going swimmingly well and when we see each other there will be good news. As always I remain,

Your friend,

She sent the note to be dispatched with the next Eagle Air Service and went in search of her intended. She found him in a council meeting discussing the Fëanorians, she caught him mid-sentance...

" it was heard that they returned to their home. I had wanted to meet with Celegorm before Rwhen and I leave for Minas Morgal, does anyone know how to reach him?" Aragorn ran a hand over his tired face as was his habit lately. Rwhen could see the stress written in every line extending from his eye's. He looked up and saw Rwhen waiting in the shadows and, "let us adjourn for this day. Faramir, send word to Celegorm that we request his presence at his first opportunity." Faramir nodded and swept from the council chamber.

"My dear. Have you come to add to my growing list of emergencies?"

Rwhen moved swiftly to his side. "Of course not, my Love. I am here to serve only. I made some fresh tea, would you join me in my suite?"

"Sounds wonderful. Some quiet time is needed."

The couple moved to Rwhen's suite and made themselves comfortable in her anti chamber sipping warming tea.

"I never feel totally warm during these months," Rwhen commented during a lull in the conversation. "I shall look forward to traveling soon." She turned her eye's downward not wanting to see the look that was sure to come from Aragorn.

"Are you certain that Tygarya will welcome me? I mean she can't be under the delusion that I will ever represent anything but peace in this age. I will be traveling to her with the understanding that we come with only the most noblest of intentions."

"You worry too much."

"And, you worry not enough."

"Do I not? I have worried longer than you have been on this earth. Do not forget the elvish length of life, Aragorn. If you do not trust me, then just say so plainly but do not deliver messages to me of doubt or lack of concern on my part." Rwhen stood and made her way to her wardrobe pretending to pick lint off of one of her traveling gowns.

Aragorn let out a sigh of resignation. "Of course, I trust you. I was not speaking of your trust. I was speaking of the Queen's trust. Do you know me so little?" He sounded wounded on this last question.

"Yes, I know you King. I know you have reason to doubt Tygarya. But I also know that sitting here wondering if she is sincere or not will answer none of our questions. Time is our only friend in this matter. Do we leave in two days?" Rwhen held his eye's challenging him to defy her.

"We leave in two days. Faramir is more than capable of taking care of Minas Tirith during our leave. I have send a message to Celegorm, did you hear?"

"I heard. Why do you desire speach with him?" Rwhen was remembering the amorous Fëanorian and smiling. "He has nothing to add to our visit with Tyg, does he?"

"I hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it...." Aragorn left the sentance trailing off.

Rwhen just shook her head and decided a change of subject was called for. She pulled out a new gown and held it up. The gown was pale blue, long sleeved and lacy in all the right places. "What do you think of this? I am thinking to wear it on our first evening with Tyg and Maedhros."

Aragorn had again been lost in his own thoughts. "Yeah, sure. Great, nice."

"My Lord, I seem to be getting weary," this offered in an icy tone level. "Please pardon me." She swept from the room leaving him alone with his thoughts.

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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:10 pm

Alatar, when finished considering the trio, spoke. "My lords and lady, I trust you all had a recouperating rest?" He of course had no rest that night. He had been wandering the hallways and rooms of the castle, finding what he may. He walked up to Maedhros and bowed his head. "My lord, it is with great pleasure I meet with you at last. And dear Maglor, word has reached my ears of your, shall we say, need lease on life. I hope it does not prove ill to your Oath."

He motioned to the table and chairs in the middle of the room, which was already laiden with breads, honey, butter and pitchers. "I have taken the liberty of filling the pitchers with limpe, courtesy of the Queen Meril who has long passed from these lands. It will fill you with strength and vigour. Come, let us begin. We will talk when we all have eaten our fill." He sat in the chair closest to the window, waiting for the others to join him. Tyg sat at the head of the table, Maglor on her left and across from Alatar, Maedhros closest to Tyg on her right. Maedhros had been summing up the wizard, and could sense no taint or evil around him. In fact, he felt quite the opposite. Feeling light of heart and of mind, but nevertheless he felt unsure about the intentions of his visit.

Maglor was the first to speak. "Tell me, Alatar. What purpose brings you here? And why now have you chosen to reveal yourself?" Alatar, who had been expecting this, finished his piece of bread and honey and spoke softly in reply. "My purpose concerns yours. As to why I have now shown myself is for matters of security. Would you not scout out an enemy camps weakest point before barging in?" He had a piercing stare, which bore into Maglor's eyes. He turned away, but could still feel the wizard's eyes upon him. "You are quite right, forgive me." Then the room was filled with the booming laugh, Tyg smiled again. feeling comforted by the sense of mirth which radiated from his very being "It is I who should be the one to ask forgivness," he said "for I should have sent word of my arrival. But I felt that it might come to folly, should the message be seized by unfriendly hands. I know you all have questions to ask of me, and I will be all to happy to answer."

Maedhros turned and looked at Alatar, "I assume then, that you know what we have planned?" Without looking at him he replied, "Yes I do, and I also know that you plan to enlist the help of one called Baphomet. I would warn against this." Turning to look at Maedhros, his face suddenly grave and unnerving, "He is not one whom you should ask for help in something of this nature, however convenient it may seem. He is a trickster. But make of him what you will." At these last words, he looked at Tyg with those deep sea green eyes. She had noticed for the first time, how knowing they seemed, and all the years spent wandering could be seen in the wisdom of them. "What other questions do you ask of me?" he enquired, glancing at the occupants of the room.
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Postby Tygarya » Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:20 pm

Tyg sat at the table and watched the others eat. So close to the rites of tonight she was fasting and only sipped from a large crystal goblet cold iced water.
She watched without comment as Alatar chatted happily with Maglor and Maedhros answering their questions. When Alatar mentioned Baph again, warning them from him, Tyg had to interject.
'I do not know how it is you know Baphomet, Alatar, but I can assure you...' Tyg turned to look at Maedhros and Maglor '....and you both, that Baphomet is harmless. A trickster he may be, but he has been in my service for an age now....he is almost like a brother to me' Tyg looked at them all meaningfully. 'I trust him fully in this'
Alatar watched her carefully while she spoke, and inclined his head to her.
'It may be as you say, I know only his reputation in the East' he replied.
Tyg laughed, almost cruelly.
'He was my agent in the East, and we were at war with certain factions there. Yes, he has a formidable reputation and I will do nothing to apease it.'
Maedhros looked at Tyg and was about to speak to ask her what she meant exactly, then deciding to be a little more diplomatic he thought to ask later.
What exactly do you think you can do to help us here, Alatar?' Maedhros asked instead. 'Afterall, what needs to be done requires necromancy, not a wizard'
'A good question Russandol' Tyg said with a gentle smile.
Maedhros looked at her stunned for a moment, then smiled back.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:51 pm

Maedhros had never heard of this Alatar character, but Maglor had tried to brief him in whispers on the way down to breakfast. He felt a bit out of his depth with Third Age history and the East, both, but gathered that the man in question was a wizard. That didn't sound good. He didn't trust Maiar, most days. Especially not this day. What was the old man up to?

Maglor chose to ask questions rather than answer them. Much better that way, though what questions you asked could be just as revealing.

Maedhros, as usual, lacked subtlety. But he prided himself on his ability to read people, so he watched both Tygarya and Alatar closely while enjoying his might be his last...he banished that thought. Take heart, there's still lunch and dinner yet....

Alatar's forthright condemnation of Baphomet was interesting, but he noticed that Tygarya didn't seem alarmed. A Maia who disliked necromancy...well, at least this wizard didn't appear to be in league with Morgoth.... But when Tygarya spoke, he heard only two words.


She saw Baphomet as a brother! How wonderful! That meant.... His heart was much lighter now, that threat removed. What a pervy brother, though.... Maglor looked at him closely, silently asking, "Why aren't you paying attention to this?" But they said nothing to one another here.


The old family nickname broke him out of his reverie, and brought him back. How did Tygarya know that? At least she wasn't using any more Black Speech insults on him.... No one had ever called him "Coppertop" except his family, though...the family he had abandoned to come here. He suddenly felt very homesick for Himring, his fortress in the north that he had built with his own hands and defended for so many years. To live in a strange land, ruled by someone else....and he might never see it again.

Stop it. He attacked the food with vengeance again. Better to fulfill the Oath first. Then worry about such silly details such as where he spent his days. He could condemn himself to worse torture than this if it meant seeing his brothers safe and the Oath fulfilled. He thought of the Silmaril, throbbing in the very walls of this fortress deep below them, and all other thoughts were driven away.
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Postby Baphomet » Tue Nov 20, 2007 7:41 pm

Baphomet wandered into the dining hall about half an hour after sunrise to find Tyg, the brothers and a strange man in a blue robe sitting at a table eating breakfast.
He didn't like the look of this cosy little discussion at all, so he walked over and grabbed the back of a chair, he dragged it with him.
Sitting down on it beside Tyg he looked around the table, noticing the sudden lack of conversation

Good morning everyone Baph said grinning, he turned to Tyg Your looking ravishing this morning Mistress. he turned to Maedhros and whispered across the table I've always told her she suits her hair black.
Tyg pushed him back into his chair with a smile
Baphomet, I would like to introduce you to one of the blue wizards, Alatar Tyg indicated the old man, Baph looked at him like one would a bug in a jar
Well, well, one of the esteemed Blue wizards eh, whats brought you out from under your rock?' Baph asked.
Before Alatar could answer Tyg added.
He seems to know your reputation quite well, Baph, from the Eastern wars.
Baph and Tyg looked at each other, some understanding passing between them, they both smiled.
Is that so Baph answered and slid his gaze back to Alatar.
Alatar was tapping a finger to his bearded chin.

Yes indeed, your reputation definately supercedes you I'm afraid. Alatar confirmed. Baphomet leaned over the table towards the wizard.
You should be. he said as he snatched a piece of bacon off the wizards plate and popped it in his mouth. Alatar frowned but kept his own council.
Apparently Alatar here has come to help Tyg said then and if he is to help, you both need to get along.
This caused the two of them to squint at each other. Tyg continued.
I think it best if perhaps you, Baph, showed Alatar to the libraries
Baph was about to object, but caught the look from Tyg, he had seen it before and knew exactly what she wanted.
Very well Baphomet said annoyed as he stood up. Come on then, Wizard He said as he turned and walked from the room, grabbing a handful of food from the buffet table on the way
Do you think this is a good idea Queen Tygarya? Alatar asked, rising to his feet
Yes I do Tyg said with some finality to it. Alatar regarded her a moment then turned and left to catch up with Baphomet
Do you think that was wise? Maedhros asked once they had both gone.
If anyone can find out anything, Baphomet can Tyg said and sipped her water
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Postby Tygarya » Tue Nov 20, 2007 8:11 pm

'How can you trust him, he's' Maedhros asked.
'I know, he thinks it's part of his charm' Tyg said as Maedhros struggled for the word to describe Baphomet. 'He is just like an annoying little brother, like I said, or what I've heard an annoying little brother is like...cheeky, prank pulling, mischievious...but fiercely loving and loyal'
'That's just it isn't it' Maedhros said bitterly 'He's in love with you' he spat the words out in contempt.
Tyg smiled, her eyebrow arched slightly at the reaction. Maglor kept his head down and continued to eat his breakfast. 'He does' Tyg confirmed 'But, like Gwaihir, it could never work'
Mentioning Gwaihir's name again suddenly made Tyg solemn and thoughtful as she sipped her glass of water. Tyg heard Maedhros mutter under his breath, but couldn't understand the words.
She glanced up at him. Was he jealous?, she thought. Surely not, okay he had kissed her once, but she knew that had been spur of the moment.....wasn't it?
She knew emotions were running extremely high right now, with night only the day's hours away, so she put it down to that. Standing up from the table she gave her excuses saying. 'I must go and start the preparations, it will take most of the day, someone will come for you when it's time.
She placed a hand on Maedhros's shoulder 'Try not to worry yourself too much'
She turned then and left the room, gliding down the stairway she headed for the dungeon room.
She was so tired, she almost fell down the last couple of stairs into the darkened room, with a thought she set the torches around the room to blazing as she walked up to the smooth obsidian wall with its Sil glowing softly through it. She leaned her forehead against it, enjoying the cold touch. She spun round then and leaned her back against it, looking over to where the hand was sitting on a shelf in a jar. She looked up at the ceiling and then closed her eyes, sinking down the wall to sit on the floor, she tucked her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She buried her face in her knees.
'Eru, please let this work'
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Postby *=Blackenemy=* » Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:38 pm

Alatar followed Baph closely as he walked to the library. Trying to keep up with him was harder than he had anticipated as he rather glided than walked. He was about to say to him that there was no rush, but Baph turned a corner and as soon as Alatar rounded it, he had turned to smoke and drifted away faster than before. "Rhaich! BAPHOMET!" His deep voice rang through-out the halls and echoed back to him. "That cursed fool, he should have better judgement of a wizard." He then bent to the ground, placing his hand flat on the smooth granite floor he muttered, "Manke naa lle?" A faint silver line then ran from the place his hand had been, and ran down the hall. "Fool." he said to himself again.

Alatar followed the silver line to a large wooden door some twenty feet from where he had been. Pushing open the door he discovered massive bookshelves piled with large volumes upon volumes of parchments and books. "My my, her Highness has certainly brought together an adequate collection." the wizard mumbled as he poured over the nearest shelf. Suddenly the door swung shut, and Baph was revealed standing behind it. Leaning against the door frame, folding his arms "So, wizard," his tone was that of complete resentment. "you're not as thick as I had thought. Why do you come to 'help', as you say, at the very last hour? I know for a fact that your kind do not relish necromancy, yet you have suggested that you are willing to associate yourself with it." Alatar, getting increasingly agitated with his demeanour spoke roughly in reply. "Baphomet, you know as well as I, that if Bauglir does return it will bring death and destruction to all we hold dear. I am not one to be kind towards those who practise the black arts, but I am willing to work together to stop that event from occuring. You have doubts about this plot, I can see it in your eyes. You will need my help and knowledge of the arcane to assist you, should it turn ill."

Baph was stunned by this. He had reckoned the wizard to be useless, but he had under-estimated him. "Her royal highness has said we need to cooperate, and I shall endeavour to do so. Have you read 'The History of Necromancy'?" The wizard nodded, "Indeed I have, one needs to know his enemy in depth. Do you agree?" Baph smiled, he was beginning to like this wizard. "Then you must have read most of the existing books on the black arts, I assume. We shall begin to look at some precautionary magicks should we need it and not know." Baph turned and grabbed a pile of ten or so books, lifting them with ease. Handing some to Alatar, he nodded with a smile, which the wizard returned. He did not know what had just happened, but Alatar was not about to argue needlessly when so little time was available to them. He opened a book and started scanning through it, reaching for a flask from under his cloak he took a swig of the elven cordial and buried himself in old arcane magick and defenses.
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Postby IVIaedhros » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:34 am

"I can't stand waiting!" Maedhros fumed.

He and Maglor had returned to their rooms after breakfast. Maglor had occupied himself with reading and writing, but always keeping one eye on his brother. Maedhros alternated between restless pacing, and moodily brooding while staring into the fire.

"And you call yourself an elf," Maglor said lightly, smiling at his brother to hide his own worry.

Maedhros turned on him, in no mood for teasing. "Elves may have patience, but I am the eldest son of Fëanor, and I cannot just sit here and do nothing!"

"Then get back to plotting...something," Maglor replied, turning the page of the book he was pretending to read.

"What? We've agreed I am woefully ignorant of necromancy. I know as much as I'm going to of Morgoth. If this doesn't work, though....."

"Do you have a back up plan, an escape route?"

Maedhros paused, and fell back into his chair. He put his head in his hand. "No. There...isn't one. And I've dragged you into this...."

"No. I volunteered."

Maedhros looked up at his brother. "Intensely loyal. Just like a little brother should be."

"You're quoting Tyg," Maglor said, amused. "I think you know more about little brothers than she does."

"True, I have enough of them. Do you think Curufin is handling things alright?"

"He's the spit image of Father. If he can't...well...."

"Oh! I should write to them! I don't want them to worry...."

Maglor smiled back at him. "I've written each day. Today's note included a warning that they might not hear from us for a bit."

"And maybe soon...I can write to my own hand..."

Maglor smiled at him. "I'd like to see that."

"Hope and despair are akin today. I have not felt like this since the eve of the Fifth Battle."

Maglor frowned at that memory. "Do we have a traitor amongst us, this time?"

"Easterlings....we're surrounded by them." Maedhros kicked a table. "I don't trust Baphomet or Alatar. I'm not even sure I trust Tygarya. What am I doing here?"

"Trying to thwart Morgoth, the Black Enemy of the world," Maglor said quietly. "And that is why I am here, as well. Do you trust our allies to share that goal?"

Maedhros nodded slowly. "Tygarya will fight Morgoth, of that I am certain. But fighting and winning are two different we know too well."

"Then at the least...we can die with honor."

"And who knows? We might win. If all goes well, I'll have my hand back, the Oath will be fulfilled, and Morgoth will be banished forever. That's worth at least trying!"

"Yes, it is." Maglor returned to his book.

There was a long pause. Maedhros stared into the fire, lost in his thoughts. He turned to his brother. "What are you reading, anyway?" Now that he'd dealt with his own fears, he was a bit more aware of his surroundings.

"A book Mithluin gave me before we left Rivendell." He showed Maedhros the cover, but said nothing more.

"Maybe," Maglor continued after a pause, "you can think about how you are going to thank Tygarya after you get your hand back."

"What do you mean by that?" Maedhros asked suspiciously.

"Take it however you like," Maglor said, hiding a smile.

Maedhros grabbed whatever was nearest him and threw it at his brother's head. Luckily for Maglor, it was just a pillow from the chair.
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Postby rwhen » Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:43 pm

"FARAMIR," Aragorn called, his voice rolling down the long hallway to the council chambers high atop Minas Tirith. He did not wait for an answer but strode purposefully into the room and started to study the latest communication from Frodo Baggins.

.....I find at times that I am unable to concentrate, Aragorn. I sit for hours lost in my own memories and pain. Samwise is just as observant as ever but can never fully understand. I do not mean to bother you with these words when what I really wanted to know was how you and the Lady Rwhen are getting along and when shall I receive an invitation to your royal wedding? I am not too old yet to travel to Minas Tirith, I will have you know. Someday I hope this will all end for me, but not too soon yet, I think. Sending my warmest thoughts to you as ever,


The note left Aragorn concerned, he could read in the words the weariness of the Hobbit and made a mental note to write back as soon as the opportunity presented itself. The door to the council room opened and closed swiftly as heavy footsteps came closer.

"You wanted to speak with me, my Lord," Faramir stood tall over the High King of the Reunited Kingdom.

Aragorn indicated the chair opposite him, "please friend, take a seat." He pushed aside the scroll from Frodo and pulled another in front of him. "I have told you that Rwhen and I are to travel to Minas Morgul in two days. Did you send word to Celegorm that I have need of an audience with him?"

"As you commanded, my Lord," Faramir smiled easily before his King. So much had passed between them and now Isildur's heir sat on the throne of Gondor, things were as they should be. "The message was sent by Eagle Carrier at mid-morning. How may I be of service during your journey?"

"Good man," Aragorn slapped his knee, "I knew I could count on you. First I would like a messenger sent to The Shire under the guise of a census. The main reason for the visit will be to study Frodo Baggins and report directly back to me with the findings." Faramir nodded once in understanding. "Next, be certain that the rebuilding of Osgiliath is proceding as we have redesigned it." Again a nod. "And last, prepare the whole of Gondor, Rohan and well all of Middle Earth for the wedding of the King to his beloved Rwhen."

Faramir's face split into a huge grin. "My Lord, nothing could make me happier. When shall the nuptuals take place?"

"Not for some time yet, but people will be gathering from every corner and they need time to plan. I would at least say half a years time. We shall not be over long in Minas Morgul but be prepared for anything in case we are delayed." Aragorn studied the scroll as Faramir sat patiently.

Finally he looked up again. "Tell me Faramir, does the relationship improve after the wedding?"

"Indeed, my Lord, indeed. Do not concern yourself with what you can not change, if I may be so bold."

"Please be bold, I trust you as I would trust a brother," Aragorn saw the cloud briefly pass through the clean eye's of Faramir. "I know, friend. That wound is deep and I did not mean to cause you pain." He held Faramir's eye's for a long moment until the clouds passed.

Faramir stood again and sketched a bow, "not to worry, my Lord, all will be done as you have requested." Faramir turned on his heel and left the council room.

Rwhen came in the door as Faramir exited. She was wearing the pale blue lacy dress she had tried to show Aragorn earlier. Coming up behind the 'man' she loved she encircled his neck and leaned into his ear. "Did you forget about me?"

"How could I forget you, my love." He held her hand and rubbed a worn finger over the ring of Barahir, which he had given her at their engagement. "I will never forget the day I gave this to you. So many moons have passed since that day in Lorien."

"We have today, we have tomorrow. Do not trouble yourself with the past. I will never leave you. You hold my heart in your hands."

The couple embraced and enjoyed the quiet time together.
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Postby Tygarya » Wed Nov 21, 2007 3:40 pm

Tyg spent most of the morning alone in quiet contemplation, until Baphomet finally came to start preparations. He looked at her solemnly, seeing the stress around her eyes. ‘I ask again Mistress, are you sure you want to do this?’
Tyg looked up at Baph from the armchair she had moved herself to, she was curled up in it. ‘I have no choice Baph, and I fear Melkor may be figuring out that something is amiss, since I haven’t slept for days, I can feel him calling to me, I can’t stop things now I must get free of him or I fear he will kill me’
Baph looked at Tyg with a very serious expression, as he crouched down to come to eye level. ‘We will succeed Mistress’
Tyg sat up slightly, just as Alatar walked in and looked around the room for the first time. Tyg watched him silently as he regarded the smooth black wall with the Sil. Baph stood up and motioned Alatar over to the stone table, they whispered as Baph told him what was to happen. Tyg uncurled her long legs from the chair and stood up.
‘Baph, a moment’ Tyg said motioning him to come back over to her.
As he stood before her she took his face in her hands and whispered to him so that Alatar couldn’t hear. ‘Do not fail me, my pet’
Baph smiled and took her hands into his. ‘Trust me’ he said simply. ‘Perhaps you should get some fresh air, return with the brothers at dusk, Alatar and myself can do what needs to be prepared here ….. you need to prepare yourself and Maedhros’
Tyg nodded silently and brushed a hand over her eyes, she grinned then. ‘It will be nice to finally get some sleep’
Baph returned the smile and watched her concerned as she left the dungeon.

Tyg wandered the halls slowly, avoiding anyone who was walking them. She made her way outside and followed the same path that she followed up to the graveyard a couple of nights before, this time however she stopped halfway and sat on the tip of a boulder that was sticking out of the ground and stared down the valley. The sky was overcast, threatening rain. After about half an hour of sitting there, Tyg began to feel the splash of drops on her face as the rain started to finally break free of the murky clouds, she turned her face skyward and enjoyed the feeling as the rain shower poured down over her for several minutes. As the wind started to pick up and the rain started to get heavier Tyg stood up at last and while getting drenched she walked slowly back to the fortress, the weather mimicking her mood.

Once inside the fortress she walked with purpose to the flight of stairs that led up the main tower. She started the climb up, heading for the rooms the brothers were in. She didn’t know why, but she felt she needed to be close to them right now…well, not them, she admitted to herself….him, she needed to be close to Maedhros.
Reaching the landing she knocked on the door that opened to their antechamber. Maglor opened the door with a look of surprise. ‘Tygarya, your soaked!’ he stepped back and motioned for her to come in. ‘Come in, quick, by the fire, before you catch cold’
Tyg smiled wanly ‘Catching cold is the least of my worries, it is catching death that haunts me right now’
Maglor didn’t know what to say, he glanced over to Maedhros who was standing by the fire, where he had been pacing again. He watched as Tyg walked over to Maedhros and unexplainably put her arms around him, putting her head on his chest for comfort. Maedhros startled by the action stood there unmoving for a moment staring at the top of her head, he then closed his arms around her silently as she whispered ‘I’m scared’ and just held her, resting his head on top of hers.
Maglor watched, his heart going out to the two of them, for a moment then turned silently and left the room, seeking refuge in his bedroom, leaving the couple alone.

After a time, Maedhros slowly unravelled Tyg’s arms from around him and lead her over to a chair and sat her down pulling a blanket over her shoulders, he crouched in front of her.
‘It’s okay to be scared, I’m terrified’ he admitted to her ‘but thank you for sharing your true thoughts with me’
Tyg coughed slightly. ‘To be honest, I don’t know what made me seek you out, I feel kinda silly now’
Maedhros smiled in understanding, then stood up and made his way to a liquor cabinet. ‘Want a drink?’ he asked her.
‘Just water, thanks’ Tyg answered. She watched him pour it from a decanter and bring it over to her. She smiled gratefully and took a sip as he dragged a chair close and sat down. ‘I hope you don’t mind me staying here for a bit, I just….’ Tyg lost her words and stared at the glass of water.
Maedhros took one of her hands in his and held it. ‘Stay as long as you feel you need to Tyg, talk to me, I will listen’
‘I just need to sit with company around me that’s not from here, that’s all’ Tyg replied looking up at him with those strange eyes. ‘This place is….lonely’
‘I understand’ Maedhros said quietly, they lapsed into silence, neither one feeling awkward about it this time, and for a long time they just sat in each others company not speaking. From his bedroom, they started to here Maglor’s harp play, and sat listening to it’s haunting melodies as the day slipped past.
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Postby Tygarya » Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:36 pm

A couple of hours later, as darkness fell Maedhros found himself lying on a stone table that looked, most uncomfortably, like an altar for his liking, but Tyg had finally talked him into it.
She stood at his head, a heavy black cloak on with the hood pulled up, silver runes of the spirit world emblazoned all round the hem of it, her black hair framing her face, making her sparkling green eyes shine out from the darkness.
Surprising to Maedhros when he had first seen Tyg that day he had lost his breath, he always seemed to be taken back by how appealing she actually was but looking at her like that he had found her, strangely striking in an awe-inspiring way, it made him feel very uncomfortable about his own feelings, then to spend that time with her this afternoon seeing her vulnerable side, he was confused.

‘Right, I need you to keep your right arm as still as possible’ Baphomet’s voice broke Maedhros’s thoughts as he looked over. He started with fright to see Baphomet holding his right hand, no longer in the jar, but by itself in the flesh. The hairs stood up on the back of his neck.
Tyg whispered gently to him ‘It’s okay, just relax dearest one’
Maedhros smiled at the affection, seeing Baphomet grimace at it made Maedhros smile even more.
Baphomet lay the hand on the table so it was in line with, and almost touching, the stump of his right arm. Maedhros stopped smiling.
‘Keep still’ Baphomet hissed, he looked at Tyg ‘Are you ready to do this?’
Tyg nodded silently, she had been extremely quiet all day, retrospective. She placed her hands on Maedhros’s temples and closed her eyes.
Baphomet told Maedhros to do the same, which he did somewhat reluctantly, he glanced quickly over to Maglor first, who smiled tightly at him for reassurance. Maglor and Alatar were standing to one side.
Baphomet then started to mutter words in the Black Speech, harsh guttural words that grated against the bone.
Tyg started to hum, a strange eery lilting tune that seemed to mix and dance around the harsh words spoken by Baphomet.
Maedhros focused on Tyg’s humming, as he had been told to do, and felt like his body lost all weight, he felt like he was floating. It was almost pleasurable, then the humming stopped and Tyg whispered to him.
‘Open your eyes dearest one, look at me and nothing else, just focus on me’
Maedhros opened his eyes, but couldn’t help but have a quick glance around. There he was hanging by his wrist from the heights of Thangorodrim once again.
He screamed and started to panic.
Tyg seemed to be floating in front of him, almost spectral, her cat’s eyes shining in the gloom. She grabbed his head and made him look at her, she started to hum again, slowly calming him. She stroked his hair out of his eyes and smiled at him.
He calmed finally, and then realised he felt no pain, like the torment he went through last time he was here. He stared at Tyg and knew then that she was somehow channelling the torment into herself protecting and shielding him from it. This must have been one of those things she wouldn’t tell him about what was involved, he understood why, he would have refused.
He tried to speak to voice his disapproval but Tyg placed a hand over his mouth. She fumbled with something around her neck, causing her hood to slip down. She freed the thong from around her neck and held up the object for him to see. Tyg held out a key, a key to open the shackle that held him.
He realised then that this time Fingon would not come to rescue him, he would not have to cut off his right hand to escape, Tyg held the key so he could free himself.
Taking the key he reached up, unlocked and opened the shackle that bound his wrist. He expected to fall, but felt Tyg wrap her arms around him and float with him to the top of Thangorodrim. Just as they reached the heights and Tyg had laid him down, Maedhros heard a scream of great wrath bellow out across the mountains. He got straight to his feet and looked around nervously. He then heard another scream, one of such intense pain and agony it hurt his ears to hear it and brought tears to his eyes.
Suddenly he realised it came from Tyg. He rushed to her side where she was lying on the snow, her body was thrashing around in a fit, her eyes rolled back in her head.
Maedhros scooped up her upper body, shaking it, trying to awaken her, but got no response, He lifted his head to the sky and yelled, pleading ‘Baphomet, bring us back now!’
A sudden fog appeared, so thick it was like a wall and hard to breath. Maedhros felt a shift in the ground beneath him, and the fog then dissipated.

He was back, lying on the table. Tyg was lying on the floor, Maglor and Alatar beside her trying to wake her, her body was inert.
Maedhros sat up a little confused as Baphomet asked him what happened.
‘A scream, I remember……’ he looked up at Baphomet then, remembering ‘Someone tried to stop her’
Baphomet looked distraught as he ran over to Tyg and grabbed each side of her head in his hands, closing his eyes he was muttering again.
Maglor stood and stepped back giving Baphomet room, as Alatar held her hands tuning into what Baph was doing, trying to aid him. Maglor went over to Maedhros, who was still feeling a little confused and dizzy.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked Maedhros who was sitting, staring at his right hand. It was now completely reattached, like it had never been cut off. He was wiggling his fingers, testing them, a small smile of wonder on his face. He looked up at Maglor then, coming back to reality, the smile slid off his face and he looked quickly over to where Tyg’s inert body was lying.
He bolted over to where Baphomet was trying to save her.
‘What’s wrong, what happened?’ Maedhros demanded, as he sank to his knees.
Baphomet looked up, looking very weary and with tears streaming down his face. ‘Morgoth happened, that’s what, something went wrong, he detected her presence.’ He wailed, ‘I tried to tell her not to do this’
Maedhros looked up at Baphomet. ‘The hood’ he said simply
‘What?’ Baphomet demanded.
‘Her hood, it fell down, when she tried to get the key from around her neck’ Maedhros said remembering it all now, he looked down at her and went to touch her arm. ‘Will she be okay?’
Baphomet growled and smacked Maedhros’s hand away. ‘No thanks to you!’ he yelled. Then said more quietly ‘But, we have managed to shield her from Morgoth for the moment, but she has retreated far within herself, trying to protect herself, it may be some time before she comes back to us.’
Maedhros was seething at being slapped away by Baphomet, he leant over and pushed Baphomet in the chest sending him flying backwards. Alatar moved aside, from the raging redhead, as Maedhros scooped Tyg up in his arms and turned to leave the dark dungeon room.
Baphomet came to his feet in a flash, his eyes blazing, he stood in front of Maedhros.
‘What the hell do you think your doing?’
‘I am taking her to her rooms, away from that’ Maedhros indicates with his head the smooth obsidian wall. Maglor came to stand beside him, his sword drawn and pointed at Baphomet. Alatar placed a hand on Baph’s arm.
‘Stand aside and let the man through’ Maglor demanded.
Baphomet went strangely calm, that twinkle in his eyes, but he cowered and bowed to let Maedhros pass. When he did Baphomet stepped into line and followed with Alatar. Maglor turned on him, but Baphomet calmly said.
‘She needs me to show her the way back’
Maglor nodded and they all hurried up the stairs to catch up with Maedhros who had strode ahead in the dark.

Once in her rooms, Maedhros laid Tyg gently on her bed. Baphomet came up and pushed in front, fussing around her.
Maedhros clenched his fists, but Maglor grabbed his arm and pulled him away.
‘Settle down brother, we need him to help her’
Maedhros answered through gritted teeth. ‘If he does that to me one more time….’
‘I know’ Maglor said ‘Leave it be for now, he seems to know whats wrong, lets just wait’

Maedhros and Maglor paced the room for several minutes until Baphomet finally stood up away from Tyg and stretching his back he turned, walked to Alatar and they had a quick whispered conversation. Alatar stepped up beside the bed to watch over her. Baph then walked over to Maedhros and Maglor.
‘It seems that when the hood fell back Morgoth sensed her presence in the spirit world, a place he can still influence. He has somehow trapped her mind there, I tried to break the hold but he is awesome in his power.’ Baphomet wiped a weary hand over his eyes and sat down.
‘So what?’ Maedhros said stepping forward, ‘That’s it, you just stop trying?’
Baphomet looked up at him, his eyes blazing. ‘I will never give up!’
Maglor came up and stood between them. ‘This isn’t helping anyone,’ he turned to Baphomet ‘What can we do to help’
Baphomet looked back to Maedhros, ‘It’s all up to him’
‘What do you mean?’ Maedhros demanded.
‘You must continue with what Tyg had planned, you have to complete what has been started with the reattachment of your hand, you must severe the link Morgoth has to here and to Tyg, hopefully then I will be able to get her back’ Baphomet explained as Maedhros stared at him.
‘But I don’t know what to do, Tyg wouldn’t tell me anything.’ He said despairingly.
Baphomet looked at the floor feeling beaten.
‘Baphomet!’ Alatar yelled.
Tyg’s body had suddenly gone stiff, her back arched and her hands curled into fists, holding fistfuls of the blankets, then her body started to fit again. They all ran over to her and tried to hold her down, she started foaming at the mouth.
They looked at each other silently, not knowing what to do.
Suddenly she started coughing out blood causing them all even more distress.
‘Whats happening?’ Maglor asked
Baphomet stared at him wide eyed ‘ He’s trying to kill her’
‘We have to do something!’ Maedhros yelled, frustration taking hold.
Maglor thought of something then. ‘Her papers, she was writing stuff down, wasn’t she?’
Baphomet looked at him bewildered ‘In the libraries, yes’ He looked down at Tyg, still fitting, then back to Alatar. ‘I’ll go have a look, hold her down until the fit stops, then come and find me’
Alatar nodded and took over holding down Tyg’s shoulders and Baphomet turned to fog before their eyes and disappeared.
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